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Title:Articlebliss | Free Article Publishing
Description:ArticleBliss Free Article Content.
Keywords:article publishing,article publisher,article directory,free article content, article rss, article xml
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Title:Articlebliss | Free Article Publishing
Description:ArticleBliss Free Article Content.
Keywords:article publishing,article publisher,article directory,free article content, article rss, article xml
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Our New Articles
Changing Your Attitude Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"You can spend a lifetime feeling sorry for yourself and seeing your glass half-full, or you can change your attitude and find twenty things each day for which you are grateful. Even during the worst of..."
In Category - Self Improvement
I Miss The Simple Courtesies Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"When did men stop extending simple courtesies to women? I miss them, especially because they made women feel special without making them feel weak or incompetent."
In Category - Society/Social Issues
Are You A Leader? Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Don rsquo;t be so quick to say that leaders are born, not made; leadership can be developed. Most people don rsquo;t know what they rsquo;re capable of until they have a reason to rise to the occasion."
In Category - Self Improvement
Is It Really Better To Give Than To Receive? Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"For a relationship to succeed, there needs to be a balance between the giving and the taking. Sometimes one person has to do more giving, but if this continues, there is apt to be resentment and a feeling..."
In Category - Society/Relationships
Outliving Your Retirement Funds Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Retirees are apt to outlive their retirement funds if scientists have their way. We now have thousands of people living in this country who are over 100 years old, and that number is growing faster than..."
In Category - Society/Social Issues
We Don rsquo;t Laugh At The Same Things Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Humor doesn rsquo;t always play out the way you think it will. If you rsquo;re from the north, a situation may be funny to you, but if the other person is from the south, it may not be the least bit funny..."
In Category - Self Improvement
Do Affairs Just Happen? Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Affairs don rsquo;t just happen. They happen when you rsquo;re not happy with your partner or with your life and you rsquo;re looking to fill that missing ingredient, either consciously or unconsciously."
In Category - Society/Relationships
Knowing When To Give Up Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Time management is mostly a matter of prioritizing your life. You can rsquo;t have 45 number 1 priorities so you have to evaluate what is the most important thing on your list, make that your number 1..."
In Category - Self Improvement
Inner Light Author: Brikene Bunjakufont
"Across the wooden bridge there is path lined by trees. All around me birds chirp and squirrels climb the majestic tall trees."
In Category - Self Improvement
Early Bird Specials For Retirees Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"People no longer eat to live; retirees live to eat. When people have nothing to do with their time, they go out to eat and they look for bargain prices."
In Category - Society/Social Issues
If I Were Young And Starting Out Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"To succeed in life, start out by knowing yourself. If you don rsquo;t like taking orders from a boss, maybe you need to be self-employed, in your own business."
In Category - Business
Bridesmaid For Hire Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Weddings are difficult to plan because anything can go wrong. Here is where the professional bridesmaid comes in. For a fee, she can smooth out the wrinkles for any bride who runs into trouble."
In Category - Society/Relationships
The Hidden Room Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Did you ever dream of having your own secret room that no one knew about but you? What would you use it for if you could have one?"
In Category - House Home/Home Improvement
Goodbye Darkness Author: Brikene Bunjakufont
"There rsquo;s a time when we need darkness and there rsquo;s a time we need light. Too much light and too much darkness, can numb the soul and the heart."
In Category - Self Improvement/Spiritual
Facebook And ldquo;Till Death Do Us Part rdquo; Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Facebook has found a way to bring us back from the dead. At least long enough to buy their products and update our profile pictures and posts."
In Category - Internet Business/Social Media
Looking For An Honest Opinion Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Don rsquo;t take someone shopping with you if you don rsquo;t want an honest opinion about how the garment looks on you. That rsquo;s what mirrors are for."
In Category - Shopping
Hello. My Name Is Adam. Let rsquo;s Get Married Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"People are rushing into relationships so fast these days that they can rsquo;t possibly know whether they have a basis for marriage. They meet, compare their sun signs, go on a few dates, and start picking..."
In Category - Society/Relationships
If It Sounds Too Good Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Don rsquo;t be in a hurry to part with your money. Have a deal that sounds too good to be true, investigated, even if it means losing the deal."
In Category - Business
Scientific Studies About Food Prove Nothing Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"A study shows that old people lose their sense of taste, particularly for sweet and salty foods after they hit the age of fifty. I rsquo;m here to tell you that their study is nonsense!!"
In Category - Health
After Your Gift Has Been Delivered Author: Connie H. Deutschfont
"Robots are being taught a lot of things these days, especially how to think and act like humans. But can robots really have the emotions of humans?"
In Category - Society/Relationships
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