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Title:Walden Media Fans
Description:Walden Media and Walden Pond Press News
Keywords:blu-ray,dvd,the giver,andrew garfield,hacksaw ridge,mel gibson,the conscientious objector,dwayne johnson,josh hutcherson,journey 2: the mysterious island,journey 3,journey 4,journey to the center of the earth,lois lowry,the giver movie,trailer,set photos,taylor swift,believe,mr. magoriums wonder emporium,katie holmes
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Title:Walden Media Fans
Description:Walden Media and Walden Pond Press News
Keywords:blu-ray,dvd,the giver,andrew garfield,hacksaw ridge,mel gibson,the conscientious objector,dwayne johnson,josh hutcherson,journey 2: the mysterious island,journey 3,journey 4,journey to the center of the earth,lois lowry,the giver movie,trailer,set photos,taylor swift,believe,mr. magoriums wonder emporium,katie holmes
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The Giver is Now Available on Blu-ray!
November 30th, 2014 by Paul Martin
One of the most underrated films, but also one of my favorite movies of 2014,聽The Giver is now available to own on Blu-ray and DVD!
More about The Giver | No Comments #187;
Mel Gibson may direct #8216;Hacksaw Ridge #8217; with Andrew Garfield starring!
November 30th, 2014 by Paul Martin
The聽Conscientious Objector聽is a movie that #8217;s been in the works since at least early 2010. A while back it seemed like it was finally going to be moving forward, and now it #8217;s possibly going to have Mel Gibson to direct it. It also has a new title in聽Hacksaw Ridge, and may聽star聽The Amazing Spider-Man #8216;s Andrew Garfield.
Hacksaw Ridge聽is聽based on the true story of Desmond T Doss, the first conscientious objector in U.S. history to win the Congressional Medal of Honor.
The project is being led by producer Bill Mechanic (Coraline) through his Pandemonium banner, with David Permut (Face Off), Terry Benedict (The Death Of Reasonable Doubt),聽Steve Longi (Youth In Revolt) and Gregory Crosby on board as producers. Walden Media has also been developing the project.
More about Hacksaw Ridge, The Conscientious Objector | 2 Comments #187;
Walden Media sets Screenwriters for #8220;Journey 3 #8221; and #8220;Journey 4 #8221;
August 17th, 2014 by Paul Martin
New Line Cinema and Walden Media have signed brothers Chad and Carey Hayes to pen the scripts for movies that follow 2008 #8217;s Journey to the Center of the Earth and 2012 #8217;s Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.
Journey 3 and聽Journey 4 could film back-to-back, if they can聽work on the filming schedule to accommodate the cast.
Plot details are being kept underwraps at this time.聽Journey 3 was originally announced back in 2012, after聽Mysterious Island proved to be fairly successful. At the time, Brian and Mark Gunn were hired to write, having written the second film.
Dwayne Johnson, who joined the cast for the second film in the franchise, is signed on to star in the sequels. Josh Hutcherson, while expected to return, has not formally signed yet.
Flynn Picture Company #8217;s聽Beau Flynn聽will return to the franchise as producer.聽Charlotte Huggins聽will also serve as producer.聽Evan Turner聽will executive produce. New Line execs聽Sam Brown聽and聽Michael Disco聽are overseeing for the company.
More about Journey 3, Journey 4 | No Comments #187;
Should I see #8216;The Giver? #8217;
August 16th, 2014 by Paul Martin
I #8217;ve never read Lois Lowry #8217;s Newberry Award winning book聽The Giver. I have, however, seen the feature film based on that book.
One of the best compliments that you can give to a movie, that is based on a book that you #8217;ve never read before, is if the movie makes you want to read the book. I #8217;ve had that happen a number of times over the years, including聽City of Ember,聽Big Fish and a few others. This one is no different. I definitely want to pick up the book, and the three other books that are set in the film #8217;s world.
The Giver is a film that I #8217;ve been actually looking forward to seeing for a number of years. As the movie got closer, I got a little more nervous about the movie. I knew it was possible that I wouldn #8217;t like the movie, which happens from time to time (I #8217;m very selective with movies that I see).
What I saw was a movie that has a lot of great messages. The ending of the movie is an especially good talking point about where true freedom comes from. The symbolism there is subtle, but it made me very happy, showing a bit of where true freedom comes from.
