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Title:Karoo Lark Web Messenger, an Alternative of Meebo
Description:Karoo Lark, former WeBuzz.IM, a free web messenger, meebo web messenger alternative, provides online instant messaging services for Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook Chat and AOL Instant Messenger.
Keywords:web messenger, web based messenger, meebo, meebo alternative, meebo web messenger, online messenger, web im, web gtalk, web msn, web yahoo chat, web facebook chat, web aim
Karoo Lark Web Messenger, an Alternative of Meebo
Karoo Lark Web Messenger
Web Mail
Karoo Lark provides online messengers for AIM, Facebook Chat, Google Talk (Gtalk), Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger (MSN).
Coco Voice, Chatroom and Question, for iOS
Fri, 4 Jan
Coco Voice,, the iOS and Android mobile voice messenger we previously introduced, got a few updates in the past year. Besides #8220;Meet Someone New #8221; for seeing people around you, #8220;Shake Shake #8221; for making friends with people shaking at the same time, #8220;Winks #8221; for sending winks to people you like, Coco Voice make two important updates, #8220;Chat Rooms #8221; and #8220;Question #8221;, in late 2012.
First, Chat Rooms.
Coice chatrooms allow people to chat freely, on given topic of those rooms. Currently, Coco Voice provides the following rooms:
1. Singles #8211; Ready to mingle? :)
2. Sleepless Tonight #8211; What #8217;s on your mind?
3. ...
Currently, the #8220;Single #8221; room is the most popular one, there are always 20~30 people staying there, chatting or arguing about lots of topics, using text or voice.
Coco Voice supports listening to these rooms in background mode. So you can enter your favorite room and them switch to other apps for other fun things. Coco Voice will play messages when they come in. In this way, you are like listening to radio, with lots of people popping up and arguing. It is fun, you should try it out on your iPhone or iPad.
Second, Question.
It is the latest feature of Coco Voice for iOS devices. You ask a question, or express your opinion on others #8217; question. You are free to ask anything or share anything. Someone asks for whether to buy an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S3. Someone asks for whether long distance relationship is working or not. Someone just sings and others give their opinions. It has lots of fun to join.
Here is a list of hot topics on Coco Voice, you can listen to these topics on the web.
I am a professional singer With professional friend Let #8217;s see who #8217;s the best on Coco Idol #8211; Judges v.s. Rivals (singers)
Can boys and girls really be best friends with nothing sexual going on at all? #8211; No v.s. Yes
Tom and Jerry or spongebob? #8211; Spongebob v.s. Tom and Jerry
Question also supporting background mode. You can listen to these discussions in background mode on your phone.
Have iPhone or iPad but still not having Coco Voice installed? Please install it from iTunes here. It will brings you funs!
Messenger Updated, Improving for Both Web and iPad
Mon, 26 Nov 2012 03:01:48
We are pleased to announce KarooLark new web messenger UI layout.
Now all messengers are listed in the bottom bar. Chatting dialogs will no long need a minimizing button and its title in task bar. Window title bar is in solid gray color in all platform, like Windows, Mac and iPad. Popup menus are now using white background color. Some controls are updated with more accurate layout.
For iPad users, if there are any, you will get a smoother shadows and drag and drop of windows are now supported. We will make KarooLark much more friendly to iPad users in the future.
As our users requested, here is KarooLark Facebook Chat by Facebook Connect
Click the above button to login your Facebook Chat directly.
We are improving our server frequently. More features is coming. Let us know what is on your mind. Your opinions help improving KarooLark.
P.S. If you prefer to our old messenger layout, please visit here.
Why Karoo Lark Web Messenger
Karoo Lark web messenger, can be considered as one of Meebo web messenger alternatives, is here to help you connecting with your friends anytime any- where under the following scenarios:
First, companies or schools may block some popular instant messaging service port using their network firewall, like websense.
If this happen to you, in your offices or at your schools, you may not be login and lose opportunity of contacting with your friends or someone you care. Karoo Lark web messenger, a web page, which can solve this problem for you. As we know, most of network does not block web page. So you can get login and everything goes smoothly as you expected.
Second, there are so many messengers existed there. Each time you turn on your computer, those messengers pop up and occupy almost all of your desktop window space. And most of all using lots of memory amp; CPU calculating, which will make your computer running slowly.
Karoo Lark web messenger load all instant messaging services inside one web page. All you need is just to open it with a modern browser. It is running with less memory amp; CPU time. And it does not pop up any windows to annoy you.
You may already know Meebo, eBuddy or other web messengers. Karoo Lark web messenger is providing better service in different UI layout . Use it anytime, even if Meebo, eBuddy or other web messenger services are down or being blocked.
Meebo Web Messenger Alternative
Google has acquired Meebo, the pioneer of web messenger service provider, for 1 billion US dollars. And Meebo/Google has announced that they will shut down a lot of services, including the common web messenger service. has been shut down on July 11, 2012.
We respect Meebo for all they have done for serving web messenger service in the last few years. We just want to say a respectful "Goodbye Meebo".
For those (tons of) Meebo web IM users, who may feel being abandoned, we, KarooLark web messenger service, want to say "Hello KarooLark web messenger", welcoming those users to join us. We are providing similar and better (in some aspects) we messengers. We think you will like our web messenger.
