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Title:Gina Trapani - The Official Web Site
Gina Trapani - The Official Web Site
Gina Trapani
Developer middot; Founder middot; Writer
I'm Gina Trapani. I build apps and web sites like Makerbase, an IMDb for digital projects, and ThinkUp, an subscription service that helps you see your online self.
During my free time, I also build Todo.txt, an open source collection of text-based task list apps, and Narrow the Gapp, a web site about the gender pay gap. I tweet at @ginatrapani, occassionally I blog at Scribbling.net, and you'll often see me opining on TWiT video podcasts like This Week in Google and All About Android. I'm probably best known for founding Lifehacker in 2005.
Here's my formal, complete bio. Some nice strangers also wrote a Wikipedia page about me. You can send me an email to my usual username at Gmail, but be forewarned: most days I receive more messages than I can respond to. Thanks for understanding.
Makerbase, a user-editable IMDb for apps, web sites, and other digital projects
ThinkUp, a social data insights engine (see my ThinkUp)
Todo.txt, text-based to-do list apps
WritingScribbling.net, my personal blog
@ginatrapani on Twitter, one of The New York Times' "Nine to Follow Among Millions"
December 2015
Announced I will be one of the judges of the 20th Annual Webby Awards. The final entry deadline is December 18th.
November 2015
Follow the Geeks, Lyndsey Gilpin and Jason Hiner's book about innovators in tech and media which includes a chapter profiling me, is now available for pre-order.
October 2015
Appeared on Product Hunt LIVE, a video "Ask me anything"-style question and answer session with the community.
Sold my old tech blog, Smarterware, to new owners.
September 2015
Created an attendee directory for the 2015 XOXO Festival on Makerbase.
August 2015
Launched ThinkUp's second product, Makerbase, at the White House at its first-ever Demo Day event, hosted by the President (on his birthday, no less!). More at Fast Company and USA Today; here's an interview with Khoi Vinh about Makerbase.
Published a few words about raising a girl in this world at The Pastry Box Project.
July 2015
Graduated ThinkUp out of beta, along with brand new Instagram insights and follower search. You should sign up.
June 2015
Interviewed by JR Raphael on how I use Android in Computerworld.
Featured in Lifehacker's domain name story on Hover's blog.
May 2015
Launched an invitation-only preview of Makerbase, a brand new project that credits and highlights makers and digital projects.
Partnered with Martine Syms for Rhizome's Seven on Seven event at the New Museum.
April 2015
Re-launched my equal pay web site, Narrow the Gapp, with updated 2014 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Featured in Chapter 3 of Lyndsey Gilpin and Jason Hiner's new book, Follow the Geeks.
March 2015
Upgraded ThinkUp's subscription billing system and offered 2 months free for new annual subscribers.
February 2015
Fast Company names ThinkUp one of The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies Of 2015 In Social Media.
Launched ThinkUp's dynamic Insight Creator for contributors.
January 2015
Farhad Manjoo of The New York Times reviews ThinkUp: ThinkUp Helps the Social Network User See the Online Self.
Lifehacker turns 10 years old and celebrates with the Top 10 posts of all time
The Book
Lifehacker: The Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, and Better, third edition (2011), is a compendium of all the best hacks from Lifehacker.com's archives, and my personal manifesto on working more efficiently in the digital age.
Check out the official web site of Lifehacker the book to browse the table of contents and download a sample chapter.
Lanyrd: Conferences where I've spoken and attended
GitHub: My current coding projects and activity
Mozilla Add-ons contributions: Firefox extensions I've authored
My Wikipedia entry
My Wikipedia contributions
Thanks for your interest.
"If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter."
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