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Who Called Us
The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number, All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want
Caller ID
(860) 540-6999 32 minutes agoFellow with strong East Indian or Pakistani accent told me he is calling from computer support and my computer is infected with a virus in the csrss.exe file. he called on my personal cell phone number. I was at work, i asked him how he got my number, and he said something unintelligible about Windows ID, and repeatedly asked me if I was in front of my computer. I told him I was at work, not in front of my own computer. He wanted to know when he could call me back, but i told him i work and it would have to be after 7 pm CST, He hung up then! Friend of mine says this is a scam, don't fall for it, he wanted to remote in to my computer and steal passwords and banking info, etc. Glad I was suspicious!(404) 865-3247 34 minutes agowhen you have to use '11' before the area code thinking you are circumventing call blocking (you're not LMAO!)and have to keep changing your callerID, you're a scammer.(888) 216-3523 34 minutes agoPSO calling to notify people that they'll be installing digital meters around town soon.(631) 319-0343 39 minutes agoScam. Guy claimed to be from "US Treasury". Gets very verbally abusive.(307) 316-7507 47 minutes agoAsk to hold and someone would answer, then disconneccted(510) 285-0330 1 hour agocalled but left no message(206) 708-2849 1 hour agoIt's a scam. "YOU must pay us now or the attorney general will issue a warrant for your arrest!" Note that they don't know the name of the alleged tax evader. The threat is just addressed to "YOU."(646) 740-0062 1 hour agothese people say that they are from the USA grant department coz i did not file for bankruptcy last year. then they ask for me to wire them $245 to the federal reserve of New York. THEY SAY THAT THE LINE IS SECURE NOW... do not show anyone the items....
MELANI SANCHEZ(213) 279-0971 1 hour agoSounds like a timeshare related caller. Didn't answer - on the phone with someone when the call waiting ID came in.(862) 227-4921 1 hour agoLeft no message; Google says it is from Newark, NJ area. Probably a scam
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