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Title:menstruation, fertility, infertility, charting cycles women's health
Description:Supporting women's menstrual health through practical information and healthy products. Menstruation, fertility, alternative menstrual products, puberty, menopause, conception and more.
menstruation, fertility, infertility, charting cycles women's health
Search Site
Charting Cycles
Charting your Menstrual Cycle
Know your body
Charting Tools to use
How do I know I am fertile? Pt 1
How do I know I am fertile? Pt 2
Charting Basics
Free Ovulation Charting Software
Chart menstrual cycle with Moon Diary
Hormonal Forecaster Charting Software Download
Astrological Calendar
Free Paper Charting system
Late or Irregular Period
Could I be pregnant?
Help I think I'm pregnant
Irregular menstrual cycles
Emergency Calculation
Early Pregnancy Signs
Remedies for Irregularity
Use the moon to regulate cycle
Irregularity FAQ's
Avoid STD's
Pregnancy/Due date calculator
Changes during Puberty
What's Normal?
What do I use? Pads, Tampons?
Moon and Moods
Periods, Petting and Pregnancy
Puberty Girl
Parents Guide
Male Puberty Stages
Menstrual Basics
The Period Pages
How does menstruation happen each month?
Glossary of menstrual terms.
Why is menstruation Important in a womans life
Foods for healthy menstrual cycles
First Blood or Menarche
Healthy Menstrual Diet
Menstrual Synchrony
General Fertility
Fertility Index
Two Fertile times?
Fertility signals
Cervical Mucus
More on Mucus
Basal Temperature
Abdominal Sacral Massage
Pregnancy Signs
Maca Powder and fertility
Oncore Aphrodisiac Personal Lubricant Gel
Libido and your cycle
Hormones are amazing
What is Stress Incontinence?
FSH and LH
Stress Incontinence Solutions
Fertility FAQs
Natural Fertility Methods
About Vibrational Essences
STD List and symptoms
Trying to Conceive
Moon's Trigger Effect Helps You To Get Pregnant
FREE TTC Ovulation Software
Sperm Friendly Lubricant
How to get pregnant
How does conception occur?
Meaningful Charting
Increasing the odds
the Pill and TTC
Increase Female Fertility
Increase Male Fertility
Diet guidelines when TTC
Mind Body Connection
Affirmations and getting pregnant
Stress Management
Complimentary Therapies
Ovulation Prediction Kits
Ezy Nappy
Smoking and fertility
Prolonging Fertility
Dance of the Womb Book DVD
Physiology of Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding Basics 1
Breastfeeding Basics 2
Is Breast Best for Baby?
Ovulation after Breastfeeding
A personal story
Breastfeeding Skill Recognised
Baby Dummies - Urgent Action
Contraceptive choices
Barrier Methods
Why condom size matters
Spermicide - more harm than good
Hormonal Methods
More on the Pill
Avoid pregnancy naturally
Lunar Fertility
The Lunar Cycle
Two fertile times?
Lunar Fertility History
Lunar Fertile angle explained
What is my lunar fertile time?
Moon Cycles and women
Lunar Phases astrologically
Recognising Lunar Phases
The Moon
Charting with the moon
Moon influences fertility
Lunar ready Reckoner
Lunar Phases Northern Hem
Lunar Phases Southern Hem
Time Zone conversion
What is astrology?
Menstrual issues
Healthy Vaginas
All about Pap Smears
Pregnancy and Irregularity FAQ
Candida and Menstruation
Ovulation vs Menstruation
Taking care of your breasts
Beauty and the breast Part 1
Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ's
Beauty and the Breast part 2
Watch out for Low Iron Levels
ROR Vibrational Essences
PMS Friend or Foe?
Some more on PMS
Beating the menstrual blues.
PMS Types
PMS and Orgasms
The Tao of Reducing PMS
Relieve Period Pain with Warmth
Vitamins give PMS relief
Biogest Herbal Skin Cream for the relief of PMS symptoms
Living with PMDD
Menopause Facts
Menopause Treatment
Menopause Symptoms
Maca Powder and Menopause
Art of Energetic Menopause
The Tai Chi of Menopause
Is it me or my hormones?
