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Title:Phone Number Comments
Description:Type a phone number in the box below and click 'Search' to find out who is using that phone number.
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Title:Phone Number Comments
Description:Type a phone number in the box below and click 'Search' to find out who is using that phone number.
Phone Number Comments Sign In800notes.comHomepageForumNewsArticlesVideosUser - ProfileMy PostsReplies to My PostsSign OutOctoNetLogin Credentials800notes.comSign InRegister Site Menu Phone Number Lookup   Type a phone number, for example: 777-777-7777 800notes is a FREE REVERSE PHONE NUMBER LOOKUP
database built by YOU, its users. Our strength is in our numbers - by sharing pieces
of information each of us has we are putting together a free and public phone number
directory with information no other service can provide.
Find out who is calling and why: Debt collectors, telemarketers, charities,
and survey companies often call without leaving a message. Lookup the number to read the previous reports of other users. Report telemarketing calls: Make the Do Not Call list offenders notice
the problem by reporting their practices. No business wants bad publicity. Report phone fraud: Did someone try to scam you? Reporting the number is
the fastest way to make public aware, and prevent others from falling victim to the scam. Check out a business: Read other users' feedback about the phone number owner. LATEST ENTRIES70713-955-5682You want to keep your political rants off this site? Nobody's interested in your political views.Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 713-955-5682 / 713955568224202-657-4773They'll never be caught. They are in India and Pakistan and as such beyond anyone's reach.Last Post 3 min ago | Phone Number 202-657-4773 / 202657477327614-516-0382scam. As above comments.Last Post 5 min ago | Phone Number 614-516-0382 / 6145160382365855-561-3603I got a phone call from this number claiming that they were authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Training, College and Universities. They ask questions about my training at one Trade School (Automotive Training Centre) I attended. I politely answered most of their suppose to be survey. I'm surprise...Last Post 5 min ago | Phone Number 855-561-3603 / 8555613603167800-492-9169Recorded message from local Allstate office wishing it's customers a Happy 4th of July.Last Post 6 min ago | Phone Number 800-492-9169 / 80049291697405-801-9549Craiglist scammer offered to pay extra $100... I knew right away from that pointLast Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 405-801-9549 / 40580195491858-753-2726Unknown to us, so we didn't answer. But ans. mach. picked up their "hello"....."hello"....., noise in background, no msg left. Must be another spammer. Posting in case others see calls from this #.Last Post 8 min ago | Phone Number 858-753-2726 / 858753272611571-298-8591Offering auto warranty, called me a moron when I declined. Woodbridge, VALast Post 8 min ago | Phone Number 571-298-8591 / 571298859120866-425-8879"He directed me to a website and gave me a pass-code." What was that website ? We can look it up and find out if it is legitimate or a hacker site.Last Post 9 min ago | Phone Number 866-425-8879 / 86642588793562-457-6614Picked it up on second ring and nobody there. Will report to no mo robo.Last Post 9 min ago | Phone Number 562-457-6614 / 56245766141917-631-7648Answering my craiglist add, and clearly try to scam me.Last Post 10 min ago | Phone Number 917-631-7648 / 91763176485304-908-5117A call blocker might be useful. Not perfect, but it can help.Last Post 10 min ago | Phone Number 304-908-5117 / 30490851172989-658-8043Almost daily calls from someone representing Windows, same foreign accent using various first names (David or Jason) Yesterday my call display said the call was from New York. . . Most annoying even though I tell them I know it is a scam!Last Post 10 min ago | Phone Number 989-658-8043 / 9896588043670213-257-5233didn't answerLast Post 12 min ago | Phone Number 213-257-5233 / 213257523373267-388-18377 calls from this #. I don't have Comcast. If as stated in above comments that one can enter any phone #, that's a poor design. Comcast should use # that they already have in system for customer; they aren't winning my business.Last Post 12 min ago | Phone Number 267-388-1837 / 26738818376800-363-0558I called the number on the back of my card and they confirmed that it is a SCAM!!!!Last Post 12 min ago | Phone Number 800-363-0558 / 80036305589704-967-7886Calls me every other day. It's been going on for weeks. If I don't have my eye glasses on and I pick up I get a recording. I immediately