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Description:Sunnyvale, California based Faultline Software Group provides complete network support for most platforms..
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Welcome to BizNet!
You live in a very exciting time: there is a virtual mall being
built that could not have been imagined a few years ago. Shops in
this mall can provide products, services, and information to help
you in your business and personal life. If you would like to stroll
around or lease space to offer your product in cyberspace, Biznet
will provide you with the keys to this exciting virtual marketplace.
We offer all types of Internet connections from individual dialup
accounts to corporate LAN connections. Please check out our list
of services.
We also have consultants available to assist you at your site
with your office networking needs.
Visit Faultline Software
Group for more information.
All content copy; Faultline Software Group, Inc.
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