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Title:How to Find and Identify Quality Furniture -
How to Find and Identify Quality Furniture -
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How to Find and Identify Quality Furniture
Most recent articles
Getting New Furniture And A New Puppy? Tips For Choosing Furniture That Can Withstand The Puppy Stage
Posted by Marsha Curtis on Dec 8, 2015 in Uncategorized | If you are planning to get new furniture and a new puppy at the same time, you need to make sure you choose furniture that can hold up well to your active puppy. This is especially true when your puppy is larger than average, and can cause even more damage. Distressed Leather Distressed leather is not only resistant to odors; it does not attract pet hair. Distressed leather is even better, as it can hide small scratches. If your puppy makes light scratches on the leather, you can usually buff them out using leather conditioner or oil and a soft cloth. Buff the scratch in a circular motion until it is gone. When you are finished, let it sit for a few minutes, and then use a clean, dry cloth to buff away the excess oil. If there are deeper scratches, you can use a leather restoration kit to get them out. You can purchase distressed leather couches, love seats, and chairs. If you currently have leather furniture but it is not distressed, you can distress it yourself. Wood Table and Chairs There are many types of wood you can choose for your tables and chairs. For homes with a puppy, hardwoods are a good choice, as they are more durable and stable. Some types of hardwood you will see include: Oak Walnut Teak Maple Mahogany Cherry Most wood furniture is protected with a matte, satin, low-gloss or a high-gloss finish. This finish protects the surface of the wood from scratches, as well as from indentations, and accumulating dirt. Over time, this polish can start to wear away, which is why you should polish the wood regularly. Ask the salesperson where you purchase your wood furniture how often you should do this. When applying the oil, buff it in a circular motion until the surface is dry. You can also purchase a scratch liquid polish from a furniture store that places a protective covering over the wood to prevent scratches. You can usually purchase this polish at furniture or home supply stores. Follow the directions on the packaging on how to properly apply it to your furniture. No furniture is completely resistant to puppies, but these two types can help keep your furniture looking nice while your dog is going through its puppy stage. For more information on wood furniture for your home, contact a company like Oak Unlimited Furniture (1995)...
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4 Tips To Protect Your Kitchen Table When Moving
Posted by Marsha Curtis on Jul 13, 2015 in Uncategorized | Your kitchen table is probably the center of a lot of delicious family meals and conversations, so it #8217;s probably extremely valuable to you and your loved ones. Plus, it might be financially valuable as well. Regardless, you might be worried about keeping it safe while you are moving, but there are ways that you can protect it. Follow these tips, and you can ensure that your kitchen table looks its best when you move it to your new home. 1. Remove All Removable Parts First of all, you should access your kitchen table to find out which parts can be removed. If screws hold the legs on to your table, for example, you can unscrew them quickly and transport them separately from the table top. Likewise, kitchen tables that have glass tops usually make it easy for you to slide out the glass and move it separately. By removing as many parts as you can before moving the table, you will be able to move your table more easily and better protect each of the parts during transport. 2. Cover the Tabletop With a Protective Sheet The top of your table can be easily broken or scratched when you are transporting it, so it #8217;s important to protect it as much as possible. It #8217;s a good idea to invest in a large foam sheet, which you can attach to your tabletop to help protect it during moving. If you don #8217;t have one of these sheets, you can also try using a thick bed sheet for similar protection. 3. Wrap Up the Legs The legs of your kitchen table are likely to get scratched or otherwise damaged during transport because they can easily be bumped when loading the table onto the moving truck or maneuvering it through doorways. If you are unable to physically remove the table legs with a screwdriver, you should wrap up the legs with bubble wrap or with small pieces of foam or fabric. This can help provide an extra barrier of protection and can help prevent scratches, chips and other imperfections. 4. Avoid Stacking You might think that it #8217;s easy to stack a couple of boxes on top of your table during transport, but this is a bad idea. These items can slip and slide across your table while the truck is moving and can cause scratches. Instead, store items underneath your table on the moving truck. Protecting your kitchen table with protective packaging while moving is important. Follow these four tips, and you can keep your table in great condition during your move....
