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Title:Articlebliss | Free Article Publishing
Description:ArticleBliss Free Article Content.
Keywords:article publishing,article publisher,article directory,free article content, article rss, article xml
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Title:Articlebliss | Free Article Publishing
Description:ArticleBliss Free Article Content.
Keywords:article publishing,article publisher,article directory,free article content, article rss, article xml
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Our New Articles
Are We Prepared For A Currency Crisis? Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"An upcoming currency crisis is being predicted by the most knowledgeable financial pundits. How will we survive if our money becomes worthless and there is no food on supermarket shelves and no gas for..."
In Category - Finance
The Wonderful Benefits Of Old Age Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Old age is liberating. I can say or do almost anything I want. They take one look at me and think I have one foot on a banana peel and the other foot in the coffin, and they let me be myself because they..."
In Category - Self Improvement
One Man rsquo;s Treasures Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"I have never been able to figure out the attraction of garage sales. It must be true that one man rsquo;s junk is another man rsquo;s treasure because people come out in droves when they see a sign that..."
In Category - Shopping/Consumer
Rose-Colored Glasses Make Debts Disappear Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"More people than ever before are looking at their finances with rose-colored glassses in the hope that their debts will disappear.
Some people go on shopping sprees, others go on vacations, and..."
In Category - Finance
If You rsquo;re Sick, You Can Heal Yourself Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Our bodies hold a cellular memory of perfection and each of us has the ability to heal ourselves by tapping into that cellular memory. We can call it a miracle that only happens to certain people, or..."
In Category - Health
Wishing Your Life Away Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Children often wish they were older so they could do the things that the older kids are allowed to do. By the time a couple of decades go by, they aren rsquo;t in a hurry to get older. In fact, most..."
In Category - Self Improvement
Never Enough Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Counseling is not for everyone. Some people are really not capable of making changes in their lives; they are just looking for another audience and someone they can bleed dry emotionally. Learn to recognize..."
In Category - Self Improvement
Clouds Belong In The Sky Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"I rsquo;m probably the only person on the planet who is afraid to store my data in the cloud. I tried it once, with my music files and I still can rsquo;t find them. If I were technically savvy, I might..."
In Category - Technology
Mommy, What Is A Book? Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"The banning of books is, once again, becoming popular in the schools. There is also a movement to stop printing textbooks because students can print out the important pages of online eBooks and because..."
In Category - Education
What Goes Around, Comes Around Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"It rsquo;s a universal law that says, what you sow, so shall you reap. In other words, what goes around, comes around. Don rsquo;t play the victim when you are subjected to the same type of treatment..."
In Category - Society/Metaphysics
My Virtual Bookstore Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Shopping for books has never been easier since I discovered online booksellers. The books are delivered to me and the return policy is great. I could get spoiled not having to drive all over town looking..."
In Category - Shopping/Consumer
Money For Nothing Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"The acquisition of money has become the most important object in today rsquo;s society, especially the concept of getting money for nothing. Relationships aren rsquo;t even a close second; it rsquo;s..."
In Category - Finance
Our Perception Of The Economy Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"The Dept of Labor is painting a rosy picture of decreasing new claims for unemployment benefits. What they aren rsquo;t adding into the mix are the baby boomers who have been retiring at the rate of 10,000..."
In Category - Business
Looking For A Sugar Daddy Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"People are living so far beyond their means these days that even those who are earning $75,000 a year are living from paycheck to paycheck. Most of their money is being spent eating out every night and..."
In Category - Society/Relationships
When You Miss Your Appointments Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"How is it possible to miss all your appointments? I don rsquo;t know, but I do know that it is more than possible because that rsquo;s what just happened to me."
In Category - Business
The Mystery Of Wanting Your Ex Back Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"After all the anger, hurt, and bitterness that a couple endured in their relationship, it seems masochistic to want to get back with the ex who caused such unhappiness. And yet, so many people want to..."
In Category - Society/Relationships
The Qualities Of A Good Manager Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Managers often make the mistake of having only one managerial style. Studies show that different people respond to different styles and a good manager will try to fit his managerial style to his employee rsquo;s..."
In Category - Business
We Can rsquo;t Count On Anything Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Everything has changed and we can rsquo;t count on anything staying the same. All the things we took for granted are either gone or teetering on the brink of disappearing. The only ones who will make..."
In Category - Self Improvement
How The Mighty Have Fallen Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"America used to be number one in almost everything but, over the last couple of decades, America has been losing the competitive edge after so many years of being on top. We are teaching our children..."
In Category - Education
Money, Money, Everywhere Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Some people are so careless with money they forget where they put it. They may even discover it at a future date, quite by accident, or they may leave it somewhere and never remember doing so. I can rsquo;t..."
In Category - Finance
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