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The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number, All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want
Caller ID
1,926,728 reports 1,113,533 comments
Most reported today(609) 232-8935 (3)(505) 919-7044 (2)(239) 214-8593 (2)(210) 775-2772 (2)(305) 368-8257 (2)(919) 524-5888 (2)(203) 583-4060 (2)(615) 387-1074 (2)(012) 399-0361 (1)249919031878 (1)Most reported this week(214) 316-9648 (16)(646) 265-8678 (9)(505) 919-7035 (7)(407) 934-6724 (6)(214) 317-9541 (6)(321) 402-2375 (5)(516) 228-1068 (5)(702) 832-3139 (5)(212) 660-5351 (5)(800) 866-1235 (5)
(480) 428-3389 1 hour agoComing from the north Phoenix metro(805) 637-7243 1 hour agoCall me many of time(805) 637-7243 1 hour agoWho was it(305) 368-8257 3 hours agoThe callers are the drug-addicted "card services" scammers, who call us, pretending to be associated with our credit card companies, in an attempt to fool us into giving them our credit card numbers, so they can rip us off, People that have given their card number to these junkies have suffered severe financial losses. Beware of these lowlifes, and warn others, before they are cheated.(919) 112-7896 3 hours agoSomething about septic tank?(352) 215-1721 3 hours agoGot this text message on my phone'
who is this?!
God say REPENT 4 Your Sin and Be Baptize. There is A Hell 2 LOSE AND A HEAVEN 2 GAIN!
...(407) 205-0295 3 hours agoNever heard of them, not interested(617) 581-1051 5 hours agoNo one says anything after you say hello. So you know it's a bad debt issue. I understand why companies. Get others to harrses you about unpaid bill. But if you explain it to the company what makes them think your going to have the money to pay someone's what you owe them?(480) 862-4916 5 hours agoThe guy was wasted and annoying!(954) 283-1197 6 hours agoSCOTTS LAWN SERVICE hope this helps just got a call the other day
Russ0010000 6 hours agoI have been receiving calls from this "number" for the last couple of months. They come during the night and several times during the day. I've been tempted to change my number, but I assume they will start coming from that number before too long also.(919) 524-5888 7 hours agoEXCELLENT! I have done that, too; shrill whistle used and no more calls from THAT number.(225) 627-3461 7 hours agodidn't recognize number, so didn't answer. probable robo-telemarketer(803) 820-0710 7 hours agoCalled this am no message! No name?(203) 583-4060 7 hours agoFake Microsoft 24hr support service scammer! On the Microsoft website it Clearly states that they and none of their partners, will EVER COLD CALL YOU! This Faker will ask to get into your computer to help clear viruses but instead install one to steal ALL of your personal information. MICROSOFT AND ITS PARTNERS WILL NEVER COLD CALL YOU!! EVER!(716) 803-6631 7 hours agoThey called saying I won something. Very hard to understand and wouldn't leave any information for a call back.(919) 524-5888 8 hours agoHeh, heh. I got so sick of this caller ringing my telephone that I got my umpire's whistle out and blasted whoever it is. The person hung up on me.(210) 775-2772 8 hours agorang phone. left no message. fraud / scam / telemarketer of some sort. blocked number.(855) 891-7925 8 hours agoSome kind of pain study. They call daily and leave a partial message as if my answering machine memory is designed specifically for their junk calls.(609) 232-8935 9 hours agoSince when does a legit cruise line need telemarketers? Maybe the norovirus has them scrambling for customers. Or maybe it's just a scam to get your credit card number. I vote for number 2. And "Number 2" is probably a polite description of the deal.(816) 420-4632 9 hours agoSince the vast majority of comments from multiple sources on the multiple sites over the past few years appear to indicate that this is a scam/phishing type call, I just thought I would make a note that it sounds strange that only a few persons posting to this site say it is legit. How odd!!! -- Might be interesting to know who these posters really are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- and why they mysteriously seem to be the only ones who are saying this is a legit "Citi" source -- especially since a legitimate agency would leave a HIPAA-compliant message such as "This call is for M/M Smith -- This is Jane Doe etc -- please call us back at xxxx". If this scam-call REALLY does originate from Kansas City, then email, call, etc to the politicians there EVERY TIME YOU GET THIS CALL ---- let them understand precisely what it is like to receive frequent calls -- at the precise time that such calls are being made to you!!!(239) 214-8593 9 hours agoBased on internet searches, this looks like one of those sham charities that spends most of their revenues on more fundraising and the bare minimum on actual charity.(234) 738-0987 10 hours agoThis company is always calling my home 6 times a day and don't say anything. Just got my phone service and I'm about to call my phone company to have my number switched. I am so sick and tired of this company calling my house(615) 866-5140 10 hours agobreast cancer charity muggers(509) 414-6625 11 hours agoTells me they are FDA and have class action law suit info for me to be medically compensated from a surgery I have had. I hang up they call back....I tell them to stop calling they still call.....they continue calling and leaving messages (non threating messages).....they call again from another number. I ask for my number to be removed they give me another supervisor to tell me the same shit the other camel jockey told me....I hang up they call again....telling me my life and my husband children and family life depend on me doing what they what. They are gonna come rape me kill my family with guns and they have bombs and the entire East cost will see the bomb. They tell me to go to Walmart to get a green dot card to load it with money....they will call me back to get the card number and pin so they can get my money and the bomb will not blow up or they won't rape me or kill my family. Police FBI and Homeland Security have been made aware of this and the other number they use to call me from (509)414-6625 amp; (646)628-5158
