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Title:Who Called Us
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Title:Who Called Us
Who Called Us
Who Called Us
7692347790 65623485924 52398259638 59086980551 46055740111 45714387054 49143657896 44125950077 37706893842 38505882371 3(202) 265-85451Anybody k ow what this number is connected to 2minutes (352) 235-68001Stated they wanted to reduce my credit card interest. When I asked them to take me off their call list, they told me quot;f*** pff*. 36minutes (201) 603-28143Asked for the lady of the house. When I asked what us her name and what they want. They hung up. New Jersey 45minutes (208) 376-508026Telemarketers are SCUM !! Virginia 1hour 3minutes (208) 376-508026BIG SCAM , HANG UP or BLOCK this number. I have been VERY NICE to the callers and ask to be removed from call list and they just keep calling Virginia 1hour 6minutes (877) 653-18101A woman left message, saying she #039;s from the Treasury Dept. and gives her badge number. Threatening to take legal action if the call is not returned. Vermont 1hour 17minutes (603) 307-99601Recorded IRS call. I #039;m being sued. HA HA Pennsylvania 1hour 18minutes 0518730151It rang me Ireland 1hour 20minutes (818) 584-76841Spam California 1hour 43minutes (866) 410-04592March of Dimes Maryland 1hour 51minutes (866) 664-251336called and no message left New Jersey 2hours 26minutes (575) 631-75861Computer generated message says you owe IRS and if you don #039;t contact them via this number, they will start legal proceedings against you. This is a scam that keeps coming back with only minor changes to their message. Illinois 2hours 39minutes (305) 515-87801Scam threatening US Treasury action. Total crap. Georgia 2hours 52minutes (469) 879-74551CC renewal SCAM Telemarketer !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHH! Texas 3hours 24minutes (415) 740-82121It is a bullsh** number called it back call would not go through as dialed spoofing tech i believe illegal as all get out but thats what happens when they release all the private cell numbers this year. Indiana 3hours 29minutes (806) 731-18731I don #039;t know anybody in Amarilllo. New trick of the bastards is to spoof calls as if from my area code. Texas 4hours 12minutes (757) 744-20031SCAM, ROBOCALLER says you won trip, must take part in Survey. A BIG SCAM of HORSESHIT 4hours 21minutes (818) 233-31961This site doesn #039;t work anymore
what a waste of time...and what a shame to lose such a useful tool Oregon 4hours 29minutes (818) 233-31961why aren #039;t you telling me Oregon 4hours 30minutes (314) 362-00003IT IS A FAX NUMBER WE GET IT ALL THE TIME HERE AT WORK Missouri 4hours 32minutes (510) 944-23161called me 3 times today California 4hours 32minutes (209) 398-80741Livingston, CA Wisconsin 4hours 36minutes (512) 596-06341 quot;Breast Cancer Research quot;
No message left. Texas 4hours 49minutes (308) 555-42741Caller ID said quot;Omaha, NE quot; but Omaha is in the 402/531 area code, not 308. Recording left on machine said quot;Press 1 now... quot; Nebraska 4hours 55minutes (319) 362-21741... Iowa 5hours 11minutes (718) 618-65061This scammer calls numbers on the national do not call registry in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They do provide a phone number (718-618-6506) when asked, but refuse to provide a physical address when asked, further violating the TCPA. They are calling to see if the victim is in need of a loan, but seem to have no details other than name. This is clearly a scam as no legitimate lending organization would market this way. Do not provide this scammer with any personal or financial information. Montana 5hours 37minutes (828) 919-09311No message Pennsylvania 5hours 55minutes (202) 558-23081Recording claiming to be from the IRS and saying they have been trying to reach me with intent to sue. Wanted me to call back. Obvious scam since the IRS always corresponds by mail first per a fraud alert website. Checked further and found this is a very common problem. Minnesota 6hours 36minutes (509) 673-71501Win a free trip... Washington 6hours 39minutes (217) 823-26471Claims is calling because IRS is filing a suit against us. Highly unlikely The callback number matches the Caller ID, but the name on the caller ID is different than the name that came up on a search Virginia 7hours 38minutes (734) 680-80921Spam caller. I #039;m on the do not call list. Michigan 8hours 21minutes (636) 243-04501Caller ID Unknown Name, no message. Some on other sites say it #039;s political , one says insurance sales. Missouri 9hours 12minutes 093013275121Unknown number and he always text some numerous messages that bit inappropriate to text and it #039;s not funny he text some stuff like he bully a scum Philippines 9hours 32minutes 093013275121Unknown number Philippines 9hours 34minutes 093013275121Smart user
Philippines Philippines 9hours 35minutes (520) 686-56781Unknown caller. Sent to voice mail. No messages, yet. Arizona 9hours 36minutes (913) 384-42901? Virginia 17hours 49minutes (916) 430-48391This number has called me repeatedly, so when I call them, this business won #039;t admit to any calls and refuses to identify the business. California 20hours 23minutes (850) 685-12572Credit card services. Minnesota 20hours 47minutes (410) 862-02111Scam Maryland 21hours 17minutes
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