The movie has a lot of good conversation starters. There are some parts where the filming is a little odd, but intentionally so. It #8217;s not a movie for small children, though. It deals with some things that would be scarring to young minds that would not be able to come to terms with how people can do bad things to each other, or to babies.
One major element of the film is how it addresses the value of life. All of life. And it does so in a way that is very moving and life affirming.
Something that might surprise you, but not readers of the book (based on some controversy around the first trailer that was released) is that the film starts out in black and white. It doesn #8217;t stay that way, but definitely uses it as a storytelling device. The color saturation or de-saturation was a subtle device used to help the viewer understand what the characters are seeing.
The characters in the story are caught up in a world that is striving to protect its #8217; people from the dangers that come with being able to feel emotion, and to have choices in life. It seems that it #8217;s also lead to a world in which the people that have grown up within this limited environment have no sense of the despicable things they may be carrying out. They #8217;re purposefully kept naive. And where the story begins is a graduation of sorts, where the various ages of the people in the community have hit their next stage, and assignments are given.
To one, though, is given the memories of the time before the communities. That way, the elders can seek the advice of the receiver, to avoid making past mistakes once more.
The movie is PG-13, but not Michael Bay PG-13. Parents, see it first before taking your kids, so that you know what sorts of things you should be ready to talk about.
There was a sequence in the movie that nearly brought tears to my eyes, in a good way.
I highly recommend聽The Giver, and I look forward to reading the book.
If you have read the book, here are the author #8217;s comments:
More about The Giver | No Comments #187;
Watch the Trailer for #8216;The Giver #8217;
March 19th, 2014 by Paul Martin
The Giver movie, based on the best selling novel by Lois Lowry. Starring Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep, in theaters 2014!
In a perfect world where there is no conflict, racism or sickness, every member of society has a specific role, and 16-year-old Jonas is selected to be the Receiver of Memories. As Jonas uncovers the truth behind his world #8217;s past, he discovers that many years earlier his forefathers gave up humanity in order to have a stable society.
More about The Giver | No Comments #187;
First Set Pics from #8216;The Giver #8217;
November 19th, 2013 by Paul Martin
We #8217;re looking forward to seeing The Giver next summer, when it is released on August 15, 2014.聽 Here are a couple of photos from the set, courtesy of Instagram, and Twitter:
Taylor Swift, Cameron Monaghan and Odeya Rush on the set
Read the rest of this entry raquo;
More about The Giver | No Comments #187;
Taylor Swift joins cast of The Giver
November 19th, 2013 by Paul Martin
Taylor Swift has joined the cast of The Weinstein Company and Walden Media #8217;s movie adaptation of #8220;The Giver. #8221;
The singer-songwriter is the latest member of the cast that features previously reported stars Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges, Brenton Thwaites and Katie Holmes.
Other cast members include #8220;True Blood #8217;s #8221; Alexander Skarsgard, #8220;The Odd Life of Timothy Green #8217;s #8221; Odeya Rush and Cameron Monaghan of #8220;Shameless. #8221;
The film, an adaptation of the popular young adult novel by Lois Lowry, stars Thwaites as a young boy who is selected for life service as the Receiver of Memories. He works with The Giver (Bridges), an old man who teaches the boy to use his sensory gifts.
Streep will play the antagonistic Chief Elder, who assigns the young their tasks, in the film about a society in which there is no sickness, conflict or racism.
Holmes will play Thwaites #8217; character #8217;s mother.
More about The Giver | No Comments #187;
Mr. Magorium and the Power of Believing in Your Children
November 19th, 2013 by Paul Martin
I just found an article that mentions one of my favorite movies, Mr. Magorium #8217;s Wonder Emporium, in a very positive light.聽 It #8217;s about time that more people start digging a little deeper into the great messages that are held within that wonderful gem of a film.
From the article, which is about believing children who happen to have ADHD, but I believe can also apply to any and all children regardless of what they may have:
One of our family鈥檚 favorite movies is Mr. Magorium鈥檚 Wonder Emporium. It鈥檚 a beautiful movie with many beautiful lessons in it. One of the lessons that I found so profound comes from a block of wood. Mr. Magorium鈥檚 prot茅g茅, Mahoney, is stumped by the purpose of the block, and when she鈥檚 frustrated and at wits end with what to do with it she tells her mentor that it鈥檚 just a block of wood. His response baffles her at first. He says, 鈥淲hat do you think would happen if once, just once, somebody believed in it?鈥
Read the rest of this entry raquo;
More about Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium | No Comments #187;
Katie Holmes joins cast of #8216;The Giver #8217;
September 27th, 2013 by Paul Martin
Katie Holmes has closed a deal to join Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges in The Giver, a drama from The Weinstein Co. and Walden Media that #8217;s being directed by Phillip Noyce.
