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Title:Who Called Us
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Title:Who Called Us
Who Called Us
Who Called Us
2024700077 212062091654 139515199069 117733925425 93231237894 98443086815 82108897794 87857344170 77405723170 79473339314 6(844) 213-78511This number is calling about four times a day, on my home phone, my business FAX line and both of my cell phones. I don #039;t answer because I don #039;t recognize the number and they never leave a message. Florida 2hours 28minutes (253) 650-11892Don #039;t know whom it is they call hang up and do not leave a message...ProbBLY sPam or ScAam Washington 2hours 36minutes (800) 255-782822I am getting calls from this number every 20 minutes starting around 9:30 pm all the way into 4 am. If I turn my cell off. I wake up to 16 vm. with no message. I call and its allstate and they cant assist me. I am not a policy holder. The rep told me that many companies have the same number and are not allstate. WTH? New Jersey 3hours 34minutes (402) 829-91131Called me 4 times in 5 days, no message. California 3hours 48minutes (800) 599-234616Called three times after 8:00 p.m. and left no msg. They call almost every night. I have blocked their numbers and they just use another number. Florida 4hours 31minutes (573) 433-25401Call and I didnt answer and they did not leave a voice mail Missouri 5hours 24minutes (206) 550-04841Did not answer. Left no voicemail. Washington 6hours 29minutes (508) 392-09582Electric bs message Massachusetts 6hours 54minutes (617) 910-21721Deandre Moore
Stonehill Ter
Boston Massachusetts
617-910-2172 Massachusetts 7hours 7minutes (800) 215-19216SCAM! I called the number on the back of my card and was told NO ONE from capital one had called me. My customer service rep confirmed this with the fraud department. Washington 7hours 45minutes (947) 333-93146Relentless... Texas 7hours 50minutes (602) 954-04161called but didn #039;t leave a message. Virginia 8hours 2minutes (301) 751-29452SPAMLand Line 8hours 54minutes (720) 452-98402Caller ID is quot;Electorate Info quot;. They ask one question, and then want permission to call monthly to dunn you for money. Maryland 8hours 59minutes (443) 569-34311Caller ID is quot;Shin Dong-Suk quot;. Maryland 9hours 1minute (410) 838-40001Caller ID is quot;_ Harford Mutua quot;. Likely a scam. Maryland 9hours 3minutes (954) 870-06361Student Loan phishing scam Maryland 9hours 3minutes (312) 645-44991perras Antioquia Colombia 9hours 7minutes (704) 553-714617Another scam I got hit with. Leaves a message on the answering machine calling from PMAB or PMAD, and I don #039;t answer. Texas 9hours 7minutes (866) 633-43846I just keep getting calls like this about every day concerning AFNI on my answering machine, and end up deleting them. It #039;s a good thing to know about this now. Texas 9hours 12minutes (404) 437-61001Left VM with no return number. They want me to contact them about a very important legal mater. SCAM 9hours 21minutes (947) 333-93146Spammer calls all day Florida 9hours 22minutes (610) 601-12921Paul with Solar scam Caller ID 6106011292. Gave local phone number of 813-487-9904. Voice mail studdered on last 2 local phone digits. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM Florida 9hours 55minutes (813) 487-99041Paul with Solar scam Caller ID 610-601-1292. Voice mail studdered on last 2 local phone digits. Florida 9hours 56minutes 6104758976421(61) 047-589-7642 tax agent imposter Victoria Australia 10hours 21minutes (801) 448-09761Better Merchant - robocall regarding credit card machine fees for book stores. Called my private residence. Minnesota 10hours 55minutes (802) 975-07221Call came in under the name quot;GEORGAKOPOULOS quot; This was a robocall claiming to be from the quot;VISA/Mastercard credit center quot; and saying they had monitored my credit card payments and congratulated me on making my payments on time for the last six months. I #039;ve qualified to receive 0% APR on my credit cards and just need to enroll in order to do so. Press 1 to enroll. After pressing one, the person on the other end spoke really fast and when I asked them quot;I #039;m sorry, who is this? quot; they hung up. Rhode Island 11hours 29minutes (844) 448-05842Calls leaving odd message about quot;important business matter. quot; California 11hours 55minutes (816) 307-00461My phone said quot;Warning This Could Be Spam quot; California 12hours 3minutes (301) 855-43531They call all the time District of Columbia 12hours 33minutes (412) 595-00813Caller ID says Bethel Park, PA. No one there when I answer, even after waiting many seconds and continually saying quot;hello quot;. New Jersey 13hours 10minutes (480) 945-76621Middle Eastern accent, claimed they were from Senior Benefits with a life insurance plan. I #039;m only 39. Arizona 13hours 21minutes (203) 718-01541Telemarketers, ignore or block caller! Connecticut 13hours 29minutes (929) 235-15691Spam call Oregon 13hours 29minutes (646) 585-02941Caller ID Triple V, no message. Other sites say it #039;s a credit card scam. Missouri 13hours 52minutes (718) 559-409325This guy keeps calling from fidelity so he says someone needs to investigate this guy and number.scam artist New Jersey 14hours 9minutes (316) 691-91111Coming from a friends pm listing a name as a kid damper and how I need to send it to 20 people Washington 14hours 10minutes (646) 517-71952spam calls, say they are Senior help. Florida 14hours 39minutes (913) 789-29797I called the number back after a second phone call this morning, and it #039;s for WalMart credit services. I do have a pre-paid debit card with them, but not credit. Annoying as hell. Louisiana 15hours 11minutes (360) 434-88011Who called us Washington 15hours 49minutes
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