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Thursday, April 14, 2016
Free YouTube Channel Art #9733; The Beehive
On 6:28 PM by Romelo Itong in channel art, free giveaway, free youtube channel art, free youtube cover, giveaway, the beehive, youtube channel, youtube channel art, youtube cover No comments
Here is a Free YouTube Channel Art for your YouTube Channel.
Hey guys, my name is Romelo and today I'm going to share to you a Free YouTube Channel Art for your YouTube Channel.
I call this YouTube Channel Art "The Beehive", for obvious reasons, and it has a simple but elegant and clean design that may work well on a general purpose YouTube Channel.
Now, if you like this Free YouTube Channel Art and you want to use it on your YouTube Channel then all you have to do is click on the DOWNLOAD link below. Also, don't forget to follow me in Twitter and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.
Follow @romelo
Anyway guys, I'm going to do a few more of these YouTube Channel Arts to gain more experience and to become better at making them and I'm going to give away all of them for free.
By the way, if you have any comments, questions or reactions or if you are looking for a Custom Designed YouTube Channel Art for your YouTube channel then you can contact me by simply posting a comment in the comments section below.
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Monday, June 29, 2015
Landing Page Design #9733; Reuben Republic Cafe
On 8:38 AM by Romelo Itong in grand opening, landing page, landing page design, reservations, reuben republic, reuben republic cafe, reuben republic landing page 2 comments
Just finish a quick and simple Landing Page Design for Reuben Republic Cafe. If you guys want to know more then read this blog post.
Yesterday, I started work on a Landing Page Design for Reuben Republic Cafe and this landing page is going to be used to accept or receive reservations for Reuben Republic Cafe's Grand Opening on July 10, 2015.
Working on Reuben Republic Cafe's Landing Page Design wasn't difficult because I was given a complete or thorough description or specification of how the Landing Page should look.
The actual work involved in the Landing Page Design of Reuben Republic Cafe's Landing Page including all the changes didn't take very long.
The only reason why it took that amount of time to finish was because of my availability. I'm only online during the evening because it's too freaking hot to work during the day.
Anyway guys, if you're watching this and you're somewhere near Marrickville, New South Wales in Australia then why not check out Reuben Republic Cafe.
gt; click here to check out Reuben Republic's website lt;
Now, if you're looking for a Landing Page for your business, product, service or something then contact me and maybe we can work something out.
That's it for this blog post and if you have any comments, questions or reactions then please post them in the comments section below.
Also,if you enjoyed this blog post then please share it to your friends and subscribe to my RSS feed.
Thank you very much.
Landing Page Design #9733; Reuben Republic Cafe by romeloph
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Friday, November 9, 2012
Facebook Cover Design For J. B.
On 6:22 AM by Romelo Itong in facebook, facebook cover, facebook pages, facebook profiles, fb, Graphics Design, timeline 5 comments
Adding a Facebook Cover to your Facebok Pages, Profiles, Groups, etc. was a feature added to Facebook when the Timeline was introduced. Having a nice Facebook Cover will greatly improve the look of your profiles, pages, groups, etc. It will also give it a sense of uniqueness and give it a more professional feel.
(Facebook Cover Design)
Recently, I was asked to design a Facebook Cover. I've never done anything like it before but I still accepted the project because the person asking was a regular client of mine. Besides, creating one wasn't hard at all because it was simply the same as creating a banner but only bigger.
Facebook will let you use any picture or image as a Facebook Cover as long as it's at least 399 pixels wide. The area used by Facebook to display a Facebook Cover is 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. You can use images that are bigger or smaller than that area and Facebook will automatically squeeze it in or stretch it out for you.
For this Facebook Cover project, I set my canvass to 851 x 315 pixels. Working on a canvass bigger that what the area would display was kinda pointless. Also, working within the exact size of the area allowed me to see exactly how the Facebook Cover would look once it's finished.