Told them Allah is a PIG and he needs a pork sausage stuffed up his butt(874) 005-9517 17 hours agohe calls me too much(581) 317-1909 18 hours agoIl appelle et raccroche.(415) 645-6200 19 hours agoThis is an EDD number(855) 737-3174 19 hours agoSEC filing connects this number with RIDGEWORTH FUNDS. Appears to be a security sales solicitation.72025000601 21 hours agothis number 72025000601 and 3036833750 harass me a lot!(904) 256-9476 21 hours agoIt's a collection agency...(615) 387-1074 21 hours agoSome one who works for X radio .My radio expired in march and I didn't want to renew it.He wanted my credit card number. I couldn't understand him His accent was Spanish. I told him for his company to send me a bill and that I will pay it.Thank(870) 639-3108 22 hours agoOne week ago (3 Apr 14) I got a call from the same caller ID name but different number - (870) 639-3811. It was a robocall for a carpet cleaning company that said to call back to (469) 277-7276 for more info or to set up an appt. RIGHT!(800) 626-2425 23 hours agoThis is an adult sex phone offer and it is being sent to my minor child and we can't get ATT to make them stop. We are on a no call list, but there is no one talk to. Scum bags!!(240) 318-1508 23 hours agoCalls repeatedly. Return calls to this number do not go through. CID says Cleaning Service.(585) 209-0058 23 hours agoSingle ring and then hangs up.(458) 201-2430 23 hours agoAlert? What do they want to alert me about? I know it all already! The Creeps!(248) 283-3605 24 hours agoKnowing it was a crap call I answered "what the F*** do you want"?. Reply was. "have a good day sir". Next step was adding the number to the extensive list in "call blocked".(785) 783-0286 24 hours agoThis number calls 3 times a day and does not say anything his holds the phone.(703) 249-5089 24 hours agoIt said Private Number. I didnot answer and they left no message. I do not know anyone from Fairfax, VA.
Must be a Telemarketer!(813) 496-7401 25 hours agoThis is a place trying to sell you back braces they say they can get it from the government for free. I saw an ad on late, late night TV and made the mistake of calling. It sounded like a scam so I declined. HOWEVER, If you call there once, they have your number and THEY WILL NEVER STOP CALLING YOU!(514) 288-0420 26 hours agoApparently a survey company based out of Canada. Only reason I could think they'd be calling me is I belong to a handful of online survey sites, though I did not request to take phone surveys. In any case, they left no message and I didn't bother calling them back.(469) 277-7276 26 hours agoIf you call to be removed from their calling list, it's always an answering machine. Sounds like the name is Native Americas cleaning and restoration.(810) 818-0808 26 hours agoKeeps calling and leaves no message.(860) 668-7061 26 hours agocalled my cell - went to voicemail and they hung up. Assume a telemarketer.(469) 277-7276 26 hours agoSick of their calls about carpet cleaning. The message never identifies the company's name(323) 489-7476 26 hours agocalled about my computer(424) 456-9547 26 hours agoCompany Name: Eurotech USA Auto Body
Address: 3944 W El Segundo Blvd, Hawthorne, CA 90250
Phone: 424-456-9547
Eurotech USA Auto Body provides the best in BMW auto repairs, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover and all European cars for the Hawthorne, CA Greater Area. Free estimates.
http://www.eurotechusa.com/(210) 893-2356 26 hours agoI got a call from this number today 4.11.2014 no voice mail and call back does not work(855) 947-7266 26 hours agoUseless fraud fuctards trying to extort money.(786) 300-2335 26 hours agoCalled my cell phone, I didn't answer because I didn't recognize the number. They left no message. Jackass...(954) 283-1716 27 hours agocalls often. when we pick up no one is there.(817) 260-0702 27 hours agoANOTHER AND ANOTHER BURGLAR ALARM COMPANY CALLING FROM EVERY WHERE AT ALL HOURS EVERY DAY NON STOP. MAY THEY DROP DEAD AND BURN IN HELL AFTER BEING ROBBED AND SHOT AT THEIR FRONT DOOR. YOU DIRTY LOW LIFE HARASSING MAGGOT EATING PIGS FROM HELL.(304) 988-4479 27 hours agoCalls occasionally, never leaves a message. I called the number back after waiting to see if the caller would leave a message. Seems they called after their office hours, per their message. The message gives no clue to as to the company's identity.(636) 231-3747 27 hours agoIt is a Dr affiliated with Mercy Hospital in St Louis or Washington MO.(813) 373-7718 27 hours agoI can't tell the real charities from the fake ones. The ones that call don't get a penny from me.(202) 506-1967 27 hours agoOne of many scam numbers do not pick up call!(360) 322-6708 27 hours agobank card sucs - they call every day, leave messages - despite multiple requests to remove our phone. What kind of business they expect to get by making people mad eveyday with their very name(800) 357-4191 27 hours agoI have a hospital bill and they call to collect the money occasionally. I owe the money and don't mind paying. However, when they call, I get a message for me to "please hold." Nope. You aren't going to call me and expect me to stay on hold to speak to a real person. When a representative actually calls, they have forgotten to hang up after leaving a message and I end up with a full voicemail box. These people are morons.(678) 513-4101 28 hours agoExtreme Limousine
210 Winterbury Drive, Canton, GA, 30114
(678) 513-4101
We are a full service luxury limousine and transportation company offering you a wide range of vehicles and services at a competitive price. Call us now!
http://extremelimousinega.com(651) 346-3673 28 hours agoA lady called and demanded that I pay $500 over the phone. when I asked her for the company name and account number so that I can find out more information. She refused to give me the information and hung up immediately.(866) 511-6151 28 hours agoAll I hear on the answering machine is a man reading his phone number and then repeating it. Could be selling anything, really.(760) 957-4860 28 hours agoPortfollio collection services(360) 250-4216 28 hours agoCompany Name: White Tornado Cleaning Service
Address: 51 North East lorna lee way, Belfair, WA, 98528
Phone: 360-250-4216
We are a local company providing affordable gutter amp; roof cleaning services. Feel free to contact us for more information about our prices and all kinds of services that we provide.
