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Title:Forex Tester - professional forex training software, simulator and backtester
Forex Tester - professional forex training software, simulator and backtester
Forex Tester is a software that simulates trading in the Forex
market, so you can learn how to trade profitably, create, test and
refine your strategy for manual and automatic trading.
Test and improve your strategies for consistent
and continuously growing profits!
Become confident in your strategy,
so you can keep a clear head
and avoid mistakes when you trade live later!
Learn trading and become a successful trader!
Download Trial
Analyze results
and find weak and strong points
of your trading
Statistics reveal your performance; you can take notes on every trade (to keep a trade journal) and
export your trade log for analysis in Excel or other programs.
Forex Tester will help you to see the results and not the expectations that you are trying to project.
If the strategy is unprofitable you will not need to spend months to comprehend it (as it happens on a demo account).
If you have backtested your strategy and discovered that it gives you profit then you can change some parameters of it and then start a new test.
That will allow you to understand which shifts you need to do in order to improve your trading system.
Forex Tester simulates the Forex market with unequalled realism. As mentioned before you can test
strategies and train your trading skills on (simulated) years of data in just a few hours (real time).
How is this possible? Forex Tester works with the recorded price movement of the real Forex market (historic price data). Like a recording of music you can
jump forward, pause or jump right to the interesting moments.
You can go back to any point of time within the recorded price data and if you have saved a testing
session (project) before, you can also restore all your open trades, trade history and account balance
(of your simulated broker account) at this moment of the simulation.
Solution for beginners
and advanced traders
Forex Tester is easy to use for beginners and it also includes an API for people who know how to program.
What our customers say?
Yes, really Forex Tester helps, saves time and gives an opportunity to learn quickly and to check the techniques and theories that exist on Internet and work them out in those circumstances when it seems to you that you have found somebody鈥檚 secret/gold Grail and being on a high emotional level you check it all very QUICKLY on Tester (not waiting for months to lose your deposit but to find out about the strategy in an hour or two) and understand who was
right. And the program proves that it is possible to earn money on Forex.
Thank you very much for your program, I am glad that I have purchased it! more.
"This is a great program and really goes a long way for testing systems without waiting weeks to see the results. Any plans for building one that allows for Eminis and Futures contracts? I will be first in line to buy one!"
Good day, Forex Tester allowed me to advance in my trading and gave an opportunity to understand several global principles of price action; this program is for those who have decided uniquely to puzzle out what the trading really is; I will be looking forward to use it as a tester for a robot, but even those things I鈥檝e understood with the help of this program are hardly to overestimate.
Thank you.
Hello! Thank you for the Forex Tester program. I haven鈥檛 regretted the purchasing of it even for a moment. It helps me in developing trading strategies. With Forex Tester it is much faster to learn trading.
"I've been using this everyday to practice for about a month now, and This tool has been the best thing I have purchased in my FX Trading career! It took some time getting the charts set up with the templates, especially for my strategy, but its well worth the effort. You probably hear this all the time, but I honestly wish this was the first thing I purchased, it would have made a tremendous difference for me down the road."
"Beyond excellent program making me mythical at price action. Love it.
Thank you for making wonderful help to us traders who need to learn more faster.
I use it like shoes, everday, most of the day. Actually use it to relax sometimes. Finding higher probability setups all the time, helping so much.
Thank you again."
Forex Tester has helped me a lot to improve the results of my trading; I became more confident in the chosen and tested trading strategy; also I got an excellent possibility to check the new trading ideas quickly and qualitatively.
On April, 16 I finally purchased the Forex Tester program after a long period of thinking about it.
Now, 4 months later, I鈥檝e created my own trading strategy with the help of this program which provides me with a not bad income on Forex market.
I鈥檓 constantly testing new strategies that are being improved while testing.
Thanks to all developers of this amazing program!!!!!
Certainly Forex Tester is the best program for working out somebody鈥檚 manual strategy. After a long period of working on Forex Tester I gained the ability to almost forecast the movements on a real chart.
Also Forex Tester helped me to dismiss a good deal of hopeless strategies and to improve my working ones.
David F.
"I have to say that this is a great tool. Even though I've only been demoing the trial version I'm glad I found it. So far I haven't found anything similar that didn't require high monthly fees just to get in the door and try or so overly complex that you feel you need to be a programmer just to take your first step!
This allows someone, in a painless manner, to train and test out their theories and strategies without being chained all night to the London session or so
tired and beat up afterwards that the New York session feels like nine rounds with a boxer breathing in your face!" more.
It鈥檚 been a long time, since 2008, as I was on Forex; I started in several times and several times left it for a long while, because the results left much to be desired 鈥 profit-loss were spinning around a 鈥渮ero鈥 mark.
I purchased Forex Tester in autumn 2013. I began to use it and to build my trading strategy. The program allows seeing the results of your ideas very quickly, and the education process goes several times faster, the experience and the sixth sense are accumulated that cannot
be received with the help of any book or theoretical studying. My system was finally built at the end of 2013 and since that time I trade profitably and stable.
I consider this program as one of the most beneficial investments into my education. more.
Read all testimonials
How Forex Tester can improve your trading skills?
Test which is the most profitable trading system for you.
Don`t rely on assumptions! Test them and then you know it for sure!
Analyze and decide more quickly so you won`t miss opportunities.
Get better understanding about what the market is doing.
You can achieve all this in much less time than ever before.
Learn how to get out of losing trades without time delay to keep
losses as small as possible. See more quickly when to exit so
you don`t give away some of your profits when the market turns
Flexible and realistic
Spreads and swaps can be defined for each currency pair making the simulation and earning results
even more realistic. Advanced data feed includes historical data from different brokers. Forex
Tester enables you to train and test with a maximum flexibility. Even adjusting strategy
parameters on-the-fly without stopping the simulation is possible. You can test more than one EA at
a time while watching what is happening during the simulation.
