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Title:Phone Number Comments
Description:Type a phone number in the box below and click 'Search' to find out who is using that phone number.
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Title:Phone Number Comments
Description:Type a phone number in the box below and click 'Search' to find out who is using that phone number.
Phone Number Comments Sign In800notes.comHomepageForumNewsArticlesVideosUser - ProfileMy PostsReplies to My PostsSign OutOctoNetLogin Credentials800notes.comSign InRegister Site Menu Phone Number Lookup   Type a phone number, for example: 777-777-7777 800notes is a FREE REVERSE PHONE NUMBER LOOKUP
database built by YOU, its users. Our strength is in our numbers - by sharing pieces
of information each of us has we are putting together a free and public phone number
directory with information no other service can provide.
Find out who is calling and why: Debt collectors, telemarketers, charities,
and survey companies often call without leaving a message. Lookup the number to read the previous reports of other users. Report telemarketing calls: Make the Do Not Call list offenders notice
the problem by reporting their practices. No business wants bad publicity. Report phone fraud: Did someone try to scam you? Reporting the number is
the fastest way to make public aware, and prevent others from falling victim to the scam. Check out a business: Read other users' feedback about the phone number owner. LATEST ENTRIES39631-234-0000Constant calls with immediate hang ups.Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 631-234-0000 / 63123400002904-257-1540Called twice today. Left no message.Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 904-257-1540 / 90425715404088-777-0009FrontierLast Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 088-777-0009 / 08877700091846-276-6779My mother received a voice message addressed to me with a "threat" of some kind. Foreign speaking English.Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 846-276-6779 / 84627667791903-407-7303A feminine sounding fellow called and asked if my refrigerator was running. I played along and said,"sure". So he asked me if I knew that refrigerator stood for semen and asked me if it was still running down my face? I have never been so humiliated in my life, and the guy giggled as he got off the...Last Post 2 min ago | Phone Number 903-407-7303 / 903407730322254-442-7839More scammers trying to steal money from us old folks pretending to be some Police Organization. Go get them and put them in jail. These callers violate my right of privacy, harass and terrorize myself and others, and illegally spoof their caller IDs. And worse, they continue to call even I filed...Last Post 2 min ago | Phone Number 254-442-7839 / 25444278395855-582-5555just got a call from this no I didn't answer the call no message leftLast Post 2 min ago | Phone Number 855-582-5555 / 8555825555384303-358-3642Get call every few days from this #Last Post 4 min ago | Phone Number 303-358-3642 / 30335836423801-887-7468They called me back today about a complaint I had with their billing they called me back a day later and I missed it.ntercontinental Hotel GroupLast Post 4 min ago | Phone Number 801-887-7468 / 80188774683804-286-4402called today at 5:23pm. left no messageLast Post 5 min ago | Phone Number 804-286-4402 / 804286440211343-883-1475scam.. with a free voip phone number to call back... message is generic and addresses no one by name... for all i care... called the wrong number :)Last Post 5 min ago | Phone Number 343-883-1475 / 34388314751603-557-1075Caller said he was representing my local police association. I recognized the voice from numerous other calls on behalf of various police organizations and can hear the call center activity in the background. These callers act like they are old friends and sometimes try and convince you that you...Last Post 5 min ago | Phone Number 603-557-1075 / 603557107559844-618-7601In mid-June you sang the same lyrics as "Julie Blaugher" when cheering for "Absolute Softech". Don't bother with a reprise ten weeks from now. http://800notes.com/phone.aspx/1-844-618-7601#p892105086778726927Last Post 5 min ago | Phone Number 844-618-7601 / 84461876011855-351-7588************************NEW SCAM NUMBER - DO NOT ANSWER!!!******************* We have the entire 855 area code blocked. Please purchase a blocker that can block entire area codes. They work and they are inexpensive. Have friends or family in a blocked area code? No worries - simply "invite" their...Last Post 5 min ago | Phone Number 855-351-7588 / 85535175881928-299-5100I didn't answer, the machine did. And the caller actually started recording a message about carpet cleaning. I blocked the number, but I read elsewhere that they call back often, using different numbers.Last Post 5 min ago | Phone Number 928-299-5100 / 928299510018609-207-7162Blame the good old USA and our ROTTEN politicians for allowing these thing to go on.Last Post 6 min ago | Phone Number 609-207-7162 / 60920771626604-210-1853Spoke to 2 reps with foreign accent, first the caller who's been referred to me by my son and then the caller's manager to confirm what's been said and agreed. Offering a 4-days-3-nights free vacation to Vegas or cruise to Caribbean/Mexico. Pressed me to choose between the cruise liners over