http://whitetornadocleansvc.com/(720) 370-1118 28 hours agoI called the number and it's 1-Hour Heating and Air-conditioning.(715) 281-5502 28 hours agoCompany Name: AJ Seamless LLC
Address: 107 S State St, Waupaca, WI, 54981
Phone: 715-281-5502
Family owned and operated, we perform all job duties above and beyond the quality of our competitors. Call us today for your free estimate and thorough explanation of what we will do for your property with your new gutter solution. You will not be disappointed in the quality if work that is done. We strive on growth through quality customer service.
http://ajseamlessllc.com/(818) 843-9427 28 hours agoApril 11, 2014 Asian man called in re a lost pet I advertised on craigslist in the state of KY. So, what could he want, calling from Burbank CA about my lost pet? Does he want me to turn on my PC per below complaint? Creep must have a basket of scams. Same tele #, same Asian guy as below? Damned if I will answer or call back.(512) 000-0001 28 hours agoI answered... no one on line.(770) 883-1311 28 hours agoThis guy called me twice at 2:00 a.m. and proceeded to just repeat the same dumb line over and over in a failed attempt to be funny. I believe he was either drunk, stoned or mentally handicapped.(410) 312-8222 28 hours agoAbout Nielsen Audio. We're turning up the volume on radio measurement. Nielsen has completed its acquisition of Arbitron, enhancing the scope of the data and ...
Since 1949, Arbitron producing media ratings and research reports. We find out what radio stations people like you in your community ...(336) 234-7226 28 hours agoCompany Name: Lake Country Lawns
Address: 800 N Carolina 57, Milton, NC, 27305
Phone: 336-234-7226
Established in 1989 Lake Country Lawns is a full service lawn care and landscaping company. We offer mowing, mulching, fertilizing, seeding, aeration, landscaping design amp; installation. Call us!
http://lakecountrylawnsvc.com/(772) 273-7382 29 hours agoOur business ceived a call form someone claiming to be Newstalk 1230 Radio. Very upbeat sales pitch that was engaging and very lively for 12 minutes, due to the fact the guy was speaking in a DJ voice as he announced our business and said that they were announcing local businesses as sponsors of their station beginning. May 19th, 2014 "Welcome Home to the Troops".
However the sales person couldn't tell me how they were really helping the troops. As that was one of the pitches, that we would be helping the troops. He said that their announcements to the troops of welcoming them home would let our troops know that we cared. That's not helping the troops. I am a former soldier. I love to help my fellow soldiers in real ways, not just someone selling a pitch. If he would have said 50% of your sponsorship dollars go back to find soldiers dealing with adversity's, etc. now then I might have listened intent entry.
Helping the troops is giving back some real service, that tangible service, that they offer our country.
I advised the salesperson that I would need to talk it over with my business partner. He wanted the commitment NOW without me speaking anything over.
He went from $700 for two weeks to
$359 for one week radio announcement to
$250 for day of to
$150 for I assume brief announcement not sure because as I saw the prices falling I began to become firm with him because. Realized it was all about the $$$$$....and. I still had no idea who they were, where they were from, what truly do they do except a newstalkradio show for sports, I assume from looking online.
In mid sentence of telling this salesperson that I wasn't going to waste anymore of his time (13minutes later) he hung up the phone.
Now, to me, if you are a radio talks how with integrity, helping the troops, why would you hang up on a veteran, after I identified myself as such?
This company based on my experience isn't one. I would want to endorse. I am. Sending an email to the station to see if there is someone posing as them and just trying to get people's money.(201) 204-0241 29 hours agoAnother one who calls ten times a day and doesn't leave a message.(406) 235-1293 29 hours agoReceived two calls from 406-235-1293 at 12:11PM today. I was out of the house and did not answer the call. Caller name ID read ZENITH. Based upon the comments at this site, they are up to no good thus I have added this number to my blocked list.(845) 263-1270 29 hours agokeeps calling, does not leave a message(570) 952-1606 29 hours agoHEY(786) 300-2335 29 hours agocomputer saying "your MasterCard has been locked, press 1 to resolve" - luckily, I knew it was a scam and that if I pressed 1, it would ask for me to enter my card # ...
oh yeah - I don't have a MC anyway!(713) 981-2344 29 hours agoWhy when I answered in Maryland did they start screaming and hung up immediately.(810) 818-0808 29 hours agoCalled three times and when I was actually here to answer the phone. The said nothing, also left no messages on the previous calls.(904) 993-7879 29 hours agoCompany Name: Wayne Schroth Handyman Inc
Address: 6519 Lou Dr N, Windy Hill, FL, 32216
Phone: 904-993-7879
Professional Home Maintenance
http://wschrothhandymaninc.com/(480) 402-6000 30 hours agoAlso getting calls from 623-402-6000 AND 480-602-4000. I believe they are ALL the same rat bastages that are constantly calling my cellphone which is on the DNCL :/(917) 566-9799 30 hours agoJacob Mutzen - He is a sleezy Brooklyn landlord(201) 249-6733 30 hours agoCoast 2 Coast Flooring
134 Woodward St, Jersey City, NJ, 07304
(201) 249-6733
Coast 2 Coast Flooring is a hardwood specialist for residential and commercial flooring. Fair and honest pricing over 30 years experience! Running a special for 3 months - $99.99 for Sanding and Refinishing Hardwood Floors! No job to big or small!
