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Title:Phone Number Comments
Description:Type a phone number in the box below and click 'Search' to find out who is using that phone number.
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Title:Phone Number Comments
Description:Type a phone number in the box below and click 'Search' to find out who is using that phone number.
Phone Number Comments Sign In800notes.comHomepageForumNewsArticlesVideosUser - ProfileMy PostsReplies to My PostsSign OutOctoNetLogin Credentials800notes.comSign InRegister Site Menu Phone Number Lookup   Type a phone number, for example: 777-777-7777 800notes is a FREE REVERSE PHONE NUMBER LOOKUP
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Find out who is calling and why: Debt collectors, telemarketers, charities,
and survey companies often call without leaving a message. Lookup the number to read the previous reports of other users. Report telemarketing calls: Make the Do Not Call list offenders notice
the problem by reporting their practices. No business wants bad publicity. Report phone fraud: Did someone try to scam you? Reporting the number is
the fastest way to make public aware, and prevent others from falling victim to the scam. Check out a business: Read other users' feedback about the phone number owner. LATEST ENTRIES126202-738-1919a final notice call from the Irs. They have a lawsuit on meLast Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 202-738-1919 / 20273819192601-227-3370Left a voicemail saying that I was preapproved for a payday loan.Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 601-227-3370 / 601227337025385-444-7057Spam telemarketing call from 385-444-7057. 1. Violation of 47 USC §227(b)(1)(A) 2. Violation of California Public Utilities Code §2873 3. Violation of California Penal Code §632 and 637.2 4. Violation of 18 USC §1964(c) with predicate acts of wire fraud (18 USC 1343) and money laundering (18 USC...Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 385-444-7057 / 385444705747312-757-4288Claim they are a loan company. Call and never say anything. They keep placing annoying telephone calls.Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 312-757-4288 / 31275742881877-874-1484Ww amp; associates called my daughter's number saying i had some legal documents that needed my attention, so i called them back. They asked for the last 4 digits of my social and then stated that my local clerk's office had a civil suit against me for a deliquent account from bank first. She said i go...Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 877-874-1484 / 877874148450407-495-2433Insurance scam.They call constantly and everydayLast Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 407-495-2433 / 40749524337412-387-4438I just received a call from this number and the man said he was calling on behalf of st JudeLast Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 412-387-4438 / 41238744381107800-772-1413➡️ What is truth? Reality, and your reality is quite different from the watchers. They observe the breeders, those concerned primarily with mating also called primates. They watchers were here long before us and will remain long after we have gone. Welcome to test tube Earth, ⬅️ I read about some...Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 800-772-1413 / 80077214131806-319-9405I have received probably 2 dozen phone calls from this number and I have absolutely no idea who they are.Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 806-319-9405 / 80631994051147800-947-5096If you are unsure if it is att, call 611 send from your cell phone..it will connect you with attLast Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 800-947-5096 / 800947509613321-203-5459If you do not recognize the number, pick up the handset and then hang up. No need to say hello, just hang up. Get a call blocking telephone that blocks 250 numbers and block these idiot scumbag toilet licking pond scum jerks. There will be no need to get upset, Just sit back and chuckle when the...Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 321-203-5459 / 32120354594919-391-0663They called but didn't leave a message so they are now BLOCKED.Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 919-391-0663 / 919391066321720-452-6477Received a call from this number. The recording said that they received permission from my credit card company to call me. I pressed 1 to talk to an agent. When the agent "Patrick" answered I ask him which credit card company gave them permission to contact me. He immediately hung up. I called the...Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 720-452-6477 / 720452647775818-660-1194This is what America will look like if we keep allowing these kind of illegal "immigrants" into our country. This number is being used as a vehicle to steal money from unsuspecting Americans.Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 818-660-1194 / 818660119415866-307-7745I just received the same call right now. I asked him to give me some information about myself and he could not. When I told him that I was married during the time I was supposedly being audited for and why wasn't my ex-husband being audited too, he became angry and told me that I will see that he...Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 866-307-7745 / 866307774521239-676-3730They call my work phone often. I never pick up since I do not know this number nor do we have any clients with this area code. Today I picked up for the heck of it - dial tone...nothing...just dial tone...Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 239-676-3730 / 23967637301903-593-8780has called me five times already what did they need.Last Post 2 min ago | Phone Number 903-593-8780 / 90359387802815-975-3590It is really mean that you have to put with this. they call and call and you answer and there is no answer on the other side. I am at work they are so disturbing. I block one and then another one appears. This is so annoying,Last Post 2 min ago | Phone Number 815-975-3590 / 81597535901877-781-2684Got a call on my land line from this number. Brent Davis said he had a sealed packet on his desk and they needed to be delivered today. Ask what company he worked for and he would not give me an answer. Told him to send thru US Mail.Last Post 2 min ago | Phone Number 877-781-2684 / 877781268443844-816-4679They called my daughter's cellphone (how they got that number I have no clue ) she said her name was Vanessa James and that she had legal documents for me. The call back number she left was 844-816-4679.Last Post 2 min ago | Phone Number 844-816-4679 / 844816467948604-296-3239I receive calls from this number daily - often multiple times a day - at my job, where I work at a nursing home... in Alberta. No one ever answers. It's always a dead line that hangs up immediately. Infuriating.Last Post 2 min ago | Phone Number 604-296-3239 / 6042963239107888-423-0900Got a call from this number, it is Verizon. I do in fact owe them (I forgot to set auto-pay back up) Here's the transcript from the voicemail (So googles transcription isn't perfect....) Hello This is Verizon. With a reminder call about your most recent bill The pay by date is Pat. And Your payment...Last Post 3 min ago | Phone Number 888-423-0900 / 88842309003402-218-4660A real debt collector leaves a proper message, stating their name, and your name and states the company they represent not "District 117 I need to speak with you today". These scammers just constantly change their numbers and continue to call. Another blocked number to add to my long list of blocked...Last Post 3 min ago | Phone Number 402-218-4660 / 40221846602866-531-3211866-531-3211; Rec'd call today and two days ago; No voice mail on the first call, second call went to voice mail like the caller was distracted and didn't hang up right a way, nothing said, but heard background noise like people talking. This lasted about 2 seconds then the caller hung up. Possibly...Last Post 3 min ago | Phone Number 866-531-3211 / 86653132111724-302-2275Tried calling this number back 8t said not set up to receive incoming callsLast Post 3 min ago | Phone Number 724-302-2275 / 724302227531855-657-8580BEWARE EX COMCAST USERS: This "Collector" has called me 10 times in the last 2 weeks. They told me I owe Comcast $235 for a "Final payment". I never got any bill through email or letter. They threaten me to pay right now or I will be reported and it will be on my credit report. I told them I won't...Last Post 4 min ago | Phone Number 855-657-8580 / 855657858057855-703-6091Well apparently it is 2015 and the same thing is still happening to people. Thank God I found this out. Was scared to death and almost ready for my first payment to them. Something just didn't seem right though. Thank you all for your posts. I am going to file a complaint with the FTC as well for...Last Post 4 min ago | Phone Number 855-703-6091 / 85570360917844-621-8266I keep getting calls from (844) 621-8266 claiming to be Atlantic Asset Partners saying that I owed money on a pay day loan from 2011. I've never had a pay day loan. They are threatening me with having to pay $2000 plus court/attorney fees and could be facing jail time for fraud if I didn't settle...Last Post 4 min ago | Phone Number 844-621-8266 / 84462182662866-775-4629a person by the name of Tom Richards called several times and left messages saying that there is a claim against me. Don't know what this is for, did not leave any more information. Sounds like a scammer.Last Post 4 min ago | Phone Number 866-775-4629 / 86677546292415-691-4135Asking for everyone email. Didn't give and he was very rude.Last Post 4 min ago | Phone Number 415-691-4135 / 415691413542877-410-6170I have been getting the same phone calls. They said mine is from 2012. They told me I pulled out $350 dollars from a payday loan and never paid it back. I know for a fact I never opened a payday loan at the time plus any payday loan companies don't take that long to for them to presue action when it...Last Post 4 min ago | Phone Number 877-410-6170 / 8774106170461206-708-2849Just a hangup.Last Post 4 min ago | Phone Number 206-708-2849 / 2067082849196313-910-5940I am so sick and tired of this and the DNC list and complaints to them. Why is it that someone calls the White House AND FROM A PAY PHONE, threatens the president, and it is traced, and the police in (I believe some town in Michigan) show up and arrest the guy WHILE HE IS STILL ON THE PHONE MAKING...Last Post 4 min ago | Phone Number 313-910-5940 / 3139105940 | list of suspicious calls93240-232-2197Rec'd the same call everyone has described. Call from 865-555-0169 (Directory Assistance TN), call back number 240-232-2197. They think we are idiots, seriously. I do not answer the phone when I do not recognize the number. The message was very robotic/english accented, obviously a cell phone. The...Last Post 4 min ago | Phone Number 240-232-2197 / 24023221972312-971-6385No messageLast Post 4 min ago | Phone Number 312-971-6385 / 31297163857800-450-6315Just received call saying invoice is do. Want to have this taken care of by the end of the day. They will take check payment. They would reduce the amount by $600 due to fees. That only want $1195.00 now. I do not remember EVER giving the ok. That say they have a voice confirmation.ANY INFO WOULD BE...Last Post 4 min ago | Phone