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Who Called Us
The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number, All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want
Caller ID
(312) 940-6951 1 hour agoSame thing. Didn't say who the call was for just it was the IRS with a fraud claim blah blah. Obviously prerecorded(208) 251-3301 1 hour agoThe number appears to be spoofed according to another sight. They didn't leave a message.(514) 861-0984 14 hours agoAi re莽u 5-6 appels en ligne de ce num茅ro en quelques minutes. On me disait, en anglais, que l'on avait d茅tect茅 un probl猫me avec mon ordinateur. Ai raccroch茅! Ils ont continu茅 脿 appeler mais je n'ai plus r茅pondu!!(990) 990-4184 16 hours agoThis thug is based in Ahmedabad. If any info needed pl contact ne on surojitchoudhury@gmail.com(703) 722-1078 20 hours agothis is the epitome of evil. to call people up and telemarket religion is just grotesque. a fake sounding pastor.. so condescending and patronizing tries to save people and leaves a number to call back. It is disgusting and an invasion of privacy and the nerve of them to call people at random! Stick to people who seek out Christ and stop invading the privacy of random Americans. He wants a handout. Remember tammy and jim baker and them begging for money on their shows and living lavish lifestyles. It is a crock and jesus would die .. well he already did.. but certainly Jesus does not support fake ministry.(213) 525-6871 23 hours agoCaller didn't speak. Another web with complaints on this caller state, caller wants access to your computer, claims Internet Explorer shows errors(214) 974-9635 23 hours agoCalled several times this week. Did not answer but annoying to have to listen to the ringing phone constantly.(312) 940-6951 31 hours agoSame as others. Supposed IRS Officer Steve Barker, fraud case against us, call before goes to Federal court or i get arrested. Whatever.(661) 208-3143 34 hours agoThe phone rang at 11:45 pm. I answered and said, " hello ". The line disconnected. I tried calling back 12 times but the call wouldn't go though.(360) 200-5665 35 hours agoLow interest credit card scam
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