http://coast2coastflooring.com/(310) 421-2337 30 hours agoReceived a call from this number to find out they were offering me a"free cruise" for two days in the Bahamas. II told them why would I fly all the way to Florida from California for two days.p. Than another sales person came on the line giving me several other offers but of course now with larger fee's. When I asked if they had a website or if I could call them back after I did some research that person became very arrogant with me and tried to intimidate me into the "Sale" which now became $2000.00. I politely said no thank you and hung up! ... The reason for my post and the time I took to see where this was going is because I am also in Sales and I know what I can offer and it really bothers me that in this day and age there is still people on the take and that give true legit sales people a bad reputation. If this sales Rep didn't become RUDE and allowed me the time to do some research on why I should spend my hard earned money to a non-known company and call them back perhaps they would of had a sale! Lesson here - if it's too good too be true than stay with your gut instinct and don't buy anything on impulse! Have a great day!(949) 973-7420 30 hours agoCaller ID said Cox Communications. A man named "John White" with a very very heavy Indian accent claimed to be from the Department of Legal Affairs at the US Treasury. He said legal action had been started in my name and I should call him at a different number: 213-375-0942 to avoid a "legal mess". He said some other things too, but seriously - it was such a heavy accent that I couldn't understand. I couldn't help but be reminded of that Discover Card commercial where the Eastern European man calls people and says his name is Peggy. I will not be calling John (or Peggy).(214) 725-3464 30 hours agoCastle Painter LLC
1004 Columbia Dr, Lewisville, TX, 75067
(214) 725-3464
Castle Painting is your answer for the finest interior and exterior painting that will make your home all you envision it to be! We make your home your castle!
http://castlepainterllc.com/(484) 893-6743 30 hours agoKeep getting calls, they don't leave a message.(563) 379-0844 30 hours agoDirt Werks by Kurt LLC
Decorah, IA, 52101
(563) 379-0844
http://dirtwerksbykurtllc.com(520) 223-4538 31 hours agoKeeps hanging up when call answered and they call over and over again. When number is dialed get long message about google ad service. annonying(561) 246-6015 31 hours agoSupposedly this was someone calling from Mircosoft trying to tell me that my computer was infected with some sort of malware and wanted me to give them information about my keyboard? Didn't make ANY sense to me and this person had an extremely thick accent and was VERY difficult to understand! I hung up, but later dialed the number back. The number seems to be caught in some sort of strange voicemail loop. Believed to be scammers capitalizing on the new "heartbleed" virus? Hmmm...(888) 207-1231 31 hours agoMDS Communications - they do fundraising for non-profits and political organizations(541) 981-4375 31 hours agoI have no idea who they are, they hung up without leaving a message(406) 235-1293 31 hours agoTHEY CENTURY CLAIMS BARBARA WASHINGTON SUSAN COOPER ARE LYING SCAMMERS. THEY TaLK WARRRANTS ETC.....YHEY AREB LIERS IF YOU PAY OFF AN OLD PAYDAY LOAN CALLbTHE ORIGINAl COMOANY FINDV OUTV EXACTLY WHOBYOU ARE TO DESL WITH.....DO NOTV GIVEV THESE PEOPLE ANY OF YOUR ACCOUNTvINFORMATION OR MONEY....YOU WILL REGRET IT. SCAM ARTISI(876) 464-0553 31 hours agoI received a call from this number. It came up on my cell phone as Jamaica. Some gentleman tried to explain that I won a Visa Sweepstakes. When I questioned him as to how I was entered he told me it was from paying my Visa bills on time. When I mentioned to him that I do not have any Visa bills he quickly changed and tried to explain that it was from either shopping or paying my bills. The connection was poor and he was hard to understand. I managed to get the number he told me to call to collect my 2.5 million dollars and a new Mercedes. That number is 876-506-5955. I looked up the "Visa Mega Millions" Sweepstake and of course nothing. Nice little scam. He called back and asked if I had called, I said "no I looked it up on the internet and it seems like a scam." He then said "you F*ing fool, F*ing fool" and hung up.(773) 945-5517 31 hours agoTHEY KEEP CALLING AND CALLING, AFTER BEING TOLD THERE CALLS ARE NOT WANTED!!! THIS IS PLAIN PHONE HARASSMENT!!!!! SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE LEGALLY TO STOP THIS FOREVER HAPPENING ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(203) 528-0323 31 hours agoTotally a scammer on Craigslist. Do not proceed. With this man(720) 470-1017 31 hours agoHIS NAME TYLER - WITH SOME BLUE CREEK COUNTRY CLUB WANTS TO HAVE YOU DONATE - HANG UP ON HIM IMMEDIATELY!(206) 577-2926 31 hours agowill you please help me stop these people from calling my house. This number sound like a fax number(501) 686-9086 32 hours agoI did not answer. Caller did not leavea message.(406) 235-1293 32 hours agoLYING SCAMMING ASSHOLES.DONT FALL FOR IT.(800) 463-3339 32 hours agoI no longer answer when I don't know the number and especially toll free ones as EVERY one in the past has been a scammer and/or robo-caller.(206) 445-6301 32 hours ago8:53 Robo "Sharon, your local Google specialist......." from (206) 445-6301, Seattle WA ,Apr 11 2014 one of many, all different numbers, blocking is futile....(512) 954-9324 32 hours agocalled 3 times and hung up each time(888) 789-5690 32 hours agoThis guy has called several times with a horrible connection. He said he would have one of the attorneys call - which they never did. He called again a couple of days later with the same bad connection and I told him to call me from another line. He did call back with a good connection. He began to ask questions and I stopped him. I informed him that he called me - I did not call him - so when I get all of my questions answered (Attorneys name, address, phone, original creditor, etc. etc.) I'll think about answering his. He did not like this and began to argue and raised his voice. I informed him not to call me again and hung up. Sam is right (Thank you Sam, I read your post after taking the time to Google the phone number and go to CallHunter.com) and realized this is a total SCAM. DO NOT talk to these people, DO NOT give them any information, and above all DO NOT PAY THEM ANY MONEY! There are tons of phone scams going on out there these days including threating "IRS" calls etc. AVOID THEM ALL. Take the time to research the information and be sure to get all the information from the caller to validate at a later time on your own time, the legitimacy of the caller, company, etc. FREEDOM requires eternal vigilance - don't let someone else steal it from you!