the...Last Post 6 min ago | Phone Number 604-210-1853 / 60421018536855-522-9770Caller called several of my family members left name and a number but wouldn't say why. I returned the call with someone on the other end that was very rude but wouldn't give me any information and what they were calling about. Just said I needed to pay them a certain amount of money. Definitely a...Last Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 855-522-9770 / 855522977073424-644-6630Received call from Kevin w/WL Construction, requesting a call back, to 424.268.3814, at 6:22PM MT. Returned call, no answer. Never had dealings with WL Construction. Google search finds a WL Construction, 534 NW 4th St, Corvallis, OR 97330; (541) 738-2602. Unsure if this is the same company as...Last Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 424-644-6630 / 424644663013855-752-1074electric has been deregulated since the 90s...Bge is a distribution company and cannot Legally sell you the power itself for anymore than it pays for it on the open market-look into shopping around for a better rate...Last Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 855-752-1074 / 85575210749727-308-4588Same guy trying to scam us from RV trader. I told him I spoke to PayPal and he needs to send me $1800 to complete the transaction LOL he stop texting me backLast Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 727-308-4588 / 72730845887855-727-7811We had a call today from this number, no message left, and caller ID says Sask Tel. I haven't checked to see if this is actually a Sask Tel #Last Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 855-727-7811 / 85572778115805-711-2435Another call purporting to originate from this number was received today. When the call rolled to voice mail, the caller left no message. This behavior is typical of robocallers who use automated dialers to place calls to numbers in sequence. If a live person answers, the automated dialer transfers...Last Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 805-711-2435 / 80571124351338213-257-5233Hang-up; no message.Last Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 213-257-5233 / 2132575233124786-275-5986According to information in BBB files, it appears that the company is no longer in business. The phone numbers BBB had for this company are disconnected, and directory assistance does not have a listing for this company. BBB's mail to this company has been returned as undeliverable. If you have an...Last Post 10 min ago | Phone Number 786-275-5986 / 78627559862805-430-9471A robocall from this Lompoc VOIP arrived today. When the call rolled to voice mail, a recorded message purporting to represent the local utility spewed forth with an energy savings commerical -- a scam call! DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM. DO NOT ANSWER CALLS FROM THIS NUMBER.Last Post 11 min ago | Phone Number 805-430-9471 / 8054309471231239-400-2950Called me, knew where I worked said he saw texts from me from a year ago from a guy named Kenny smith and when I said I have no clue what you're talking about he went into more detail about MY LIFE! He then started asking me where I was from and what I was doing ! I hung up. Scary! Called number...Last Post 11 min ago | Phone Number 239-400-2950 / 239400295018303-974-4963I warned the caller that next time they call, I WILL greet the caller with my police whistle. I'll let you know if it deters the unwanted calls.Last Post 12 min ago | Phone Number 303-974-4963 / 30397449631540-737-7088I didn't answer since they his their ID. I'm guessing political robocall since it's election season.Last Post 13 min ago | Phone Number 540-737-7088 / 540737708815253-777-4258Voice Mail message from woman stating it was my final notice before being sued by the IRS. When I called back the phone went to a dial tone.Last Post 14 min ago | Phone Number 253-777-4258 / 253777425837800-701-1702Also a Realtor. Hang up call from this number today.Last Post 15 min ago | Phone Number 800-701-1702 / 80070117024866-417-3881I was looking up owner's manuals for my car when this message popped up and told me to call, I called, but I'm using my mothers laptop. The gentleman wanted to speak to the owner of the computer, but when I told him she wasn't home he told me to have her call, but leave the computer running. It was...Last Post 15 min ago | Phone Number 866-417-3881 / 86641738812218-275-7386Two calls to my cell ph 5:52pm. # unrecognized. White pages reverse look up says Name of caller private. No message left. I decided to delete #.Last Post 15 min ago | Phone Number 218-275-7386 / 2182757386 | list of suspicious calls13214-390-3012Called again, zapped again by NMRB. They will not give up.Last Post 16 min ago | Phone Number 214-390-3012 / 21439030125510-470-6598got the same call: Message was left. "Hi my name is David Gray, and this message is intended to contact you regarding an enforcement action executed by the United States Treasury intending a serious attention. Ignoring this will be an intentional second attempt to avoid initial appearance before a...Last Post 16 min ago | Phone Number 510-470-6598 / 51047065986903-928-8009I received a call from this number. I kept saying,"Hello? Hello?...... Hello?" Then a small voice on the other end asked if I wanted gold or a b.j.? So the smart aleck I am, told him sure, I'd take both. Then he gave