Brenton Thwaites is the young star of the sci-fi project, which tells of a society in which there is no conflict, racism or sickness.
Thwaites聽plays a young boy who is selected for his life service as the Receiver of Memories and works with The Giver (Bridges), an old man who teaches the boy to use his unique gifts of the senses.聽Streep is the society #8217;s Chief Elder, an authoritative and antagonistic woman who assigns the young their tasks.
Holmes will play Thwaites #8217; mother, a strict obeyer of the laws that govern what is described as an antiseptic society.
The movie, which is eyeing a budget of around $25 million, is being produced by Nikki Silver of Tonik Productions along with Neil Koenigsberg and Bridges.
Michael Mitnick wrote the most recent script adapting the Lois Lowry YA novel.
A shoot in South Africa is being planned, although it is likely that Steep will shoot her scenes in England, where she is filming Disney #8217;s Into the Woods.
More about The Giver | 1 Comment #187;
In Defense of #8216;Mr. Magorium #8217;s Wonder Emporium #8217;
September 25th, 2013 by Paul Martin
I #8217;m not ashamed to say that Mr. Magorium #8217;s Wonder Emporium is one of my favorite movies.聽 Running a website called #8220;Walden Fans, #8221; you might think I #8217;m biased because I #8217;m a fan of the company.聽 You #8217;d be wrong.聽 I haven #8217;t loved, or even liked, everything that they #8217;ve released.聽 Far from it.聽 In fact, there are some films they #8217;ve created that I #8217;ve not even seen for myself, like How to Eat Fried Worms.
That said, there #8217;s currently a lot of news since a character on a show called Breaking Bad ends up in a cabin which only has two DVDs, and both are copies of Mr. Magorium #8217;s Wonder Emporium.聽 Zach Helm, the writer/director of聽Magorium said that it #8217;s two more copies than he allows in his own home.聽 I can understand that, as making a movie, you spend more time with the movie than most people ever do.聽 He literally spent a year watching the movie a few times a day, every day.聽 That #8217;d be too much for even the greatest movie ever made.
However, the movie is not #8230; I repeat #8230; is not as bad as people are making it out to be.聽 It #8217;s a fantastic movie about life and death, change, acceptance, dreams, letting go, and learning who you are and how to reach outside of yourself.聽 It #8217;s got more depth than most summer movies and more heart than Cars 2. It also has real character development, for every major character in the film, including the store itself.
As Grail Quest Books points out in the comments, it #8217;s also layers-deep on #8216;vocation. #8217;聽 That is quite true.聽 It features characters that are seeking out their vocations, who know characters that know their own vocations, and know who they are quite well, and those paradigms playing off of each other.
Let #8217;s take a look at the character of Mr. Magorium, as played so every well by Dustin Hoffman.聽 This is a man that knows every bit of who he is.聽 He is comfortable being just the man that he is because he has been for quite a long time.聽 He #8217;s very fond of being childlike, and playing games, and hasn #8217;t forgotten what it #8217;s like to be a kid.聽 When Magorium talks to the kids in his toy store, he talks to them like kids.聽 Not down to them, but at their level, and by doing so, gives them respect and earns their respect.聽 And that respect translates to the advice that he gives to the kids, making it sink in more.聽 When he tells the lead boy, Henry, at one point in the movie, that he should try to make some friends, it is the respect that Magorium has earned from Henry that makes the advice mean that much more to Henry.
And there is another side to Magorium.聽 He #8217;s read and understands Shakespeare.聽 When he talks to other adults, he treats them as adults.聽 Again, he doesn #8217;t patronize.聽 He talks to them with the same respect and dignity that is due to every person we talk to.聽 When he gives Mahoney advice about living, it is a wonderful moment between two adults about life and death, living and dying, in the midst of a children #8217;s movie, that is both wonderfully complex and simple in the same moment.
So give Magorium a chance.聽 You may just be surprised.
Any questions?聽 Also, give your feedback, and I #8217;ll likely add to the story.
More about Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium | 3 Comments #187;
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