Our program is the best solution available on the market and this is no coincidence: we first
developed Forex Tester to improve our own trading.
30 days of money back guarantee.
Save and get backto your tests anytime you want
Forex Tester is all about optimizing your strategy and saving your time. The project is one more feature that serves this aim and that is easy to be configured. You can save the open session, load another one and then continue the first session later. All your trade history will be available for you anytime you need.
You can also save color schemes, graphic instruments and indicators and then load them on the next chart. It is especially useful if you test your strategy on multiple currencies and multiple timeframes.
Historical data for accurate testing
are available FOR FREE
14 years of recorded price movement of the Forex currency market for
16 currency pairs
You get morethan you pay
Forex Tester will most likely save you more money on the losing trades and let you make more
money on the winning trades compared to what it costs; buying Forex Tester with our additional
money-back-guarantee is a no-brainer.
Competent customer support
We also take great pride in our responsive email support.
In short: We want you to get the most of your time spent with Forex Tester.
If you are serious about trading currencies, Forex Tester will quickly become an integral part of
your evolution as a trader like it has for so many others before. Many professionals use it on a
daily basis to test new strategies and refine their proven methods. Its accuracy and flexibility
is unrivalled.
Try the demo and see for yourself! Happy trading!
An extensive set of indicatorsis included:
Moving Averages
Bollinger Bands
Pivot Points
Keltner Channels
Heiken Ashi candles
and much more are available...
Why simulating the market makes sense
It`s often said that 95% of Forex traders lose all their money in the first year.
What makes a trader successful then? In interviews, the best traders in history unanimously
emphasize the importance of backtesting.
Backtesting means to use historical data of a capital market (a recording of price movement) to find out how well a trading strategy would have worked in the past. While there is no guarantee, very often a strategy that performed well in recent months will continue to generate profits in the future.
In Backtesting, trading many months of recorded market days within the simulation takes just a
few hours of your time because you control the speed of the simulated market. This enables you
to test not one but many strategies plus variations.
Use it or lose it
You can practice analyzing the charts and finding opportunities to trade without risking
any real money. The importance of learning can`t be overestimated:
Unfortunately your brain does not work like a piece of paper that holds written
information no matter how often you read it. You will forget everything that you don`t
use regularly.
"Use it or lose it!" With Forex Tester you will be making more trading decisions than
with any other method or tool and therefore our program is the way to learn trading most
Forex Tester options comparedto demo account
Forex Tester
Demo account
To gain trading skills at Forex market without risking your real money
To test a trading strategy
To test any time period from the history
To postpone testing and proceed it
at any suitable time for you
The opportunity to come back in time
and cancel or restore a closed trade
To control speed of testing (time speed)
To test a strategy on the same period of history
with different parameters many times
Backtesting with Forex Tester comparing to MT4
Software for live trading was not made for backtesting.
MT4 is one of the best and most popular platforms for live and demo trading which includes a feature
for backtesting. We also know that it is given to you by brokers. Would you expect that brokers who
are not interested in your success will give you great backtesting instruments included into the
live trading platform? Live trading platforms like MT4 are good for trading live with real money but
not for backtesting. That is why we developed Forex Tester: because we wanted a better alternative.
Forex Tester
Can test automatic strategies
Can test strategies on one timeframe
Can test strategies on one currency pair
Supports multiple timeframes
Supports multiple currency pairs
Supports combined strategies (for example
manual entry and automatic exit)
Can pause testing (save project) and continue it later
Can rewind time
Can go back/forward in any steps
Acts like a real trading terminal
Supports testing with tick data
Provides detailed statistics during the test and after the test
Allows testing several automatic strategies (EAs) at the same time.
Allows changing EA parameters in runtime
Is fast and efficient
Is easy and user-friendly
How to install/uninstall Forex Tester 2
You can read detailed instructions on how to install Forex Tester here.
In case if you are not satisfied with Forex Tester software (which is almost impossible) it is
easy to uninstall it in "Start menu - All programs - Forex Tester - Uninstall Forex Tester".
Try it and you will like it!
Download now and see for yourself what Forex Tester can contribute to your success in this exciting
business! The limitations of the demo are modest so you can use Forex Tester for learning/testing
even in a demo mode.
How to use
Working Modes
Data Center
Importing Data
Generating Ticks
Start Testing
Placing Orders
Modifying Orders
Using Indicators
Using Graphic Tools
Using Templates
Historical data
Data service
Data sources
Full data list
Forex Tester 2
Forex Copier
Forex Smart Tools
License agreement
About Us
Risk disclosure
Privacy Policy
Contact us
Dear Visitors,thank you for your time and attention to our website and our product - ForexTester.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us with this form:
Copyright copy; 2006-2014 Forex Tester Software. All rights reserved.
How to use
Working Modes
Data Center
Importing Data
Generating Ticks
Start Testing
Placing Orders
Modifying Orders
Using Indicators
Using Graphic Tools
Using Templates
Historical Data
Contact Us
Forex Tester is a software that simulates trading in the Forex market, so you can learn
how to trade profitably, create, test and refine your strategy for manual and automatic
More info
Software to copy trades between MT4 accounts.
Supports all brokers, has plenty of features such as Lot/Risk Management, Filtering trades and Reverse Trading, Lifetime Support.
More info
ForexSmart Tools
We'll help you become intelligent Money Managers and gain you entry into the
elite group that actually makes money trading Forex.
More info

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