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Title:Who Called Us
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Title:Who Called Us
Who Called Us
Who Called Us
5554442222 523608191141 438447113211 263012987311 242692158187 242456789000 238009985202 203462016434 186065179651 172312377277 14(800) 386-662422i am being sued by citibank that i owed them money i did not apply for this credit card and they want to take me to court this is a fraud credit card. they said i open this in June of 1988, which i never did open this account. Pennsylvania 33minutes (619) 639-45491Called but left no message. 2hours 18minutes (800) 347-268328Scammer/Telemarketer still pushing the old lower your credit card interest rate scam. CID showed quot;TOLL FREE CALL quot; and quot;1-800-347-2683 quot;. The number is spoofed, it #039;s the legitimate customer service number for Discover Card. Texas 2hours 21minutes (801) 251-13731From level 3 communication llc the are a data base caller. Basic spam don #039;t answer. They will try to get you. 2hours 21minutes (310) 745-96551SpamSpamHater99 2hours 26minutes (262) 833-12311garbage caller Wisconsin 4hours 12minutes (530) 205-44458This scammer repeatedly calls numbers on the national do not call list in violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They fail to have an operator on the line when the call is answered, an additional violation of the TCPA. The scammer plays a recorded message without an operator on the line, yet further violating the TCPA. They fail to provide a phone number or physical address when asked, still further violating the TCPA. Their recording states that the victim requested information about their plan to make the victim tens of thousands of dollars every week, which the victim has not requested. In fact, the victim has told the scammer multiple times to remove their number from the scammers pyramid scheme list. It is clear from their recording that this is a pyramid scheme. Do not provide this scammer with any financial information. Montana 4hours 15minutes (208) 266-22621This scammer continues to call numbers on the do not call list violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. They continue to place these calls after repeatedly being asked to stop further violating the TCPA. They fail to have an operator on the line when the call is answered, and play a recorded message without an operator on the line, additional violations of the TCPA. Their recording states that the victim has been selected to make tens of thousands of dollars every month just by using the caller #039;s marketing scam. This is clearly a pyramid scheme. Do not provide this scammer with any personal information. Montana 4hours 24minutes (800) 273-52671This scammer calls numbers on the national do no call registry in violation of the Telephone Consume Protection Act. They further violate the TCPA by failing to have an operator on the line when the call is answered, and still further by playing a recording without an operator on the line. They fail to provide an address and phone number when asked, yet further violating the TCPA. Their recording states that the victim has been selected to receive free bottles of wine and an opportunity to make a full-time income selling wine in the victim #039;s area using their marketing scam. Do not provide this scammer with any personal information. Montana 4hours 33minutes (540) 416-65741Weird Virginia 4hours 50minutes (866) 747-08811debt collector Wisconsin 5hours 7minutes (312) 775-128761Caller ID is: IPSOS called twice today. Did not leave a message. Georgia 5hours 7minutes (580) 767-83911Who is thisLablueeyes95 5hours 12minutes (580) 382-16831Name Oklahoma 5hours 14minutes (844) 369-07824Same as all the other reports some guy named Michael Scott calls and says he #039;s going to serve you paper. tried to call the number back and every single extension says that they #039;re not available. California 5hours 35minutes (800) 998-520220received fraudulent about Microsoft Arizona 6hours 1minute (818) 538-26061SpamSpamHater99 6hours 1minute (605) 666-06171Who called from 605-66-0617 Florida 6hours 4minutes (865) 270-403711utah just called i am not able to block this number 6hours 5minutes (503) 505-62161They called me Washington 6hours 6minutes (520) 217-10051Keep getting calls from this number. No message left. Arizona 6hours 50minutes (805) 358-03171SpamSpamHater99 6hours 52minutes (443) 258-93284IT #039;S A RING OF CLOWNS FROM A NOW DEFUNCT CIRCUS, THAT TRY #039;S SCAMMING PEOPLE OUT OF CREDIT CARD INFO. GET A LIFE AND STOP CALLING. NEVER ANSWER CALLS FROM ANYONE NOT KNOWN TO YOU, CHANCES ARE IT #039;S A COLD CALLING SCAMMER LOOKING FOR PEOPLE BORN YESTERDAY. Pennsylvania 7hours 3minutes (443) 258-93284scam number Georgia 7hours 16minutes (202) 833-59871Repeatedly calls and hangs up. Who are they and why won #039;t they at least leave a message, like a respectful person/business? Kansas 7hours 30minutes (844) 711-321126Was about to call these Fake People saying they were with Microsoft and my key has expired they left this message on my answering machine, glad I google the the number first. Philadelphia Pennsylvania 7hours 47minutes (866) 446-99931No voicemail amp; I didn #039;t answer. Good credit and nothing late so it probably was spam and not a bill collector. North Carolina 7hours 49minutes (301) 817-30103It is from the Census Bureau amp; should only be going out to current employees. If you don #039;t work for the Census Bureau please call your regional office to be removed from the list. Texas 8hours 9minutes (254) 522-75211Scam. quot;Your vehicle warranty has expired. Would you like to speak to someone about this matter before we close our file? quot; They are operating two scams. One is the quot;yes quot; scam where they get you to say quot;yes quot; with your voice recorded as a generic authorization to charge bank accounts, credit cards, etc. The second is generic quot;extended warranty quot; scam. Washington 8hours 13minutes (602) 361-55441robo call Arizona 8hours 28minutes (916) 299-93691Left no message. California 8hours 33minutes (618) 535-00141Caller ID Wireless Caller, no message. Missouri 8hours 41minutes (479) 361-58141Springdale Tractor Co. Arkansas 8hours 50minutes (800) 998-520220On April 22, 2017 I got a robo call and it left left message saying Microsoft services will be stopped on my computer. This is a total scam. They will attempt to seize control of your computer (after having you go to an IP address and give them control of your computer) and then they probably commit identity theft and get access to your online accounts and create a backdoor for a future uninvited visit to your computer. Do not call them back at all (you will just verify to them that your number is a good number if you call them and then they will sell your number to the next load of thieves waiting to buy quot;good quot; phone numbers.) Arizona 8hours 58minutes (951) 797-13293Got same call yesterday saying they worked with the IRS and said the same crap, I told them my husband was a lawyer which he is not and he would take care of it.. They didn #039;t know what to say.... Damn scammers!!!!!! Kentucky 9hours 2minutes (301) 298-731134They just called a few minutes ago. I called the number back and there is just a dead line, no ringing or anything. Wisconsin 9hours 5minutes (301) 298-731134this number gave me a recording of a disney deeal Wisconsin 9hours 7minutes (800) 200-00471Keep receiving calls from this number too frequently. Sometimes I receive up to five calls within an hour. I screen all my calls very carefully. Who is this person? California 9hours 20minutes (000) 000-00001230constant calls from this and other numbers,i almost call the do not call registry which i am on everyday to complain of these phone numbers.they do nothing about these calls.this do not call registry is a sham.good for u know what.how can a person or group just make up a phone number and call people to scam them? gov should get with it and put these low lives in jail for life or the death penalty.then they will learn. Massachusetts 9hours 39minutes (800) 998-520220HOW do we report this number to the FTC? Maryland 9hours 43minutes
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