(951) 221-6113 32 hours agoRobocall 'press 1 to update your free google listing' - yeah, right. Immediately went to our google voice page and blocked their number. So long, spammer.(212) 777-8457 32 hours agoMicrosoft scammers called from this number (caller ID displayed). Addressed me by my correct first name.(239) 676-3241 33 hours agoJust got a message from them with loud talking in background and noone leaving a message. Must be a callcenter.(561) 299-3041 33 hours agogot a text message no name company just my payment failed and i would loose my coverage
i reply who are you
immediately text back "use this number and reply HELP or STOP" franticly looked up my insurance and my car and home insurance i believe it is assurant health telemarkers SELLING not collecting insurance(980) 225-5565 33 hours agoReceived a call this morning at work. He said his name is Michael Coleman. The number is 980-225-5565. He is clearly uneducated and tries to intimidate by using threats. I would not be surprised if he was actually walking around his house with nappy dreads, wearing Walmart Dickies, bedroom slippers, and drinking malt liquor. I don't consider this to be a scam. It's just someone's pitiful attempt to take advantage of hard working people because he is not educated enough to get a real job. The entire setup of NRS is a group of losers put together because they can't pass a drug test to get a real job. I thought the new improved crack fad had passed.... evidently not. These people are pathetic.(404) 813-7461 33 hours agoGot call from this number 04-10-14 and today.The asked from Andy.I told the guy no ANDY live here.He stated he was sorry for calling.The number show on caller ID with name SUNTRUST BANKS.(316) 448-6459 33 hours agodiversified consultants(630) 246-3265 33 hours agoDid not leave message. Called back and got "Please wait for operator" then "Home Protection"(502) 437-3749 33 hours agoThey called and said they were from "Leukemia Awareness". I told them I have a "Do Not Call" number and they need to take the number off the list. They said "This is not a solicitation and we don't have to". I said "The *** it isn't!" and I hung up on them. They obviously aren't phased by the "Do Not Call" list and given how useless it is to begin with, it's no wonder solicitors don't even care anymore.(602) 357-1507 34 hours agoEarly in the morning(440) 372-6018 34 hours agocollection agency, persistent calling, just block this number(217) 666-2592 35 hours agoKodiak Improvements, Inc.
402 S Cottage Grove Ave, Urbana, IL 61802
Phone: (217) 666-2592
We are Kodiak Improvements, Inc. since 1999. We offer remodeling service with quality control. Call us now ! Sunday- Call For Emergency Service.
Roofing Contractor, General Contractor, Roof Repair, Deck Builder, Roofing
http://kodiak-improvements.com/(513) 348-1370 36 hours agoSex line ...(786) 344-2201 36 hours agoHome Remodeling Specialist Miami
Miami, FL 33169
(786) 344-2201
We are Home Remodeling Specialist Miami with more than 38 years experience in home remodeling services. You can call us for any home remodeling needs in Miami, FL area.
Kitchen Remodeler, Home Renovation Contractor, Home Remodeling Contractor, Home Remodeling Service, Home Remodeling Company
http://homeremodelingspec.com/(210) 202-0314 36 hours agoAnother "I am not a debt collector or...(unintelligible)" robo-dialing collections scam.(855) 223-9076 36 hours agoAnother robo-dialing collections scam(480) 630-1190 36 hours agoAll Star Services
140 E. Inglewood St, Mesa, AZ, 85201
(480) 630-1190
Our dedicated staff is capable of repairing and installing anything that concerns your home. Our company employs people who are certified. Over the years, our company has developed its own method and strategy for fixing your home.(612) 868-7569 37 hours agoLawn Barbers LLC
Hudson, WI, 54016
(612) 868-7569
Professional and Affordable Lawn Care Services in Hudson!(407) 440-8761 39 hours agoI received the first call in March a little boy asking for directions and then again iin 04/01/14 and in 04/10/14. The last several times asking to speak to mommy. I reportto the police department(779) 400-0010 40 hours agoFake Short Term or Payday Loan Scam
Calls from the following area codes and numbers have all been reported to be scammers. These scammers use phony number and names to attempt to get potential victims to send in money on fake loans that appear to be from legitimate sources.
713-931-3690, 713-931-3641, 713-936-3424, 713-893-1051
210-401-3930, 979-639-7900, 779-400-0010, 817-400-1316
The names vary each time. These fraudsters have committed company identify theft against a Federal Credit Union.
Consumers targeted by the scam typically are looking for a payday or short term loan and search the Internet for assistance. They voluntarily place their personal information on these independent sites (not recommended) and then receive an email from one of the aliases. They say that you have been approved for a short term loan that is affiliated with companies that the scammer has no association with whatsoever.
Consumers who respond by telephone to the offer are then told that in order to receive the loan, they have to pay for either an upfront fee, taxes owed, processing fee, etc., in the form of a MoneyPak or Pre-paid credit card including Vanilla Network cards. Do not pay any upfront fees and hang up on them.(713) 893-1051 41 hours agoFake Short Term or Payday Loan Scam
Calls from the following area codes and numbers have all been reported to be scammers. These scammers use phony number and names to attempt to get potential victims to send in money on fake loans that appear to be from legitimate sources.
