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Title:Phone Number Comments
Description:Type a phone number in the box below and click 'Search' to find out who is using that phone number.
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Title:Phone Number Comments
Description:Type a phone number in the box below and click 'Search' to find out who is using that phone number.
Phone Number Comments Site Menu Phone Number Lookup   Type a phone number, for example: 777-777-7777 800notes is a FREE REVERSE PHONE NUMBER LOOKUP
database built by YOU, its users. Our strength is in our numbers - by sharing pieces
of information each of us has we are putting together a free and public phone number
directory with information no other service can provide.
Find out who is calling and why: Debt collectors, telemarketers, charities,
and survey companies often call without leaving a message. Lookup the number to read the reports of other users. Report telemarketing calls: Make the Do Not Call list offenders notice
the problem by reporting their practices. No business wants bad publicity. Report phone fraud: Did someone try to scam you? Reporting the number is
the fastest way to make public aware, and prevent others from falling victim to the scam. Check out a business: Read other users' feedback about the phone number owner. LATEST ENTRIES 1818-813-8495Call from Dominic Carter claiming from Department of Legal Affairs of the US Treasury about an impending action and if too busy to have my lawyer call before it becomes a "legal mess". Very federal government type language (sarcasm). Scripted and poorly read with an accent. Wants to call back at the...Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 818-813-8495 / 81881384953202-239-5165Thanks RexIRS, I filed a police report and gave the number to them. I am writing my congressman a letter regarding this.Last Post a few seconds ago | Phone Number 202-239-5165 / 202239516522202-506-9570I got the same phone call at 5 am this morning and then my husband says just search the phone number. Sure enough Julie Smith was the contact and now I know it is all a fraud. Time to call the IRS and tell them that this is happening.Last Post 7 min ago | Phone Number 202-506-9570 / 2025069570193623-552-6766Boy, this one was easy to find. Here's their info: WEB KNOWLEDGE LLC http://webknowledgellc.com 5830 W Thunderbird Rd Glendale, AZ 85306 800-533-7090 webknowledgellc@gmail.com Please remember the people in the call center are just doing their job. That may be the only job they could get. Be nice and...Last Post 8 min ago | Phone Number 623-552-6766 / 623552676614714-567-8955(714) 567-8955 called my residence in CA twice this evening. On DNC list. Left no message on answering machine. I conducted a computer search on this number and this web entry was the top-ranked result. I appreciate the background information being provided by other call recipients.Last Post 8 min ago | Phone Number 714-567-8955 / 7145678955797514-288-0420Well it is time we petitioned politicians to put Market Research right up there with telemarketers on the Do Not Call List as the entire reason for the list was to stop annoying unwanted phone calls and people pestering you continuously. If you do not answer your phone then they should move on but...Last Post 9 min ago | Phone Number 514-288-0420 / 51428804204813-410-5865A post on a similar site, "whycallme.com" says it is telemarketing for AT amp;T. Here's the link to that post. http://www.whycall.me/813-410-5865.htmlLast Post 10 min ago | Phone Number 813-410-5865 / 8134105865143586-625-1599Mona, Bless your heart, it probably hurts it to be rude. I think of it this way: If you have registered your number as a "Do Not Call" number, the people calling you are willfully breaking the law. Often "surveys" are from marketing firms that are deceiving you, willfully misrepresenting their...Last Post 12 min ago | Phone Number 586-625-1599 / 58662515992716-844-3027Pls stop call me !!!Last Post 13 min ago | Phone Number 716-844-3027 / 71684430272202-470-4547Person with heavy Asian accent claimed to be Steve Johnson from the IRS. Said I was in trouble for tax fraud and better call them back at 1-888-393-2430. But neither the 202 or the 888 number seem in any way connected with the IRS, based on a google search. Last Post 13 min ago | Phone Number 202-470-4547 / 202470454730714-463-6157Despite repeated requests to not call, this company continues.....Last Post 14 min ago | Phone Number 714-463-6157 / 714463615742908-242-6456Hello! Do you need financial help? Apply now for all kinds of loans and get money urgently! * Appointments loan amount ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 5,000000.00 * The interest rate is at 3% * Choose between 1 and 20 years of repayment. * Choose between Monthly and annual repayment plan. * Terms and...Last Post 17 min ago | Phone Number 908-242-6456 / 90824264566424-226-8952Keeps calling daily, usually 2x in a row. Don't answer as unknown number. Does not leave message on answering machine.Last Post 19 min ago | Phone Number 424-226-8952 / 424226895221769-301-3601I received the same thing ,did you chat with Kimberly Moore.Last Post 20 min ago | Phone Number 769-301-3601 / 769301360134208-450-5772Got a call in the evening, one ring and then a hang up. Caller ID has it from from Ketchum, ID. Giving these scam numbers out when other companies asking for phone numbers so they can