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Title:Articlebliss | Free Article Publishing
Description:ArticleBliss Free Article Content.
Keywords:article publishing,article publisher,article directory,free article content, article rss, article xml
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Title:Articlebliss | Free Article Publishing
Description:ArticleBliss Free Article Content.
Keywords:article publishing,article publisher,article directory,free article content, article rss, article xml
Articlebliss | Free Article Publishing
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Our New Articles
Participation As A Management Style Pays Off Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"A Prescriptive management style incorrectly used ultimately harms most organizations.
There is a direct link between good Leadership and performance.
The Gallup organization rsquo;s..."
In Category - Business
Post School Education Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"What rsquo;s happening in the US is also occurring in other western countries
Fewer US students are graduating from high school.
Of those that go to University, one third..."
In Category - Education
The Importance Of Contacts Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"Building and retaining contacts is often underrated
Achievement orientated people often make the mistake of thinking that because they perform, they will be noticed by their bosses and based..."
In Category - Business
I Like 40 Author: Eva Sternfont
"I rsquo;ve seen several articles lately about the changes we experience in our 40 rsquo;s. Having turned 40 recently, I thought I rsquo;d throw my two cents in on the subject.
I rsquo;ve..."
In Category - Self Improvement
The Achievement And Lifecycle Connection Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"Determine where your business, organization or country is on the life cycle.
Everything has a life cycle. A person, a company, a country.
Imagine this lifecycle as a bell..."
In Category - Business
Invisible Environmental Changes Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"Today rsquo;s environment is busy changing around us at such a speed that most of us are not even noticing these non-stop ongoing changes.
We are often, not always, taken by surprise by..."
In Category - Business
The Longer You Wait To Address A Problem, The Bigger It Gets Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"Remember when you were at school and you put off studying for an important test?
The closer you got to the test date the greater the stress became. Eventually full panic set in and you..."
In Category - Self Improvement/Motivation
The Way You Manage Affects Your Organization rsquo;s Performance Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"Just don rsquo;t manage everybody the same way.
Everyone has their preferred way of managing others.
You may have learnt your particular management method of how to manage..."
In Category - Business
ldquo;U.S. Takes The Overall Lead In Excuses. rdquo; Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"Time to reverse a troubling trend
The above is the headline of a piece by Mathew Futterman in the February 13 Wall Street Journal, where he was referring to the Sochi Olympics, outlining..."
In Category - Society/Social Issues
Burn Out? Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"For your health rsquo;s sake take the 10 point test. YES NO"
In Category - Self Improvement/Stress Management
Politicians AND Voters Avoid The Truth Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"How many voters do you know who are prepared to cut back on their personal entitlements from the Government in order to rectify the ever growing financial crisis we are in?"
In Category - Politics
Political Correctness Affects Outcomes Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"Warning: Blind adherence may cause harm.
We have seen the increasingly rapid spread of Political Correctness over the last few years and the time might have arrived for the pendulum to start..."
In Category - Society
Before You Announce That Promotion Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"Promoting your Super Salesperson to manager may not be smart
Most people are promoted based on their abilities to do their current job.
Companies have been known to promote..."
In Category - Business
Driving Safely: What Everyone Needs Know Author: Christian Bachfont
"Driving safely: What everyone needs know.
Whether you are an experienced driver or just a beginner, you still must be aware of rules you need to follow while driving."
In Category - Transport
It's All About Attitude Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"Your attitude will affect your bottom line
Whenever you say you have experienced good service from another human being, whether that person was part of a company or just an individual, what..."
In Category - Business/Customer Service
If I Owned A Business Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"If you have a wonderful employee, do not ever let him or her go. Do whatever it takes to keep him from finding better career opportunities. Make your treatment of him so exceptional that he won't ever..."
In Category - Business
Some Additional Insights On Body Language Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"That first impression could be wrong
A study done at UCLA has shown that up to 93 percent of effective communication is determined non- verbally.
An additional study determined..."
In Category - Society
Logic, Politics And Consequences Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"Political actions are not necessarily logical.
This might be old news to some people but others may be disappointed or even disillusioned to hear this.
Part of the definition..."
In Category - Politics
What Type Of Consultant Is Best For A Medium Size Business? Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"Most Owners and Managers look for a consultant that has had years of experience in their industry. I have found this to be the wrong decision for the following reasons:
The apparent problem..."
In Category - Business/Small Businesses
America, WAKE UP!! Author: Bernard Kirkfont
"As the Steep Downward Slide of US Students accelerates, what will the consequences be?
The facts are embarrassingly clear. Compared to students across the world, the USA is soundly beaten..."
In Category - Society
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