Alternative view on menopause
The Secret Pleasures of Menopause
Spiritual Menopause
Yoga and Menopause
Yoga for uterine prolapse
Body Image
Genital Cosmetic Surgery
Pads and Tampons
What do I use? Pads, Tampons?
Stop Stains - Wear Period Pants
Tampons and Asbestos - Fact or Fiction?
Period Stain Removal Guide
Asbestos and Tampons - copy of Email Hoax
Calculate how much money you spend on Disposables?
Never buy Pads Again
Other Tampon Alternatives
Female Energy Cycle
The Female Energy Cycle
How does FEC work?
What is an archetype?
Virgin Archetype
Benefits of using FEC
Ovulation Vs Menstruation
Have your say
Invitation to become an Urban Priestess
Temple of the Blood CD
Slapping our daughters
Without Dad Little girls grow up too fast
Wombmoon Woman
Myth, Magic and mystery
Moon Song Spinning Wheel
What is aromatherapy
History of Aromatherapy
Awesome Women
Erotic Menstruation
TV and menstruation
Menstrual Workshops
Moonsong Workshops
Bleedin Woman Pt 1
Bleedin' Woman Pt 2 Biblical bodies and shame
Victorian Men, Women and Menstruation
Modernist Advertising
Postmodern products
New day for women
Bleedin Wom Bibliography
Poetry ARIANROHD (Welsh moon; goddess of the Celts)
Funny / Inspirational
Opinions on advertising
Maca, More than Menopause
Pink Ribbon Ride
Towards Menstruation
Spiritual Messages
Why use cloth menstrual pads?
Leakproof Period Underwear
Feminine Hygiene Alternatives
Journal for the Pregnant Goddess
Alternative Products Catalogue
The Optimized Woman
Great books
Book Reviews
NEW - Handbag Organiser
Astroglide Personal Lubricant
Cacao is Pure Chocolate with No Guilt
Casual Arch Support Insoles for low heeled dress and casual shoes
Catwalk - Comfort Inserts for High Heels Dress Shoes
Comfort - Orthotic Insoles for work and sports shoes
HPP Change your Mind Easily
Site Info
About Us
Email Us
Legal Information
Privacy Policy
My Story
Other menstrual internet Links
Explore our information pages on menstruation, fertility, getting pregnant, puberty, menopause and much more.
Charting Menstrual Cycles and Fertility
Learn how to chart your menstrual cycle.
When is the fertile time in your cycle?
Which charting tools to use
Free Ovulation Charting Software
Late or Irregular Periods
Could I be pregnant? Calculate your risk of pregnancy.
Late Periods - Why your period is late
Irregular periods - Stress, illness, diet and anxiety can all affect whether your period arrives on time
How to make your periods more regular
Periods - how the menstrual cycle works
How does menstruation happen?
Why menstruation is important?
Glossary of menstrual terms
How to Get Pregnant
How to GET pregnant - conception facts.
When is the fertile time in your cycle?
How the Moon can help you get pregnant
Increasing Female Fertility
Conception and Pregnancy Due Date calculator
What are the signs and symptoms of pregnancy?
Help - I think I'm pregnant
Period Troubles
Feeling cranky and wrung out? How to Cope with PMS Symptoms
PMS Types
PMS Friend or foe?
Healthy Vaginas
What's normal during puberty?
Changes a girl goes through during puberty
Moon and Moods
Parents Guide to Puberty
Menopause Facts
Menopause Symptoms
Menopause Treatment
Spiritual Menopause
The Moon and Your Cycle
How the moon influences your cycle and fertility
The Female Energy Cycle - an alternative view on menstruation
The Lunar Cycle
Our aim is to provide information, products, and an alternative viewpoint about menstruation so that you can feel great about being a woman every day of the month!
By Nadia MacLeod
A fantastic web portal that we recommend our health practitioners visit! --- Advanced Cardiac Life Support
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The Information on this website is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for proper medical care.

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