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Title:Who Called Us
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Title:Who Called Us
Who Called Us
Who Called Us
5032556141 172025808292 84122674691 64072681083 62489974199 67049018031 62158678480 56176581889 52024700077 56237453827 5(469) 719-30141Message: None it #039;s a scam Rhode Island 24minutes (813) 305-28121Repeated calls 2-4 times a day every day Monday-Friday since Jan 5th. They either ask for me by first name and then hang up when I ask questions about them or the company calling, or they don #039;t even connect to the call. Florida 42minutes (407) 627-0211110:31 AM CST 1/16/2017. Caller ID quot;United States quot;. No one spoke. Disconnected after 10 seconds. Texas 1hour 0minute (614) 705-18331Called the back. It said the survey was finished or something like that. Offered to remove from list by pressing 9. (Yeah, I did.) So this number was not spoofed. Indiana 1hour 27minutes (614) 705-18331Robocall from quot;Erica quot; who was fumbling with quot;her quot; headset at the beginning of the call to try to give the impression of being a human before proceeding off into a spiel about a free resort stay I #039;d earned by previously visiting (???). When I interrupted and ask who she worked for, quot;Erica quot; obligingly responded quot;JCI Resorts quot; before returning to the script. Call was to a cell phone with per minutes plan on the DNCL. Indiana 2hours 0minute (571) 302-94331My phone didn #039;t even ring, but I got a quot;missed call quot; message from this number. They left no message. Must have dialed and then hung up before the phone started to ring. Very odd. Texas 2hours 15minutes (972) 637-95175THEY HAVE CALLED 7X #039;S IN AN HOUR NO ONE IS AT THE END OF THE OTHER LINE WHEN I CALL BACK NO ONE ANSWERS 2hours 21minutes (914) 499-34921Robocall selling wireless security system. North Carolina 3hours 9minutes (180) 076-33951Require Roadrunner technical support for any kind of Roadrunner connected issues? Then you can dial our Roadrunner Phone number 1800-763-395 for getting quick help amp; support to troubleshoot all your account evils. We are online 24 hours in a day.
URL: http://www.emailsupport-australia.com/roadrunner-support.htmljackworn143 9hours 23minutes 5255661355311Individual pretending to be a family member in need and asking to wire money. California 15hours 14minutes 5255661355311Individual and to be a family member in need and asking to wire money. California 15hours 15minutes (563) 275-25231Who is this Illinois 15hours 21minutes (786) 808-16372Scam scam Colorado 16hours 2minutes (909) 772-91581Initial random text, received in Spanish, asked for me by name and if I could come in on Monday? I texted back in English and asked who this was, I got the reply quot;Ricardo. quot; When I asked who he was and what this was in reference to the reply was quot;sorry. quot; Unsure if this is some sort of scam. California 18hours 50minutes (800) 955-6600479This is a comment to the website creator. I came to your (800) 955-6600 - Who Called Us page by searching on Google but it was hard to find as you were not on the first page of search results. I know you could have more traffic to your website. I have found a website which offers to dramatically improve your rankings and traffic to your site: http://maar.ch/7wb0f} I managed to get close to 500 visitors/day using their service, you can also get many more targeted visitors from Google than you have now. Their services brought significantly more visitors to my site. I hope this helps!
Sharon Cervantes http://nt4.pl/u/84 California 21hours 33minutes (208) 451-78251This is a scammer will send you a virus. Washington 23hours 37minutes (513) 214-32851Just some breathing amp; caller hung up Ohio 1day (202) 680-86201CALLED, NO NAME Maryland 1day (618) 707-45806Scammers trying to raise money for disabled IL police . Minnesota 1day (845) 232-93831previously Steve. D Heady , Hopewell Junction ny New York 1day 080078301111Who called St. Helens United Kingdom 1day (616) 319-16331Scammer wants craigslist code do not give one just make up any 5 digit code Arizona 1day (315) 935-59881wtf is this New York 1day (618) 694-06531Timothy Liming Missouri 1day (888) 403-68671Indian Tech Support Scammers. The website is also a virus, the URL is kutta.gq/5764 Minnesota 1day (888) 403-68671Indian Tech Support Scammers Minnesota 1day (775) 501-40661Prostitute Nevada 1day (817) 406-03101Called me multiple times. Nebraska 1day (240) 722-16171Didn #039;t leave a message on the answering machine. Caller ID stated quot;Sandy Spring MD quot;.Lenonn 1day (742) 705-08581SCAM - The owners of this number are perpetrating a scam wherein they represent a computer hw/sw support company (Speaktotech.com). They will try to gain remote access to your computer and they will attempt to get you credit cards and bank routing numbers to rob your identity/steal money. Michigan 1day (571) 438-44541+1 (571) 438-4454 Virginia 1day (760) 412-52592Leaves messages with only breathing and background noise. Calls several times a day. California 1day (805) 465-70421Random robo-call California 1day (626) 544-53861bad caller #132 called my cell phone which i have not given out. i do NOT answer numbers i do NOT recognize ! left no message. cell has no caller id . Virginia 1day (937) 558-93542This number is a scam, they claim to be from veterans affairs. When you question them, they hang up on you Illinois 2days (320) 251-79621Credit card scam. Caller #039;s number appears to be falsified. Minnesota 2days (440) 253-99691Yet another stupid survey call. When calling back you get the message quot;Sorry, the survey you are calling about has been completed quot;. Receive this call from alot of different phone numbers. Scum. Ohio 2days 43256391I get called everyday, do not answer. Who is this?johnkidd 2days (601) 336-15692We receive a call from 601-336-1569 nearly every night, nearly all of them precisely at 8:45 P.M., which is our bedtime and is quite disturbing to us, a couple in our mid-80 #039;s with health problems. Mississippi 2days (603) 808-03841Call location Massachusetts 2days
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