hang up.Last Post 13 min ago | Phone Number 704-967-7886 / 70496778869567-242-5594http://www.irs.gov/uac/Tax-Scams-Consumer-Alerts http://www.treasury.gov/tigta/contact_report.shtml http://800notes.com/forum/ta-8c2f64bf2b91fa5/irs-warns-of-telephone-scam Report the Calls to the real IRS here: •report the incident to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration at...Last Post 15 min ago | Phone Number 567-242-5594 / 56724255947618-433-3163They are most likely criminals calling from overseas. They are beyod the reach of US law. A call blocker might be helpful.Last Post 15 min ago | Phone Number 618-433-3163 / 6184333163344515-779-1914KeepsCallingDoNotAnswer.Last Post 15 min ago | Phone Number 515-779-1914 / 5157791914536206-708-2849seattle, wa...didn't answerLast Post 17 min ago | Phone Number 206-708-2849 / 2067082849259806-611-6600Blocked their number on the second ring, life is much too short to waste trying to figure out the motives of scum sucking scammers. I'm done with those losers!Last Post 17 min ago | Phone Number 806-611-6600 / 806611660023347-704-5555As above comments.Last Post 17 min ago | Phone Number 347-704-5555 / 34770455551630-780-9766no mgs. mult calls. prob a scammer/ telemarketerLast Post 19 min ago | Phone Number 630-780-9766 / 63078097661618-292-0518scam telemarketer. NEVER give out any info to anyone calling you.Last Post 20 min ago | Phone Number 618-292-0518 / 6182920518158719-242-3654Caller claimed my computer had malware on it (didn't understand the term 'worm' or 'virus') - I've gotten these calls before, usually just tell them I'm running Lynux or don't have a computer. This time I decided to have some fun and told the non-English speaking buffoon that I accidentally dropped...Last Post 22 min ago | Phone Number 719-242-3654 / 719242365415470-809-0172Same as above comments-had mult calls from this # in April- just cleaning up my phone.Last Post 22 min ago | Phone Number 470-809-0172 / 470809017232307-920-0621cheese. lolLast Post 24 min ago | Phone Number 307-920-0621 / 30792006219647-499-4830Tax scam frkm CRA and what's funny is he says " ..and God bless" at the end of the message. I'm sure if it's legit CRA will not say God bless lolLast Post 24 min ago | Phone Number 647-499-4830 / 64749948304786-288-3364Overseas financial scam? Messages have strong accent I've tried calling back amp; texting with no response. I want the $1000 they said is mine dammit hahaha. I've been on do not call list for years with no trouble til now...Last Post 25 min ago | Phone Number 786-288-3364 / 786288336442720-685-6329Remove tin hat before posting.Last Post 25 min ago | Phone Number 720-685-6329 / 7206856329164773-231-5067I also received call from # 773-231-5089 same days as this #. See my notes for 5089 #.Last Post 26 min ago | Phone Number 773-231-5067 / 773231506738614-283-1954They're at it again. Blacklisted. DATE = 0703 TIME = 1727 NMBR = 6142831954 NAME = DISCOVER 32nd call from this number since Oct. 29, 2014.Last Post 26 min ago | Phone Number 614-283-1954 / 6142831954 | list of suspicious calls54866-400-4595Possibly this group: BBB: This Business is not BBB Accredited Southland Acquisition (909) 575-8042 2940 Inland Empire Blvd # 91764, Ontario, CA 91764-4898 BBB® Non-Accredited C Rating On a scale of A+ to F - See more at:...Last Post 27 min ago | Phone Number 866-400-4595 / 866400459533281-545-0307You should have stopped at the end of your first sentence, after the word "from" The rest of your post is a rant that provides no useful information to anyone else. It appears to me you haven't bothered to read any of those "long winded replies" to find out if there is any information that might be...Last Post 28 min ago | Phone Number 281-545-0307 / 281545030721773-231-5089same as above comments. I have legit insurance. People, don't fall for this. NEVER give out personal info: whether or not you own a vehicle, address, name, age, gender, dob, banking info.Last Post 30 min ago | Phone Number 773-231-5089 / 773231508931185-537-2664We got a call from this number today, 3 Jul 2015, at 4:29 pm and didn't answer. The caller ID was UNKNOWN NAME. No voicemail message was left. The number is most likely spoofed, since 185 is not a valid area code in the United States. For this reason the entire area code will be blocked by our call...Last Post 32 min ago | Phone Number 185-537-2664 / 185537266410800-959-8281SCAM - caller left a message to call him back at another number or my file was being referred to the RCMP for criminal investigation. Must be spoofing the 800 959-8281 phone number since that is a valid CRA number, but that was not the number I was to call him back at. Also, background noise on the...Last Post 33 min ago | Phone Number 800-959-8281 / 80095982811630-524-0174Woman calling claimed to have a check for me; same scam as all the others looking for personal info at 800notes site.Last Post 34 min ago | Phone Number 630-524-0174 / 63052401749630-618-2533Bogus. Person claims to be from "Valupass" amp; wanted info that no one should ever give to a stranger.Last Post 38 min ago | Phone Number 630-618-2533 / 63061825331604-440-4833Stalker. Knows personal information. Threatened me.Last Post 38 min ago | Phone Number 604-440-4833 / 604440483313985-625-4317TelemarketerLast Post 40 min ago | Phone Number 985-625-4317 / 9856254317922888-637-2967I keep receiving harassing calls from you. Rude and pushy. I'm not interested. Take me off your call list.Last Post 43 min ago | Phone Number 888-637-2967 / 8886372967 | list of suspicious calls2631-332-5064Caller ID said Brentwood, NY. No message left on machine. Probably another scammer!Last Post 48 min ago | Phone Number 631-332-5064 / 63133250649402-817-7882There are at least two kinds of "free market" : The "freeloader market" or "free-to-me market" that mooches off of everyone else. The "free-of-regulations market" which tries to rig the laws, rules, and regulations in their favor. As for getting the telecoms to help us citizens keep this scam scum...Last Post 49 min ago | Phone Number 402-817-7882 / 402817788279866-344-3314I been paying SRG, since 2010. My mortgage company sold them my mortgage. I don't understand, they aren't a mortgage company? They told me, there were my First Mortgage. Please send me info.Last Post 54 min ago | Phone Number 866-344-3314 / 866344331414443-779-8613Got a text tonight at 10:15 asking if I still had the item I had listed on Craigslist. Knew it was a scam right away but messed around with them for about a half hour before telling them what a piece of crap they are. Have no tolerance for people trying to steal other people's hard earned stuff....Last Post 55 min ago | Phone Number 443-779-8613 / 44377986131754-201-6625Scam artist, trying to sell cruises-won't shut up or take no for an answer. Rude and had to hang up on them!!Last Post 59 min ago | Phone Number 754-201-6625 / 754201662538385-207-7137These people are ridiculous asking me about 401k and if I had Ira... Then if I had a Roth. I told them I can't answer these questions and I told them do not call me on my cellphone I don't want your calls! Someone needs to shut these people down and down hard! I think they could be collecting...Last Post 1 h 1 min ago | Phone Number 385-207-7137 / 385207713732866-789-8292Two calls on different days left voicemails stating they were calling regarding my order from Sprint. I never ordered anything from Sprint.Last Post 1 h 4 min ago | Phone Number 866-789-8292 / 866789829221417-800-2314My ps3 is doing thisLast Post 1 h 9 min ago | Phone Number 417-800-2314 / 4178002314217866-225-7135I just got one today. So happy I went on line. ThanksLast Post 1 h 14 min ago | Phone Number 866-225-7135 / 866225713516580-447-0293Because filing a complaint with the official authorities is the only way they know to take action. Filing complaints at this 800notes.com website is nothing more than blog page gripping and will result in no action at all by those that have the authority to take legal action. That's why bother with...Last Post 1 h 16 min ago | Phone Number 580-447-0293 / 58044702933909-259-5788Some telemarketer offering a free vacationLast Post 1 h 16 min ago | Phone Number 909-259-5788 / 90925957881993-373-5947Lakim a shabazzLast Post 1 h 16 min ago | Phone Number 993-373-5947 / 9933735947123515-802-4670Got call from 515-802-4670 Friday July 2, 2015 on cell phone... no message left.Last Post 1 h 17 min ago | Phone Number 515-802-4670 / 5158024670290888-895-4354They call endlessly but never leave a message. I have not ordered anything online or from the TV and have no wish to be cold called by them.Last Post 1 h 23 min ago | Phone Number 888-895-4354 / 888895435440646-769-9061Bs it's 930 and this number keeps callingLast Post 1 h 25 min ago | Phone Number 646-769-9061 / 6467699061128702-786-4810This is an unidentifiable number from Las Vegas. I never answer this type of call. I wish we could put a stop to all this phone harassment.Last Post 1 h 29 min ago | Phone Number 702-786-4810 / 702786481043605-546-9859I received a call at 2:52 AM...yes 2:52 AM!!! Phone rang 4xs..I answered not looking at the # ..because the only phone call at 2:52 am would be an EMERGENCY!! I answered the phone..the # calling was 605-546-9859 It was Rachel from the never ending calls of card holder services!! OMFG!! AT 2:52 am...Last Post 1 h 30 min ago | Phone Number 605-546-9859 / 6055469859
See also whocallsme.com and
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