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Title:Phone Number Comments
Description:Type a phone number in the box below and click 'Search' to find out who is using that phone number.
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Title:Phone Number Comments
Description:Type a phone number in the box below and click 'Search' to find out who is using that phone number.
Phone Number Comments Sign In800notes.comHomepageForumNewsArticlesVideosUser - ProfileMy PostsReplies to My PostsSign OutOctoNetLogin Credentials800notes.comSign InRegister Site Menu Phone Number Lookup   Type a phone number, for example: 777-777-7777 800notes is a FREE REVERSE PHONE NUMBER LOOKUP
database built by YOU, its users. Our strength is in our numbers - by sharing pieces
of information each of us has we are putting together a free and public phone number
directory with information no other service can provide.
Find out who is calling and why: Debt collectors, telemarketers, charities,
and survey companies often call without leaving a message. Lookup the number to read the previous reports of other users. Report telemarketing calls: Make the Do Not Call list offenders notice
the problem by reporting their practices. No business wants bad publicity. Report phone fraud: Did someone try to scam you? Reporting the number is
the fastest way to make public aware, and prevent others from falling victim to the scam. Check out a business: Read other users' feedback about the phone number owner. LATEST ENTRIES3903-450-0796I got a call from this number at 2:30 pm on a Sunday. No message left.Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 903-450-0796 / 903450079621972-738-1293Same scam pressure wash and exterior paint estimate and will ask if you accept credit cards. He claims to be in hospital getting cancer treatment and needs his house done asap. Then will ask for a huge favor and will ask you to charge his card an extra 6000 dollars to pay off the previous home...Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 972-738-1293 / 97273812936301-242-3036Well, let me ask a question in return. What do YOU think the DNC list is supposed to do? No fair reading the rest of this post before you answer! The DNC list does not automatically block calls. Instead, it provides a list of "do not call" phone numbers to legitimate telemarketers who pay a fee for...Last Post 2 min ago | Phone Number 301-242-3036 / 30124230361910-658-5942did not leave messageLast Post 5 min ago | Phone Number 910-658-5942 / 91065859422800-462-7318Likewise: I received a call from 800 462 7318 approximately 1 hour ago. The operator pitched me a promotion for my TWC (Time Warner Cable) Phone/Internet subscription. It seemed interesting so I let the story unfold... For less than 2/3 of my current rate, I'd get better internet speed and...Last Post 5 min ago | Phone Number 800-462-7318 / 800462731817678-279-7980It be the United States Postal Service not a scam, fool.Last Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 678-279-7980 / 67827979801323-371-6425Called from Mr.Hunter lol you owe some one some money you need to go get a green dot visa card and split it into 2payments. Call only between 1-2est.Last Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 323-371-6425 / 3233716425788949-286-3973same here, i called Verizon last week about almost 50 calls within 8 hours with scammers from india trying to sell some kind of insurance , on the first call I heard the sounds of india in the back ground could not under stand a word the female was saying clearly , never picked up again since each...Last Post 8 min ago | Phone Number 949-286-3973 / 94928639736805-777-1211Just got a call from this number and didn't answer it either. If this is a scam about mortgage foreclosure...to bad for this scammer. I don't own a house...hahaha!Last Post 9 min ago | Phone Number 805-777-1211 / 8057771211285214-414-1036I'm blocking this person he calls and hangs up and is rudeLast Post 10 min ago | Phone Number 214-414-1036 / 214414103659800-345-7439And go back to grade school and try to get through the 2nd grade before you come back. My guess is that you have another language that you speak in and maybe you should post in that because your English is horrible.Last Post 10 min ago | Phone Number 800-345-7439 / 800345743917866-791-1489I returned a car on Monday and started getting the recorded calls on Saturday. Thrifty customer service hours are M-F 8:00-5:00 so they do not make it easy to call and discussLast Post 12 min ago | Phone Number 866-791-1489 / 866791148917800-966-0293Same MO these guys called on a SUNDAY, didn't answer were not open on Sundays and have stopped taking all toll-free calls.Last Post 13 min ago | Phone Number 800-966-0293 / 800966029355916-207-5735Got a call from this number today (a Sunday afternoon). First looked on Whitepages and it said it was a Verizon mobile number in Sacramento. Um, I'm in VA and know NO ONE in Sacramento. So I checked here and wasn't surprised to see it was reported. They called but left no voicemail.Last Post 13 min ago | Phone Number 916-207-5735 / 91620757352520-365-2394Educational post: You may have been exposed to scam # 17, as described here: http://phonehelp.2truth.com/facts_rev.html