Using a sample sent by the client as reference, the first design I created took some ideas from the sample but it looked entirely different. The client liked it and immediately used it in his Facebook Profile page. The second design didn't use any ideas from the sample.
The third design was again requested by the client but he specifically noted elements on the sample that he wanted to see in his Facebook Cover. In the end, the final design looked somewhat similar to the sample but that's okay. If the client is happy with the design then I'm happy.
Here are the first and second designs. The third one, which is the design the client liked, is posted above.
(First Design)
(Second Design)
Anyway, if you want to give your Facebook Profiles, Pages, Groups, etc. their own Facebook Covers then don't hesitate to contact me. If what you want isn't too complex or if it's something within my abilities then I'm more than happy to help.
To get your own custom made Facebook Cover, click here!
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Thursday, July 26, 2012
Beer Label Design For A T-Shirt
On 4:25 AM by Romelo Itong in beer label, beer label design, cartoon, Graphics Design, t-shirt design 3 comments
A couple of months ago, one of my regular clients asked me to design a Beer Label for a T-Shirt. He sent me some samples of Beer Labels to work with. The Beer Label he wanted wasn't an ordinary Beer Label because he asked me to place a picture of his friend and the words "The Death Of Marty" on it.
(Beer Label for a T-Shirt)
The first thing I did was I converted the picture of Marty into a cartoon. I've never converted a picture into a cartoon before but I was able to learn it thanks to google. I found a few tutorials on how to convert a picture into a cartoon and I used them to help me with what I needed to do.
After converting the picture into a cartoon, the next thing that I did was to recreate the Beer Label that the client liked but without the images and wordings. I replaced the original image on the Beer Label with the cartoon picture of Marty and replaced the wordings with "The Death Of Marty".
I sent the finished Beer Label design to the client and that was it. The job was finished and the client was happy. I'm sure the Beer Label will look good on whatever T-Shirt the client will print it on.
In any case, if you are looking for some to design you a website, a blog, a landing page, a banner, a header, etc. then don't hesitate to contact me. If your project or job is within my abilities then I will immediately respond to you but if you don't get any response or reply from me then it means that your job is beyond what I can do.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Design For A Design Studio, The Client Liked It But His Friends Did Not T_T
On 8:37 AM by Romelo Itong in actually paying, changed his mind, chopping board, content, design studio, done the work, freelance web designer, get paid, pay someone, pays regularly, psd 1 comment
Last month, I created a design for a future site called M*******e. The design was based on another website that the client liked. I worked on the design without asking for any downpayment. When it was done, he expressed that he liked it very much and, obviously, I assumed that it was ready for the chopping board.
(The client already liked it but his friends didn't so it was eventually scrapped)
Unfortunately, the client suddenly changed his mind. He obviously liked the design but a few of his friends didn't and now I'm stuck with a design that nobody's going to use. Not to mention the fact that I also spent a considerable amount of time working on it. He wanted a new design and offered to pay a considerable amount of money for it.
Offering to pay someone is very nice but it's very different from actually paying. The client could offer a million dollars to me but until I get paid for the work done, that million dollars is worth nothing. In my part, I believe that I've done the work. I've created the design that he liked and I was already waiting for his content so I could work on the other pages.
The client never gave me his content. What he gave me was a request for a new design because a few of his friends didn't like the first one. Seriously, he could have showed the initial draft to his friends before requesting all the revisions that was done on it. That way, I wouldn't have spent so much time working on it.
As a freelance web designer, I often design for clients without asking for any kind of downpayment but if the design is finished and they liked it already then I expect to get paid. If they didn't pay for the design they requested and liked then they just wasted my time. It also cost me money because I could have worked on other things instead of working on their design.
Honestly, I was about to create a new design for him but I suddenly received a request from a regular client, who also pays regularly, and that kinda took my attention away from this one. Can you blame me for choosing a paying work over a non-paying one? I guess, my only fault here is that I kinda forgot to mention to the client that I was already busy working on another project.