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How To Create Faux Pinch Pleats
Posted by Marsha Curtis on Jun 10, 2015 in Uncategorized | Attaching clip curtain rings to your drapery to hang them is very simple, but if you don #8217;t attach them properly your drapes can look a little frumpy. To help make them look like a little less do-it-yourself and more custom-made, follow the tips below to hang your drapes to create a faux pleat. Pinch Pleat With Hidden Curtain Rings Method You can hang your curtains so the rings are a little hidden. Follow the instructions below: Lay your curtain flat on the floor with the back of your curtains face up, with the curtain rings directly above it. Space them as evenly across as possible. This is something you can just eyeball, you don #8217;t have to measure it. You can use as many rings as you wish to use. The clips will be clipped to the back of the curtain, not at the top. This will allow them to be hidden. Pinch a section of fabric and attach your curtain ring so the ring is low enough that it will barely show. Continue across your fabric, attaching all of your curtain rings to your curtains. Try and keep them the same height, and the pinched sections are about the same width. Slide your curtain rings across your curtain rod and make any necessary adjustments. Pinch Pleat With Exposed Curtain Rings Lay your curtain on a flat surface with your curtain rings directly above it, spaced evenly apart. Pinch a section of fabric and attach your curtain ring at the top of your curtain. Continue all the way across your fabric. Be sure your pinched sections are all the even. Slide the curtain rings onto your curtain rod. Tips For Hanging Your Curtains When hanging your curtains, be sure your curtain rod is between 5 -7 inches higher than your window casing. This will elongate your window and add height to your room. Hang your curtains with the rod at least 3-5 inches wider than your window to give the illusion of a wider window. Use decorative finials at the ends of your curtain rods to give your rods a little bit of extra style. Accessorize your curtains with drapery tie-backs to match your curtain rods, or use a simple ribbon to match your decor to tie your curtains back. Use blackout curtains in rooms like bedrooms to help keep light out, which can help you sleep. Hang curtains in your bathroom instead of a shower curtain to give your bathroom a more dramatic look. Hanging your curtains is fairly simple to do, but hanging them properly will take them from drab to fab. For more great ideas, go to sites of local drapery retailers for...
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A Step-By-Step Guide To Refinishing Your Wood Furniture
Posted by Marsha Curtis on Apr 27, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments Over time, your wood furniture can become scratched and dull. However, even when this furniture is no longer looking its best, it will likely have several years of life left in it. Thankfully, it is possible to easily overcome the cosmetic issues with this furniture so that you can truly enjoy the long life that comes along with solid wood furnishings. The step-by-step guide below can help you to accomplish this goal by walking you through the process of refinishing your wood furniture. What You Will Need finish stripper paint scraper dental pick sandpaper (varying grits) wood putty putty knife sanding block wood stain clean paintbrushes (2) acrylic lacquer Step 1: Strip Existing Finish The fist thing you will need to do is to remove any old lacquer, paint, and wood stain. This can be done by painting on a generous coat of finish stripper using a clean paintbrush. After a few minutes, you should see the stripping product start to bubble on the wood #8217;s surface. This is your queue to begin scrapping off the old finish using a paint scraper. It is extremely important that all paint and other finishing products are removed before the stripping agent is allowed to dry. Therefore, you will need to work in small sections when tackling a large job, such as refinishing a solid wood dining room table. If the furniture you plan to refinish makes use of small details, you can use a dental pick to remove the existing finish from smaller areas. Step 2: Repair Damage And Prep Wood Once you have successfully stripped the existing finish from your furniture, you will be ready to perform any necessary repairs. This can be done by filling in small cracks and holes with wood putty. Using the side of your putty knife, remove any excess putty and allow to dry thoroughly. After the putty is completely dry, begin sanding the entire surface of furniture using a sanding block and a heavy grit sandpaper. Continue to sand the furniture using increasingly finer sandpaper with each pass in order to achieve a perfectly smooth surface. Step 3: Apply New Finish Finally, you will be ready to apply a new finish to your furniture. This can be done by first applying a thin coat of wood stain to the furniture, using a clean paint brush. Allow the stain to soak in for a few minutes, and then wipe of any excess stain with a clean cloth. Be sure to always wipe in the direction of the wood grain in order to prevent any streaks in the finish. After allowing the wood stain to dry, apply thin coats of acrylic lacquer. Choosing a lacquer that is available in aerosol form will make this application quick and easy. Continue applying thin coats of lacquer until you have achieved the finish that you desire. If even refinishing does not give your furniture the like-new look you desire, visit a local furniture store, such as XL Furniture, to find a new piece that exemplifies your personal...