Remember to return here, to 800notes.com, after you look at any of the information at that site.Last Post 14 min ago | Phone Number 520-365-2394 / 52036523941800-849-8085The twit I spoke with the first time, stated, after giving him my insurance info, that the info was correct, they wouldn't resubmit the medical claim and needed full payment. After confirming NO CLAIM HAS BEEN FILED w/ my insurance, I called the Office that hired these goons, finding out and...Last Post 14 min ago | Phone Number 800-849-8085 / 800849808521440-226-3201This is a scamLast Post 15 min ago | Phone Number 440-226-3201 / 4402263201122800-933-6262I thought I recognized that name. Your the timeshare guy trying to lend legitimacy to the fake vacation web site over here: http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-800-345-7439/2#p870779459438489851Last Post 17 min ago | Phone Number 800-933-6262 / 80093362625303-275-0096 gt; gt; How in the world am I to get them to stop calling! lt; lt; Want to stop repeated telescam phone calls? Try these alternatives: 1. Do not answer the phone if you see an unknown number on your Caller ID ... let it go to answering machine or voicemail. Many telescammers hang up after three or four rings....Last Post 18 min ago | Phone Number 303-275-0096 / 303275009663914-595-6462They can't be closed down. They operate out of thousands of call centers throughout India and Pakistan. Local governments don't do anything. Call blocker might be of some help.Last Post 18 min ago | Phone Number 914-595-6462 / 914595646226813-515-1811Just received a call from 813-515-1811. Said they were soliciting funds for a Police Association. SCAM !!!Last Post 19 min ago | Phone Number 813-515-1811 / 813515181164818-203-6994HiLast Post 20 min ago | Phone Number 818-203-6994 / 818203699429714-244-3053caller id;SPHELast Post 21 min ago | Phone Number 714-244-3053 / 71424430535888-310-2532Called no messageLast Post 21 min ago | Phone Number 888-310-2532 / 88831025322270-984-8726There is a widespread IRS (or CRA) or "tax scam" being practiced by scammers on both USA and Canadian residents. USA tax payers should read this: http://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/Phone-Scams-Continue-to-be-Serious-Threat-and-Remain-on-IRS-Dirty-Dozen-List-of-Tax-Scams-for-the-2015-Filing-Season...Last Post 22 min ago | Phone Number 270-984-8726 / 270984872613877-961-7060In April/2015 I also received a call and e-mail from Nick Brand... ("On Behalf Of middleeastrecruiters.com") with a similar talking. I informed him that I already had a Master degree but he informed that I was shortlisted within another candidates and a Project Manager Certification would make a big...Last Post 23 min ago | Phone Number 877-961-7060 / 87796170604855-486-7901Two unanswered calls in two days. Blocked.Last Post 25 min ago | Phone Number 855-486-7901 / 855486790189866-609-8298Gern Much the same happened to me here in Kansas, several times. They leave a message asking me to call "about your credit card from City". Odd, because City Corporation usually identifies itself as City Corp, and probably would have been more specific about what credit card they were talking about....Last Post 26 min ago | Phone Number 866-609-8298 / 86660982981202-802-4445Received information about a job in Okinawa Japan via e-mailLast Post 26 min ago | Phone Number 202-802-4445 / 20280244453510-322-7460Strange message... FRM: 5103227460 SUBJ: Did they juust (misspelled) take you out of the oven? MSG: (blank)Last Post 26 min ago | Phone Number 510-322-7460 / 51032274604408-385-3007Google Voice says "missed call" - which means the party hung up when challenged. SCAMMER - will blockLast Post 27 min ago | Phone Number 408-385-3007 / 408385300710850-491-4193thay need to stop calling meLast Post 28 min ago | Phone Number 850-491-4193 / 850491419370617-360-8747NH here, getting this call as well.....we just don't answer anymore, caller ID is a beautiful thingLast Post 30 min ago | Phone Number 617-360-8747 / 6173608747 | list of suspicious calls28888-503-0711If you gave someone any card numbers call the bank number on the back of the card and cancel it NOW!Last Post 31 min ago | Phone Number 888-503-0711 / 888503071196855-284-3980Caller ID showed Toll Free. This is the 3rd call and this last one came in at 8:30am on a Sunday. Never leaves a message.Last Post 32 min ago | Phone Number 855-284-3980 / 85528439804818-482-2535I just got a call from 818-482-2535 identifying themselves as a California Opinion Survey asking me if I had time to answer questions about changing California's Constitution. I said okay..so then this guy asked me if I considered myself latino, hispanic, mexican, wetback....I said no. He then...Last Post 32 min ago | Phone Number 818-482-2535 / 818482253519202-657-4941Just took the msg off my v.m.: Robo call saying the IRS is filing a lawsuit against me and I need to call the number.Last Post 32 min ago | Phone Number 202-657-4941 / 202657494133253-656-4763There is a widespread IRS (or CRA) or "tax scam" being practiced by scammers on both USA and Canadian residents. USA tax payers should read this: http://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/Phone-Scams-Continue-to-be-Serious-Threat-and-Remain-on-IRS-Dirty-Dozen-List-of-Tax-Scams-for-the-2015-Filing-Season...Last