713-931-3690, 713-931-3641, 713-936-3424, 713-893-1051
210-401-3930, 979-639-7900, 779-400-0010, 817-400-1316
The names vary each time. These fraudsters have committed company identify theft against a Federal Credit Union.
Consumers targeted by the scam typically are looking for a payday or short term loan and search the Internet for assistance. They voluntarily place their personal information on these independent sites (not recommended) and then receive an email from one of the aliases. They say that you have been approved for a short term loan that is affiliated with companies that the scammer has no association with whatsoever.
Consumers who respond by telephone to the offer are then told that in order to receive the loan, they have to pay for either an upfront fee, taxes owed, processing fee, etc., in the form of a MoneyPak or Pre-paid credit card including Vanilla Network cards. Do not pay any upfront fees and hang up on them.(325) 500-0533 42 hours agoI am posting this in multiple sites to warn people about this evil scam. I had the misfortune of picking up the phone this morning (caller from San Angelo, Texas, 325-500-0533) when it rang and was stunned beyond disbelief to hear that an arrest warrant was pending against me and I would find myself behind bars in a couple of hours, for 4 counts of tax frauds/evasions/ theft by deception! The names of these evil, miserable creatures who ruined my morning: Officer Rico Lopez who then transferred me to his "superior officer" Tony Williams and they said they were from the "Tax Crime investigation unit of the IRS". Or it could be settled out of court if I would pay them a few thousand dollars through government bonds right away. That was a sure red flag. When I asked the guy how I could be sure if this was legitimate, he got wild and said he will straight send me to jail! My passport would be seized, my bank accounts frozen, and other horrors... I have called and reported this number to my phone provider. Oh and by the way, when I asked how come I never received any notice before, if at all, he said they sent out 2 legal notices last year... lie after lie. Hope they rot in hell, harassing innocent law-abiding people. Folks, please be careful and don't give out any info.(800) 305-2829 42 hours ago800-305-2829 AT amp;T sales and marketing robocall to my non-AT amp;T tracfone.
March 11, 2014 --- 12:07 AM robocall --- offering $100 discount on some unwanted AT amp;T services. Calling at midnight is reprehensible AT amp;T must be punished by fine of $100,000.(206) 473-1870 43 hours agoCalled cell two days in a row. Left no message.(800) 289-4026 44 hours agoCaller's spiel was that I would get $100.00 back if I went to website www.attsuperplan.com. Site looks enough like ATT's site but they wanted way to much info from me without me being 100% sure it was legit. In fact, that is the big tip-off. Had it been legit, the AT amp;T login would have been sufficient, but
I went to ATT official site and logged in and asked online chat operator about this number and they said it was a fraud and not to login. I've blocked the caller which came to my cell number. Spread the word!(321) 250-6379 45 hours agoLooks like the Disney vacation scam.(407) 934-2484 45 hours agoLooks like scammers use this number.(800) 218-3251 45 hours agoThis is weird. If I call it back it says some numbers, like "one hundred thirty seven", then says digits "one one five zero ..."
500 37 115030442
Each time I call the numbers at the beginning change, but the ones at the end are the same.
800 28 7 115030442
After that there's this funny repetitive sound, like a dog panting or something bouncing, but it's electronic I think, like a code.(407) 205-0267 46 hours agoCard Services scam(202) 456-7890 46 hours agoBoth my wife and I got calls on our cell phones from this number. In very broken English the caller said we had won a large sum of money, at which time we both hung up on him.(866) 275-0057 46 hours agoCalling it back says, "This number is not in service. BPI1A2220".(949) 579-9538 47 hours agoSomeone with this name in that area has a lot of arrest records.(903) 935-4623 47 hours agoIt used to be Brenda G Ashley, but probably not anymore.(239) 676-3241 47 hours agoChristopher Ledbetter is an insurance agent employed by Guardian Life Insurance Company, operating out of their Estero, FL office.
http://wallethub.com/profile/13401894i/(310) 895-9014 47 hours agoIt's a scheme, the person tried to get my credit card information. They called three different times (within four hours), caller IDs came up as 0, 5004 and Culver City.(360) 993-5475 47 hours agoconstantly receive unsolicited calls from them, 10 times a day!! they start calling in early morning and end late at night, this is going on for a month!! I have no idea who they are and what they want from me. Leave me alone!!(201) 279-5863 47 hours agoRafael Rolone?? I don't know anyone by that name. Must be a scammer.062151090000 47 hours agoI got a call from this number. A message was left on my answering machine. It was hard to understand the person who left the message. The person said that they were from International Airlines. They told me to call back as soon as I got the message. The number is, I assume, out of the country. So far, I can't identify which one. The person also mentioned my name (scary to me) at the beginning of the message. The person, a female, did not leave a number where they could be reached (my caller ID got it). I have, of course, no intention of calling back. I wonder who it is and would like to find out the real purpose of their call.(805) 408-8103 48 hours agoDidnt leave msg.(810) 818-0808 48 hours agoCalled and hung up quickly(407) 934-2484 48 hours agoThis showed LifeLock and it came on my cell phone. It is getting disgusting when others use your phone for scam. That is not why I have it.(352) 484-0133 48 hours agoThe caller was abrupt. I called him kiddo and got upset.(310) 870-9793 49 hours agoThey call every day and called back got a message your call is important to us please stay on the line ect then was disconnected. Who is this?(206) 445-6301 49 hours agoI'm so glad i have a phone with a call block feature.