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5 Advantages To Buying Furniture With Microsuede Upholstery
Posted by Marsha Curtis on Mar 26, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments If it #8217;s time for you to add a new item of furniture to your home, you should consider purchasing a piece that features microsuede upholstery. Microsuede offers consumers many benefits over traditional upholstery options. Following are five of them. It #8217;s Easy to Keep Clean Traditional fabric-based upholstery is notoriously difficult to keep clean because stains seem to set as soon as they occur, but microsuede doesn #8217;t hold stains easily. Spills bead up on its surface rather than soaking in, providing you with the opportunity to grab an absorbent cloth rag or a paper towel and remove the spill before it has a chance to begin to soak in. Removing oils, dust, and other debris by deep cleaning on a regular basis, as well as giving it a good brushing with an upholstery brush, will keep your microsuede furniture looking like new. Cats Can #8217;t Claw It If you share your indoor living space with feline friends, you may be reluctant to purchase new items of furniture because the fabric may quickly fall victim to your furry roomate #8217;s sharp claws. Microsuede, however, is so tightly woven that cats can #8217;t claw through it. Pets hairs also don #8217;t stick to microsuede the way that they stick to most other fabrics. It #8217;s Fade-Resistant If you love having lots of sunlight flooding into your interior living space, you #8217;re probably already aware that UV rays can cause significant fading among furniture fabrics. However, microsuede resists fading as well as it resists stains, so you #8217;ll be able to let the sun shine in without fearing that your furniture will fade into something colorless and drab. UV rays also won #8217;t break down micosuede fabircs and cause them to weaken. It #8217;s Lint Free Because the weave is so tight on microsuede upholstery, it generates only a very small amount of lint and dust, if any鈥攚hich is great news for those who suffer from allergies. Allergens such as airborne pollen, household dust mites, and pet dander are easily wiped away using a dry, clean cotton rag or paper towel. There is no need to use water or liquid cleaning solutions to help remove other liquids from microsuede surfaces. It #8217;s Extremely Durable The fibers that make up microsuede upholstery don #8217;t break down easily, meaning that you won #8217;t be left with sagging, misshapen furniture. It also resists pilling and stiffening. Because it will look good for a significant number of years, microsuede furniture is a good long term...
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Wooden Dining Furniture: The Pros #038; Cons
Posted by Marsha Curtis on Mar 19, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments Are you renovating your dining room and having a hard time deciding what kind of furniture to get? You may want to consider wooden dining room furniture, as you will be able to implement it into any style that you choose. In this article, learn about the pros and cons of investing in wooden dining furniture: What are the Pros to Consider About Wooden Dining Furniture? One of the pros of investing in wooden dining furniture is the amount of durability you will get out of it. The great thing about furniture constructed out of wood is that it is now hard to repair after going through normal wear and tear. For instance, if the wood becomes scratched up, you can get it resurfaced by a professional to bring the appeal back. Another pro about wooden furniture is that you can get it customized. If you want to give your dining set a one of a kind look, you can get the surname of your family carved into the back of the chairs. You can also hire a professional to carve images on the table and add paint. You will also find that there are multiple options when it comes to the type of wood used for the furniture. You can opt for wood such as: Oak Pine Cedar Cherry Walnut Mahogany Keep in mind that you will also have to choose between getting dining furniture that is made out of either a soft or hardwood. You may think that softwood will not be as sturdy as hardwood, but it is actually just as sturdy. The name of the wood is a way for you to tell where it came from on a tree. For instance, hardwood will generally come from a tree trunk, while softwood is taken from coniferous trees. Are There Any Cons to Investing in Wooden Dining Furniture? One of the cons of wooden dining furniture is how it can change when exposed to too much sunlight. The furniture can become discolored or lose its original shape from the wood shrinking or expanding. Wood can also get damaged if you have termites, as they love to consume it. Give your renovated dining room the feel you are going for by investing in wooden furniture. The pros of wooden furniture are far greater than the cons, so you can feel confident that you will enjoy your investment for many years to...
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About MeOne of the most exciting times in my life was when we bought a new house and I got to pick new furniture for the entire home. I had never had the luxury of shopping for brand new furniture, so this was a new thing for me. Before I bought anything, I spent a lot of time looking for information on how to identify and find quality furniture. Before doing the research, I had no idea that there were so many things to look for when shopping for furniture that is going to last for many years. On my site you will find everything that I had learned about finding and buying the best quality furniture.
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