Post 33 min ago | Phone Number 253-656-4763 / 25365647634503-716-9602This phone number harasses us on a daily basis. They don't give up. They claim they are Wells Fargo and say you owe money from an old account and ask for your private information. Which they should have record of, if they were really a ligament collection agency for Wells Fargo.Last Post 34 min ago | Phone Number 503-716-9602 / 50371696023415-236-3637I got the same callLast Post 35 min ago | Phone Number 415-236-3637 / 41523636379347-704-5556Received a call from this number but did not answer. They did not leave a message. Pretty sure it is a scam.Last Post 36 min ago | Phone Number 347-704-5556 / 34770455561313-577-4949Looks like it might be from Wayne State - probably looking for alumni donations.Last Post 36 min ago | Phone Number 313-577-4949 / 3135774949194619-378-0051I'm not sure if it was a woman or a man with a soft voice. He or she told me it was a reference to a criminal lawsuit filed against me and if I didn't call back she could only wish me "a good luck". Is anybody else feeling like doing a Liam Neeson voice? Or say stuff like "if I wanted a scam I would...Last Post 40 min ago | Phone Number 619-378-0051 / 6193780051 | list of suspicious calls10866-539-2854My credit card was charged. Tried to fiend out why this happened. No luck. contacted my credit card company and was grateful when they reimbursed my account. My card number was therefore changed.Last Post 44 min ago | Phone Number 866-539-2854 / 8665392854167330-433-5039called 4/26/15 and hung up on my machine, call ID said it was from "Synchrony"Last Post 45 min ago | Phone Number 330-433-5039 / 3304335039530800-704-0855This scam is still alive. The caller left a message on my answering machine for someone whose name I do not recognize. It mentioned the last 4 digits of a card number that does not match my card number. Beware !!! 800-704-0855 is not a valid Wells Fargo fraud department number. Anyone who says...Last Post 47 min ago | Phone Number 800-704-0855 / 80070408551440-777-6300I would like to get hold to my momLast Post 49 min ago | Phone Number 440-777-6300 / 44077763004917-809-2283Do not respond to unwanted texts or emails from questionable sources. Several mobile service providers will allow you to report unwanted spam texts by simply texting/forwarding it to 7726 (or “spam”) to enable the providers to prevent future unwanted texts from the specific sender. (If your provider...Last Post 49 min ago | Phone Number 917-809-2283 / 9178092283106800-900-1381Ongoing Calls , From This Phone #Last Post 51 min ago | Phone Number 800-900-1381 / 800900138125702-402-1828How much did you send them, to assure you got the money? If you sent ANYTHING, kiss it goodbye.Last Post 53 min ago | Phone Number 702-402-1828 / 70240218288877-553-7926A phone call, email or text message from a supposed debt collector is not legally sufficient evidence of debt. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) includes statements such as this: * Every collector must send you a written “validation notice” telling you how much money you owe within five...Last Post 54 min ago | Phone Number 877-553-7926 / 87755379261877-489-1638ComputerLast Post 55 min ago | Phone Number 877-489-1638 / 87748916382914-246-5374Tired to scam me to with house for rentLast Post 56 min ago | Phone Number 914-246-5374 / 91424653745937-303-0019I seen the number show marysville Ohio. I answered and said Hello and they just hung up didn't say a word. Looked it up and found this out.Last Post 57 min ago | Phone Number 937-303-0019 / 9373030019130573-764-2870I received these calls a few times a week. I called back a few time but the touch tone system was not working. Last time I called back was two weeks ago and at the end of the message it asked if I wanted my number removed press 2 so I did and have heard back from them.Last Post 57 min ago | Phone Number 573-764-2870 / 57376428701855-856-8780ComputerLast Post 58 min ago | Phone Number 855-856-8780 / 85585687801844-650-5733I received a call from 844-650-5733 purportedly from an Arnold Smith looking for information on my daughter's location. The company shows up on a Google search, but I can find no other info on them. Not sure if this is a legitimate call or what.Last Post 59 min ago | Phone Number 844-650-5733 / 8446505733101786-701-1995When I called this number back I get music playing. This was a missed call on my phone. The interchange is from Perrine, FLLast Post 1 h 0 min ago | Phone Number 786-701-1995 / 78670119953805-205-9541Called this AM...Just said Oxnard CA...I have a few friends there but not with this number...just didn't answer it. Caller probably picked out the Oxnard name because it was in the 805 area code. Spoofers will try anything.Last Post 1 h 2 min ago | Phone Number 805-205-9541 / 80520595413200-999-5737In North America area codes 200, 300, 400, 500 to 700 are special purpose area codes. 800 is toll free, 900 is premium service. The caller ID is spoofed (faked) which tells you about the caller (hint: crook)Last Post 1 h 3 min ago | Phone Number 200-999-5737 / 2009995737
See also whocallsme.com and
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