(516) 785-9767 49 hours agoWhy can't we block calls from unwanted numbers? This call came in on Thursday, April 10, 2014 at 6:44PM. It appeared to be a computer dialed call, because I had to say "hello" a couple times before a female clicked on the line. She spoke English with an Indian accent. She was talking about how our home computer would download unwanted stuff while browsing the web. I decided to hang up because I vaguely remember someone mentioning this is a scam to get you to visit their website where they will hack into your computer.(214) 716-7463 49 hours agoBEWARE!!! This is a scam artist.. they are trying to fraudulently rent out homes.. this is the email they sent me... swing by to view from the outside,i currently move back to,Hyattsville, MD with my family,i work with a construction company my wife also is a nurse she also work here as well, i am renting myself i don't have any agent or relative around i want to rent it myself,we are also God fearing family,you need to drive by to look it from the outside first,there is the water,heat,trash,are include with the rent am only looking to rent the house and not selling it anymore.washer,dryer,hookups and all appliances included,good and quite neighborhood. I have the keys here with me i am renting myself not dealing with the agent anymore, i can mail it to you and secure the house for you asap,do you have good credit and reference?the deposit is 1000 the lease will be for 1 year with an option to renew it do you have work and landlord references and you can provide pay-stub?the house is in a perfect condition.If anything goes wrong with the pipe or anything just contact me i will make arrangement for repair.You can reach me at 2147167463. After this i was wary and called a real estate agent and found out the house was up to be demolished!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!(925) 273-3072 49 hours ago3:41pm no message. Livermore CA 925-273-3072(754) 227-1121 49 hours agoReceived text message stating, "Your two tickets have arrived!(713) 981-2344 50 hours agoJust why in the hell would my wife, who has already undergone the change of life, and living in Maryland, need a frikkin' OB-GYN in frikkin' Houston, Texas?????(602) 428-8620 50 hours agoRang once, I answered and it was already hung up. No message.(813) 234-2000 50 hours agoAnswering machine picked up, thet left no message but breathing before hanging up.214452008 50 hours agoWho is this in what is the name of the business or company(919) 229-4064 50 hours agoreceived call 4/10/14 claiming to be arbitration attorneys threatening me to go to court... wanting more personal info than what they had.(786) 375-6548 50 hours agoI got a call from this number, it went to voice mail - "Hey this message is for Keith. Hi Keith this is David Alexander from Capital one Bank. This call is in reference to your loan application which has been fully approved by the bank. So if you're looking for this long. Call me back as soon as possible on 7863756548-group(?) at eight 7863756548. Thank you. Have a great day"
We have no loans at Capital One...Other sites have this number listed as SCAM!(718) 839-6905 50 hours agoGot a call from this number. Hear message, "You have reach the number 7188396905 that has not been assigned yet"(703) 753-2573 50 hours agoGot the same call from "Account Services" - whenever this happens I add the number to a contact name that I have blocked on my iPhone.(888) 320-7803 50 hours agoALSO RECEIVED A CALL FROM "MARSHA" STATING THAT SHE WILL BE AT PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT IN 4 HOURS AND TO HAVE ID READY TO SHOW HERE.(603) 441-1932 50 hours agoHangs up instantly if you call it back.(352) 629-3330 51 hours agoCompany Name Kuhn Chiropractic
Address 24 N.E. 14th Ave, Ocala, FL, 34470
Phone: 352-629-3330
We have been freeing people from pain and helping them live healthier lives in Ocala, FL since 1982. sinonimi: Chiropractor, Holistic, osteopath, Relief; back pain
http://kuhnchiropracticfl.com(919) 348-2122 51 hours agoCharles Benz
Financial Freedom
AbundantWealthCoach.com(877) 489-9319 51 hours agoSTP Processing - I believe its a debt collector. Maybe a scam.(214) 666-6244 51 hours agoThick foreign accent called saying he was from National Mortgage offering a loan modification and asked if I had a mortgage. I asked where he was calling from and he said Texas. What city? Rhode Island, Texas! What is the state north of Texas? Hung up.(567) 288-2313 51 hours agokeeps calling and hanging up(877) 277-4882 51 hours agoCalled and said someone in family had been hurt but when person they wanted to talk to wasn't there they hang up.(301) 446-3578 51 hours agoShe said she's calling about a high school reunion.(508) 369-8320 51 hours agoCompany Name: Pete's Handy Services
Address: Attleboro, MA, 02703
Phone: 508-369-8320
Professional Remodeling Services!
http://peteshandyservices.com(703) 753-2573 51 hours agoThis is a spammer who is called Account Services which you have no account with. All they want to do is take over your current accounts to, offer a lower rate but it is more of a way to get your information. I would suggest put them on your reject list.(406) 318-0384 51 hours agoYet ANOTHER robo-caller for "your GOOGLE business listing"! WRONG! Private unlisted residence on DO NOT CALL list. JackA$$E$!(520) 277-9097 51 hours agoI got this from the 800notes.com site:
This is another security/alarm scam. Pleasant female voice, "free" system, just put sign in your yard.
Don't answer, don't call back, don't press 1,2 3 , or anything!
Phishing for live #'s to sell and get $ just by calling and pulling your caller id.(800) 604-5434 51 hours agoIt's Patterson Dental, but she said they were acquired by Mercer Advisors.(315) 657-8713 51 hours agowww.eteligis.com(561) 235-3899 51 hours agowhoever you are stop calling my home number talking like chit was in your mouth i did not understand anything you said do not call my house again(406) 201-1260 51 hours agoRobocaller(800) 539-2090 51 hours agoThis is ATT spamming, they also use 800 253 2877 800 198 1866 800 421 2110
thank god for smart phone ability to block unlimited telemarketers.(617) 820-3950 51 hours agoJust got a call today. An automate speaking Spanish didn't understand what they were saying...(618) 433-3165 52 hours agoSounds like foreign call center. She asked if I had diabetes. Difficult to understand her, lots of noisy people in the background and very thick accent.(843) 347-9408 52 hours agoCompany Name: AJ's Roofing amp; Remodeling Inc.