Karoo Lark Web Messenger Highlight
We are free and available without downloading anything.
We support multiple login cross all IM networks.
We support user picture and personal status message in almost all IM networks.
We provide a very simple and efficient UI to help you chat without restriction
We support displaying your friends' picture and personal status message
We support displaying thousands of friends and searching friends by ID or name
We support chatting background picture and different chatting themes
We support sound notification and title blinking notification for new messages
We support automatically reconnection on connection lost
We support RSA encryption on signing in and remembering password in browser client side
Not Yet Supported Feature List
We do not support mobile messenger for Android, iPhone or BlackBerry now.
We do not support group chatting now.
We do not support file transfer now.
We do not support uploading personal picture now.
We do not support voice/video chat.
About Web AIM Messenger
AOL Instant Messenger, known as AIM or AIM Messenger, is a well-known instant messaging service provided by AOL. It once dominated 52% of United States IM market (2006). Stand-alone official AIM client software includes advertisements and is available for Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS.
Karoo Lark's web AIM messenger (or web AIM, web AIM express or online AIM) is a pure web based messenger, using Java2Script open source technologies. It is a pure JavaScript messenger. Its UI is much like a normal desktop messenger, having friends list, chatting windows and setting dialogs.
Some US companies may block AIM service, both official desktop AIM messenger and AIM Express web messenger. In such cases, KarooLark web AIM messenger helps users stay contacted with their friends.
About Web MSN Messenger
Windows Live Messenger, well known as MSN Messenger or MSN, is a well-known and widely used instant messaging service provided by Microsoft. It has about some hundred million users world wide. It provides messengers for both Windows and Mac OS. It also provides mobile messenger for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android. And it provide web MSN messenger too.
Karoo Lark's web MSN messenger (or web live messenger, or online MSN), is provided when Microsoft's web live messenger is hard to use in its early days (or until now). Karoo Lark web MSN is a pure web based messenger, using Java2Script open source technologies. It is a pure JavaScript messenger. Its UI is much like a normal desktop messenger, having friends list, chatting windows and setting dialogs.
Some companies may block MSN service, both official desktop messenger and official web messenger. In such cases, KarooLark web MSN live messenger helps users stay contacted with their friends.
About Web Gtalk
Google Talk (Gtalk or Gtalk messenger), is an instant messaging service provided by Google. Google integrates Gtalk in all kinds of other services, from desktop Gtalk, Gmail Gtalk, Gtalk Gadget, Android Gtalk to Google Plus. Even though Gtalk is not as popular as MSN, it is a fast growing service that is becoming more and more popular.
KarooLark Larks' web Google Talk (or web Gtalk, or online Gtalk), is originally designed to provide web Gtalk messenger with similar user experience to Gtalk desktop client. Google provides web Gtalk in Gmail and Gtalk web gadget officially. But user experience in these 2 products is not as good as Google Talk desktop client. KarooLark web Google Talk messenger's UI looks like Gtalk desktop. And we believe it give a better user experience to our Gtalk users.
Some companies may also block Gmail and Gtalk services.In such cases, KarooLark web Gatlk also helps them access Gtalk and stay contacted with friends.
About Web Facebook Chat
Facebook Chat (FB Chat), is the instant messaging service provided by Facebook. Facebook embeded this services in its web pages at first. Later, in early 2010, Facbook provided Jabber/XMPP access. Facebook had 750 million users in a 2011 report.
Karoo Lark's web Facebook Chat provides 3 ways to access Facebook Chat services: Normal Jabber/XMPP login with username and password, Facebook app login with access token and web login with email and password. KarooLark web Facebook Chat only provide chatting. Feed stream reading and publishing is not supported right now.
Some companies or some countries block all services of Facebook. So lots of Facebook users (some millions) have to find their way to login Facebook: proxy, VPN, SSH tunnel or others. KarooLark web Facebook chat helps users to login Facebook and chatting with their friends there.
About Web Yahoo! Messenger
Yahoo! Messenger is an old instant messaging services. It is popular in some countries, especially in United States. Yahoo! provides normal Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger Express (or Yahoo! Web Messenger), and normal mobile messenger.
Karoo Lark's web Yahoo! Messenger (or online Yahoo! Messenger) provides a different UI layout while comparing to official Yahoo! web messenger. We think KarooLark's UI is simple and easy to use.
Some companies may block Yahoo! Messenger services. KarooLark web Yahoo! Messenger help unblock this popular instant messaging service too.
Public Reviews Karoo Lark, web messenger supporting multiple protocols
Messenger Guide: Karoo Lark Web Messenger - Multiprotocol Web IM Client for Google Talk, Facebook, MSN, AIM and Yahoo!Messenger
Web Messenger Tutorials: Karoo Lark Web Messenger - Multi-protocol Web-Based Chat Client
Rich Messenger: Karoo Lark Web Messenger - Free Web-based Chat Client for MSN, AIM, GTalk, Facebook and Yahoo!Messenger
Free Voip Calls Solutions: Multiprotocol Web Messenger
More reviews will be listed as it comes later.
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