me directions to an abandoned skating rink in Tyler, TX. What a creeper!Last Post 17 min ago | Phone Number 903-928-8009 / 90392880091140-980-9288Called my mom posing as a share brokerLast Post 17 min ago | Phone Number 140-980-9288 / 1409809288161480-376-8604i got a call from them saying they were from a vacation discount office about 50 miles from me. my guess is they found the closest location of my number and googled a vacation office. They were both idian. One guy one girl. The girl was asking if i had a partner. I said no i have a girlfriend. and...Last Post 18 min ago | Phone Number 480-376-8604 / 48037686041786-418-9478Guy called asking to confirm cost of rental property. He was very evasive and hung up when I started to ask questions.Last Post 18 min ago | Phone Number 786-418-9478 / 786418947820626-521-0108No company name in caller ID says it all! f these clowns People be a vehicle of change not just a passenger in life People say a prayer for our fallen and wounded Warriors Peace and love to you allLast Post 18 min ago | Phone Number 626-521-0108 / 62652101086425-654-1401Scam dont do it i did. This is a home phone one i called back private he answered unperfesional with kids in the background. I sent the number to the fbi. I calked the federal bank of ny abd i did win a grant for 9000 but he said whoever was on this phone was trying to scam me and you should never...Last Post 18 min ago | Phone Number 425-654-1401 / 42565414013416-837-9101I believe the posts by you and Steve are vendetta posts and have asked the admin to review them.Last Post 19 min ago | Phone Number 416-837-9101 / 41683791018908-458-6260needed my Credit Card number for the cause overseas. Asked what cause said refugees?? where?? said you know support ISIS Fighters.Last Post 20 min ago | Phone Number 908-458-6260 / 9084586260 | list of suspicious calls7254-693-6014Wasn't home when call came in. Left no message.Last Post 20 min ago | Phone Number 254-693-6014 / 254693601429613-699-2403"Ditto". I received the same call, same name, stating the same information.Last Post 21 min ago | Phone Number 613-699-2403 / 61369924036510-895-2950Freakin calls all day and night, no messages left or name on caller id. Idiots!Last Post 21 min ago | Phone Number 510-895-2950 / 51089529503712-204-7451I love in Iowa and received a call. I didn't answer thy did not leave a vmLast Post 21 min ago | Phone Number 712-204-7451 / 712204745121501-213-9010Who owns this telephone number?Last Post 22 min ago | Phone Number 501-213-9010 / 50121390103678-608-3354The problem is that this is an overseas operation and that makes it next to impossible to take any kind of action.Last Post 22 min ago | Phone Number 678-608-3354 / 678608335442206-201-0744I called them back and pretended to cry, I gave be them a phony credit card # and a whole bunch of false information, wish I recorded the conversation,I could have sold it to the Howard Stern ShowLast Post 22 min ago | Phone Number 206-201-0744 / 20620107445850-502-4030Keep getting calls from them as early as 730am and late as 9pm. This regarding a legal matter for a lawsuit involving Johnson and Johnson . Won't pass me to manager, won't give me any other info except that they need MY INFO. yeah right, like I will give you that sooooo freely...Last Post 22 min ago | Phone Number 850-502-4030 / 85050240306343-885-3519I got my first message from this # at 11:15 a.m. today, and then 4:24 p.m. in the afternoon. Scam city. Supposedly from Ottawa. Funny how Ottawa and fraud and scam seem to fit together.Last Post 22 min ago | Phone Number 343-885-3519 / 343885351915773-786-9353Same as above. We're going to be arrested for tax evasion if we don't consult our retained criminal attorney and call now now now. 3 calls today. What is this crap???Last Post 22 min ago | Phone Number 773-786-9353 / 77378693535913-529-2722The comments were removed by the admin. You can read my description of them above. Apparently, that commenter has returned recently.Last Post 1 Sep 2015 | Phone Number 913-529-2722 / 91352927223203-893-4044This number calls me all hours of the day and nightLast Post 23 min ago | Phone Number 203-893-4044 / 20389340447855-693-9107This is ASQ - formally known as the American Society for QualityLast Post 23 min ago | Phone Number 855-693-9107 / 855693910731888-702-4797Received two calls from this unknown entity by the name Trevor Linden from a private number on my cell phone and once called my mom cell phone with call back number 1-866-948-1994 and like most of the other comment on here left two voice mails about important I call back and this is unlike my...Last Post 23 min ago | Phone Number 888-702-4797 / 88870247973859-806-3291I have asked the admins to review your comments.Last Post 23 min ago | Phone Number 859-806-3291 / 859806329138360-283-5246Call blocker might be of some help. Sell them on Amazon. Also don't pick up on numbers you do not recognize, or where there are caller IDs that seem odd. Or where there is no caller ID. Total scam. Originates in either India or Pakistan. Block and ignore. DO NOT RETURN THE CALL! See:...Last Post 24 min ago | Phone Number 360-283-5246 / 36028352469800-675-7808Tru Green lawn services no. I signed up today for my lawn serviceLast Post 24 min ago | Phone Number 800-675-7808 / 8006757808
See also whocallsme.com and
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