Address: 825 W Cox Ferry Rd, Conway, SC, 29526
Phone: 843-347-9408
AJ's Roofing amp; Remodeling Inc. are in Business for 30 years andserve Conway, N. Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach.
http://ajsroofinginc.com/(303) 429-1450 52 hours agoThey are Rainsoft, had another call from them.
Honest company, good people, just call the main line (303) 429-1515 and ask to not be contacted.
No biggie.(810) 818-0808 52 hours agoCalled my cell phone, left no message, call back shows number no longer in service.(218) 573-6958 52 hours agoCell phone caller ID says "MN, USA". They called April 1, 9, and 10. They do not leave a message. My cell is listed with the National Do Not Call Registry.(314) 261-5729 52 hours agoI received a call from this number I need to know what can I do for contact me at perzbary@hotmail.com(480) 845-6956 53 hours agoWhen I told him to take me off his calling list, he started to get nasty and I hung up. This company does not identify themselves on caller ID.(954) 960-7032 53 hours agothis person is using this number for texts to get personal info from a craigslist add in fayetteville,nc...selling a bogus truck...(661) 316-0268 53 hours ago3 Calls in the last two days, Leaves No Message. Have found other comments reporting as a Scammer (claim of being from a bank wanting your personal info, that they would already have)(484) 213-5763 53 hours agoLorenzo Sanchez Painting LLC
1046 Green St, Norristown, PA 19401
(484) 213-5763
Lorenzo Sanchez Painting LLC is the number one choice for residential and commercial painting services in Norristown, PA. We specialize in both interior and exterior painting, wallpaper removal and applications.
http://sanchezpaintingsvc.com/(602) 956-7508 53 hours agoIllegal pre-recorded call: find out how you can profit financially blah blah blah. Reported to FCC.(403) 912-8219 53 hours agoCalls my business line once a week with a pre-recorded message that you can't even understand-terrible reception.I will report to FCC every single time.(443) 430-7201 53 hours agoMy health plan doesn't call.(413) 729-3030 53 hours agoIllegal robocall promising to teach a system to make money.(239) 676-3241 53 hours agoI called it back and got the same recording..(201) 283-9685 53 hours ago"Collecting funds for families of fallen cops." Seemed unprofessional and not a local number. Sorry....too many scammers out there and my policy is to not give out info or " donate" over the phone, no matter how worthy the cause.(855) 556-3095 54 hours agoThese jerks have been calling 3-4 times a day for the last couple of weeks. I answered the phone once and no one said anything, so that's all they get. Wish magicjack plus had a way to block calls.(405) 243-4949 54 hours agoHello:?
person but just a hang up.(561) 235-7858 54 hours ago561-235-7858 - Calls our business constantly from various numbers. The callers are always of India descent, and speaking horribly broken English. Claims they are the Online Yellow Pages for Google. I call B.S. Caller ID shows Boca Raton, Florida. Reporting the calls directly to the FCC.gov website. These telemarketers are wasting our time nonstop.(617) 292-7701 54 hours agoThey call repeatedly, several times a day. I don't answer, they don't leave a message. Just added to call block since it sounds like they'll ignore "do not call" requests/demands.(636) 352-0592 54 hours agoThey didn't leave a message. Caller ID showed Unknown Name. Callback got a recorded message but no identification of who I had reached.Top activity today3128009192 (127) 6462658678 (103) 4079342484 (96) 2143169648 (96) 5162281068 (94) 5059197035 (91) 8772774882 (90) 3214022375 (90) 4103128222 (89) 2396763241 (88) 8172600702 (88) 4582012430 (86) 8054088103 (86) 5167859767 (85) 4808456956 (85) 5719896753 (85) 6153871074 (85) 2027512455 (85) 4062351293 (84) 062151090000 (84) 7032495089 (84) 7863442201 (83) 5633790844 (83) 2146666244 (83) 4137293030 (83) 2482833605 (83) 5202779097 (83) 7732738516 (82) 3603226708 (82) 7794000010 (82) 7139812344 (82) 8706393108 (82) 8002894026 (82) 3178999976 (82) 3152859925 (82) 4074408761 (82) 3104212337 (82) 9042569476 (82) 7203701118 (82) 2143179541 (81) 7609574860 (81) 4403726018 (81) 6024288620 (81) 2023792986 (81) 2012795863 (81) 5142880420 (81) 5612466015 (81) 4085202540 (80) 5016869086 (80) 6184333165 (80) 7152815502 (80) 5612993041 (80) 5123047492 (80) 7857830286 (80) 8003052829 (80) 8887895690 (80) 4842646827 (80) 4062011260 (79) 2147253464 (79) 3477752772 (79) 7037532573 (79) 4079346724 (79) 3048732230 (79) 8555563095 (79) 2102020314 (79) 6172927701 (78) 7137144199 (78) 4244569547 (78) 9802255565 (78) 6178203950 (78) 3108709793 (78) 7863002335 (78) 5120000001 (78) 2064456301 (78) 8665116151 (78) 6195813761 (78) 9495799538 (78) 5852090058 (78) 8764640553 (78) 9252733072 (78) 9549607032 (77) 5612357858 (77) 8883207803 (77) 4806301190 (77) 8557373174 (77) 8433479408 (77) 6785134101 (77) 2403181508 (77) 2065772926 (77) 4048137461 (77) 6034411932 (77) 2064731870 (77) 2185736958 (77) 8552239076 (77) 8004633339 (77) 8882071231 (77) 9039354623 (77) 2147167463 (76) 8452631270 (76) 2154916250 (76)
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