start calling each other.Last Post 22 min ago | Phone Number 208-450-5772 / 20845057726307-555-0118Got this call regarding "service on my computer" at 9:30pm. My response? "You are seriously pulling a telemarketing scam on me at 9:30pm at night?" They hung up immediately. We have been targeted by two other companies who continually change their number, at times using my own number as the number...Last Post 23 min ago | Phone Number 307-555-0118 / 30755501185772-647-3294Just received a text from same number. Says it's from bank of america ... no capital letters though. Reeks of a scam..Last Post 24 min ago | Phone Number 772-647-3294 / 772647329436575-527-1364Another rude comment induced by the day turning to night.Last Post 24 min ago | Phone Number 575-527-1364 / 57552713642855-825-6803Who is this number? Mentioned extras???Last Post 33 min ago | Phone Number 855-825-6803 / 855825680312844-891-8228Got call today from one Skylar Daniels from "License Courier", stating pretty much the same thing everyone else has said. They have legal documents for me to sign...have 2 forms of ID available...and as soon as a courier is available they will send my documents to my last know address or employer....Last Post 33 min ago | Phone Number 844-891-8228 / 84489182282888-656-3915Commercial spam -- violation of TOS. Reported.Last Post 35 min ago | Phone Number 888-656-3915 / 888656391540404-341-9051Lol I got 1st place too! Last Post 38 min ago | Phone Number 404-341-9051 / 40434190519202-800-5553Indeed I have... a couple of months ago. Best $50 bucks I have spent in a long time, between that and NOMOROMO .....I'm down to about 2 unwanted calls a week getting throughLast Post 38 min ago | Phone Number 202-800-5553 / 20280055532972-202-2553Anwered phone as this number shows Discount Tire as others have stated. It was a solicitation for lending money. Lots of background noises like a boiler roomLast Post 40 min ago | Phone Number 972-202-2553 / 97220225534844-879-3977got message on internet that my email had been comprised and this is number appeared FOR ME TO CALLLast Post 40 min ago | Phone Number 844-879-3977 / 844879397756866-397-8093Sick and tired of these idiots calling 10+ times a day/night!!!Last Post 40 min ago | Phone Number 866-397-8093 / 86639780934604-757-3411Is this cash place legit componyLast Post 40 min ago | Phone Number 604-757-3411 / 604757341116612-395-4845Has called a few times, didn't catch it the last couple of times, but showed up in call history. The guy asked for Joe. I am not sure if he called the home phone or my cell, as we frequently put call-forwarding on, whether we are home or not (we forget to turn it off.) Last Post 41 min ago | Phone Number 612-395-4845 / 61239548452503-479-5672i lilke her accont to haced Last Post 43 min ago | Phone Number 503-479-5672 / 50347956722777-231-0782Don't trust ANY number from "area code" 777. There isn't any such "area code." Your caller is spoofing the number.Last Post 46 min ago | Phone Number 777-231-0782 / 7772310782261562-287-7000A mi me acaba de pasar lo mismo el número 323 3455890 me llamo sobre el curso me están cobrando $ 1800 y no me mandaron nada cuando me llamaron hice un enlace con la policía 911 ellos contaron para los q son de Florida les dejo el número de estafas entre más personas llamen a denunciar será mejor...Last Post 49 min ago | Phone Number 562-287-7000 / 56228770003631-861-0148They just txt'd me about an item on CL. Offered well OVER my asking price, and said they needed my PayPal account right away.Last Post 49 min ago | Phone Number 631-861-0148 / 631861014814864-252-8542This guy says he's from the IRS crime investigation office, asking me to call back right away, saying that the IRS got a criminal case against me. LOL!!! Who is he kidding! IRS doesn't call people on the phone to inform them of their crime. This guy speaks with a southern accent. Don't fall for this...Last Post 50 min ago | Phone Number 864-252-8542 / 8642528542 | list of suspicious calls18202-657-5633Sorry, back again. Gotta share my story with these guys. Staying over at a cousin's house, and get a call from "Sam" at 7am. He first said it was that I was selected for a grant worth $30,000 on the condition that I have no criminal record. So I started listing a lot of offenses, but he didn't care....Last Post 50 min ago | Phone Number 202-657-5633 / 202657563375251-225-4907Called after 10:00PM. Rang once, then hung up. Call says it originates from McIntosh, AL. Blocked call. I never answer calls from random numbers. Since I have been job searching online, I seem to be getting more of these types of calls. I figure if they don't bother to leave a message as a courtesy,...Last Post 50 min ago | Phone Number 251-225-4907 / 251225490737416-840-6269I don't think it's the windows and doors company. I think it's some foreign (sounded Indian) fraudulent telemarketing company that either hijacked, spoofed or purchased this phone number. Got a call from a heavily Indian-accented lady claiming she's from American Airlines. When I asked who she was...Last Post 51 min ago | Phone Number 416-840-6269 / 41684062697245-401-2934i also got a missed call from this number and i call at that time for just one minute, and also deduct rs 100 from my mobile.Last Post 51 min ago | Phone Number 245-401-2934 / 245401293441855-920-0708me tooLast Post 51 min ago | Phone Number 855-920-0708 / 855920070825844-323-6814Total scam. There are no