Number 800-450-6315 / 80045063156386-213-8663Same here!Last Post 4 min ago | Phone Number 386-213-8663 / 386213866314714-902-6491Phone number 7149026491 calls my work number EVERYDAY. I have pressed one to talk with them and they come on and ask if I have more than $2000 in credit card debt. When I say "I want you to stop calling my work number" they hang up before I can get the complete sentence out. It is obvious they are...Last Post 5 min ago | Phone Number 714-902-6491 / 714902649136619-841-7259Who do you report this to???Last Post 5 min ago | Phone Number 619-841-7259 / 6198417259103904-289-3133They were calling me daily - I blocked the numberLast Post 5 min ago | Phone Number 904-289-3133 / 90428931333347-443-7829Called and left no message. Called back number has no voicemail setup.Last Post 5 min ago | Phone Number 347-443-7829 / 34744378291214-227-2960I have no idea who it is, but judging from the fact that they called and didn't leave a message I'm guessing they are trying to sell something. Probably an extended warranty since our cars are about out of warranty.Last Post 6 min ago | Phone Number 214-227-2960 / 21422729607202-770-2263I accept the republican party is the best solution to most of our nations problems. but i am tired of them wasting my money on stupid preaching to the choir. So I only support my LOCAL candidates who I know personally. I am blocking this number.Last Post 6 min ago | Phone Number 202-770-2263 / 2027702263 | list of suspicious calls16985-200-3858I have received dozens of calls from this company. I have asked to be removed and also pressed #3 "to be permanently taken off their list". They don't. I decided to go through the process with them, they offered to lower my interest rate if I owed more than $2k. I gave them a fake name, zip, credit...Last Post 6 min ago | Phone Number 985-200-3858 / 98520038582770-205-0344keept calling my number 4 or 5 times a day.Last Post 6 min ago | Phone Number 770-205-0344 / 770205034413360-889-7040They call and call and there is no response on the other end.Last Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 360-889-7040 / 36088970401623-227-2418Called hung up no message called back answered with how are you I said who is this and he answered Degree Help oro something like that I told him I didn't need help with that and to please take my name off his list and before I could get it our he had hung up.Last Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 623-227-2418 / 62322724181888-573-6978Canadian Pharmacy - SCAMLast Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 888-573-6978 / 888573697813917-267-8575I have received a call saying this is Officer Dean Marshall with the Law amp; Enforcement Agency and that an investigation is being persued with my social security number and that if he does not hear back from me that I will have a hard life - that my credit cards, debit cards and banking account will...Last Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 917-267-8575 / 91726785754407-738-4810i received 10 calls from this # from 12:23 am till 12:38 amLast Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 407-738-4810 / 407738481016312-533-2885It's started at 8pm with these calls. Don't answer the phone. From medical alert bracelets with a $3000 bonos for groceries, to a knee brace and now this outfit for dug cleaning. I have to go to this site to find out the who called since the won't leave a message. Annoying. Feel bad for the fridge...Last Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 312-533-2885 / 31253328854888-202-0162Get a call blocker or call blocking app for you cell. If they are calling the wrong person, answer and tell them to cease and desist from calling you. If you think this might be your debt, follow the advice of the FTC and request proof of the debt, in writing, sent via USPS. Here is the FTC's...Last Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 888-202-0162 / 888202016227424-262-9096This is happening to me right now! Idk what to do? Please helpLast Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 424-262-9096 / 4242629096187973-929-3290Received a call from someone with a very thick accent. They were reading from a droning script about adding or updating information to their records for a non-profit that I work for. They seemed to dodge my questions, but when I asked who they worked for, They mentioned Dunn and Bradstreet. I kindly...Last Post 8 min ago | Phone Number 973-929-3290 / 97392932902972-755-1268Central Kia Plano Texas - didn't answer went to voicemail - trying to get me to come in and buy a car.Last Post 8 min ago | Phone Number 972-755-1268 / 97275512682216-245-1486Called it back-was listed as a Beachwood cell phone number-recording says I missed a call from the March of Dimes.Last Post 8 min ago | Phone Number 216-245-1486 / 216245148612234-303-1750called my cell, left no message, will blockLast Post 9 min ago | Phone Number 234-303-1750 / 234303175014256-691-3054Don't know who this is? They should leave a message if they want a call backLast Post 9 min ago | Phone Number 256-691-3054 / 25669130542646-854-2450Idiot auto-service telling me to press 2 for bill paymentLast Post 9 min ago | Phone Number 646-854-2450 / 6468542450444385-529-6745Phone call stated that he was with CardMember Services and could lower the interest rate on all my credit cards "because of my good credit". Said he got my number from Experian. Knew the first two of my card number. Wanted more info. I hung up and he called me back! Told him I was not interested....Last Post 10 min ago | Phone Number 385-529-6745 / 3855296745
See also whocallsme.com and
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