Anyway, I still have the PSD of the design and I'm willing to sell it to anyone who is interested in it. Just e-mail me your price at romelo.itong at or use the contact form here.
If you wish to see some of my other designs then click here!
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Saturday, February 25, 2012
New e-Book Cover Design For Invest For Living And One Rejected e-BookCover Design
On 11:03 PM by Romelo Itong in clean and simple, cover, e-book, e-book cover, e-book cover design, Graphics Design, retirement planning No comments
Recently, my client for the Invest For Living e-Book Cover Design requested a new design for the e-Book cover but this time he sent over a picture and he wanted me to use it into the design. The e-Book is a guide to retirement planning and the picture that he sent over shows a male and a female senior adult embraced by a couple of kids, boy and girl.
(Invest For Living e-Book Cover)
Well, I've already designed three e-Book Covers for Invest For Living and this request was for a fourth one making it a little bit harder because I was already out of ideas. To make it less hard, I kept the design of the fourth e-Book cover clean and simple which was what the client wants.
By the way, the title of the e-Book was also changed from The Ultimate Retirement Planning Guide to The Ultimate 5-step Retirement Planning Guide. As you can see the change was very minimal. I guess, adding "5-step" in the title made the e-Book more specific to what it was really about.
Rejected e-Book Cover Design
This week, someone contacted me about designing an e-Book cover, a banner for a webpage and a side banner for a Facebook page. He requested three items and he wanted to see samples to choose from. Well, creating samples for someone to choose from is like working for free because if the samples were all rejected then you just spent time working for nothing.
For this request, I decided to create only one sample and I did it for the e-Book cover. To help in the design, I was given the title of the e-Book and what it was for. Well, I'm used to designing something from just a title but having more information is always welcome because it will make the task easier.
Unfortunately, the design that I submitted was rejected because it was not the look they were after. If I had submitted many samples and all were rejected then that would had been very terrible for me. Working on only one design or sample was a good idea because it didn't let me waste a lot of time working for free.
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Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Dug Up Some Old Pencil Sketches
On 9:50 PM by Romelo Itong in damaged by water, doodling, draw freehand, drawing, drawing board, drawings, my treasure, old drawings, Random Thoughts, sketches, sketching, stick drawn figures No comments
When I was younger, I spent most of my free time drawing or sketching. My notebooks, back then, all had drawings and sketches of superheroes (both Marvel and DC), anime characters, professional wrestlers, cartoon characters, shoes, robots, animals, people and a whole lot of other things.
I even remember doodling at the very early age of four or five. My parents would scold me for drawing all over our house. At that age, my favorite canvass or drawing board were the walls of our home. In fact, I can still picture them filled with stick drawn figures of people, houses, cars, mountains, flowers and others.
Unfortunately, I never did become good at it. Yes, I could draw freehand and I could do sketches but I never really felt good at it. I tried to learn how to become better at it but without proper guidance, and maybe motivation, I eventually got tired and stopped doing it. The last time I sat down and drew something was many, many years ago.
Today, while I was going through my things. I came upon an old folder that contains some of my old drawings. Seeing them for the first time in many years brought back a lot of memories. I spent a few minutes just looking at them one by one. Unfortunately, some of them were already damaged by water, dust and age.
After enjoying a moment with them, I placed them all back in the folder and stored the folder safely back where I found it. Even though they are already old and damaged, I will never throw them away because I consider them my treasure. They may look ugly to you but to me they are all beautiful.
Anyway, before storing, I picked two and took a picture of them so that I can post them here for everyone to see.
(My Wife on the Left and My Eldest Son on the Right)
As you can see, both of them are already damaged but, at least, they don't have any water damage on them.
The first one on the left is a pencil sketch of my wife and next to it is a pencil sketch of my eldest son. If my memory is correct, he was only three or four years old when I sketched this. I really wish I could have done better at it but, I guess, that is the extent or limit of what I can do with a pencil.
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