papers.Last Post 51 min ago | Phone Number 844-323-6814 / 844323681423888-369-8791Arrest Warrant has been put out for your arrest for tax evasion . Last Post 51 min ago | Phone Number 888-369-8791 / 88836987918646-807-3628What we shud do,? Report?Last Post 52 min ago | Phone Number 646-807-3628 / 64680736283909-204-0000missed this call, called back, and it said it was disconnected??Last Post 52 min ago | Phone Number 909-204-0000 / 909204000019213-261-6409* File a complaint with the FBI on their Internet Crime webpage http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx * File a complaint with the Attorney General for the state you live inLast Post 54 min ago | Phone Number 213-261-6409 / 2132616409 | list of suspicious calls18702-900-0845They call me around 8:30pm I don't answer and I call them back they say I won a vacation is it a scam or what please let me knowLast Post 58 min ago | Phone Number 702-900-0845 / 702900084535844-515-8189I hear ya jerry Mr. sanchez is still calling numerous times at my work place..just 5 min ago got a call threatening me againLast Post 58 min ago | Phone Number 844-515-8189 / 844515818978855-900-7878Got Urgent Message from "MasterCard." Too bad I don't have one. I am glad "They" detected fraud on a card I do not carry. Last Post 59 min ago | Phone Number 855-900-7878 / 855900787816385-282-6866Worst case of verbal abuse I have ever experienced trying to get me to shell out for a scam. The abuse was unbelievable. Looking for a 12k investment and you can not provide any legit information and choose to speak to people like that is amazing. Guys name was Kevin Last Post 59 min ago | Phone Number 385-282-6866 / 385282686643866-851-1591Go to settings-security-restrictions-calls-incoming- contacts only Last Post 59 min ago | Phone Number 866-851-1591 / 866851159114530-277-0054I received a text from this phone number today: "would U txt a strager?" That's his misspelling on the word 'stranger'. I haven't text him back but I do think I've received a text from this number before. Last Post 1 h 0 min ago | Phone Number 530-277-0054 / 53027700543805-433-9327Out of area. Hangs up when they get machine.Last Post 1 h 1 min ago | Phone Number 805-433-9327 / 8054339327482786-204-4348Called me in California at 8:19 pm. Left no message. Last Post 1 h 2 min ago | Phone Number 786-204-4348 / 78620443482480-282-9362Called 5 times tonight (8:26pm, 7:19pm, 6:33pm, 5:49pm, 4:46pm), let machine pick it up and no message left.Last Post 1 h 2 min ago | Phone Number 480-282-9362 / 48028293622202-470-1384eric watson called my mom today and had their address and full name. she was hysterical. i called back and asked for info and he kept saying my mom was "avoiding the irs" etc. he said they've been sending letters and i said no they haven't and he got aggressive saying "well how do you know, do you...Last Post 1 h 2 min ago | Phone Number 202-470-1384 / 20247013844202-370-7671eric watson called my mom today and had their address and full name. she was hysterical. i called back and asked for info and he kept saying my mom was "avoiding the irs" etc. he said they've been sending letters and i said no they haven't and he got aggressive saying "well how do you know, do you...Last Post 1 h 3 min ago | Phone Number 202-370-7671 / 202370767111408-859-9649Do not call me BS # Caller ID said Michael Groom call back amp; a bogus # Calls several times a week Last Post 1 h 4 min ago | Phone Number 408-859-9649 / 4088599649129877-845-5988Total scam. Ignore them. Report them: Fraudulent or Zombie Debt Collectors—Things to Know If you have received a call stating: 1. You have defrauded a financial institution 2. You owe an unpaid payday loan 3. You have a warrant due to an unpaid loan 5. You will receive a court summons 6. Authorities...Last Post 1 h 7 min ago | Phone Number 877-845-5988 / 877845598839877-326-8786They called me today my sister in law recently passed away and they did not even say what company they were and told me this call may be recorded and asked for my sister in law I told them she does not live here and they need to call there house and he said ok I will take you off our list. This is...Last Post 1 h 11 min ago | Phone Number 877-326-8786 / 87732687865248-260-1008Total scam. They aren't going to summons you to anything. Debt collectors cannot prosecute anyone. Only the public proscutior and police and do that. Debt collectors have no power of arrest and have no influence on the criminal justice systme. They are trying to scare you. Don't fall for it. Don't...Last Post 1 h 12 min ago | Phone Number 248-260-1008 / 248260100819202-657-6540Yes I was also taken by the Arabic speaking individuals who pray on people who are poor needing money! A woman claiming to be Tiffany and a Male claiming to be Shaun convinced me to and stupidly went to CVS and bought a moneypak and loaded with $180.00. then I was put on hold forever after giving my...Last Post 1 h 12 min ago | Phone Number 202-657-6540 / 202657654021855-274-8026I got a phone call about two weeks ago from the Private Search company, got the same runaround and ended up hanging up on them. They called my wife a few minutes later, but she never picked up. I was fine with this and just let it go as life in the Information Age, until they began harassing my...Last Post 1 h 14 min ago | Phone Number 855-274-8026 / 8552748026
See also whocallsme.com and
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