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Title:Who Called Us
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Title:Who Called Us
Who Called Us
Who Called Us
2562761009 183014991550 175614131791 172133044290 152017837129 142532031849 148556625294 133473900851 124845079499 123473941651 11(204) 987-19769Never left VM Manitoba Canada 2hours 22minutes (512) 969-21481 quot;Unknown Number quot; called 9-25-2016 at 7:10pm and 7:40pm. Did not leave a message. Called again the next day at 7:09pm and 30 minutes later at 7:39pm, again no message. Expecting again tomorrow??? No information about it. BTW, on the useless no call list. Texas 3hours 37minutes (404) 484-75461check fraud on Craigslist will send you check in excess of item amount. funds are not available. Georgia 4hours 52minutes (802) 825-28342scam Texas 5hours 11minutes (410) 844-41611Some kind of quot;security company quot;. Says nothing when you answer. If you call it back a computer says Good Bye and hangs up. Then they call back. Always send it to voice mail, they say Hello a couple of times and hang up Georgia 5hours 12minutes (253) 216-25371wtewatetatew Alaska 5hours 19minutes (469) 351-50391said from IRS and I should call them back. Will not - don #039;t owe a thing. New Mexico 5hours 30minutes 210I was just looking at your 2 - Who Called Us website and see that your website has the potential to get a lot of visitors. I just want to tell you, In case you didn #039;t already know... There is a website network which already has more than 16 million users, and most of the users are looking for websites like yours. By getting your website on this network you have a chance to get your site more popular than you can imagine. It is free to sign up and you can find out more about it here: http://www.v-diagram.com/2sv1p - Now, let me ask you... Do you need your site to be successful to maintain your way of life? Do you need targeted traffic who are interested in the services and products you offer? Are looking for exposure, to increase sales, and to quickly develop awareness for your website? If your answer is YES, you can achieve these things only if you get your site on the network I am describing. This traffic network advertises you to thousands, while also giving you a chance to test the network before paying anything. All the popular websites are using this network to boost their readership and ad revenue! Why aren鈥檛 you? And what is better than traffic? It鈥檚 recurring traffic! That #039;s how running a successful site works... Here #039;s to your success! Read more here: http://www.isugarbox.com/yourl/b5 Wyoming 5hours 45minutes (573) 374-74352Never order from them. They have been harassing me for 2 years. Obscene phone calls. I have probably blocked over 200 different numbers. Just saying NO does not work, being polite does not work, being rude does not work. I have no idea why they call so often 2-3x a day. I have told I would never do business with them again. Now they call more and swear and say obscene things on voice messages. Help! Illinois 5hours 55minutes (650) 533-30155Pressed 1. Someone picked up, sounded asian. Said for Visa, MC. I asked which ones. He responds same thing again. I repeated my question. He swore at me twice and hung up. Michigan 6hours 2minutes (650) 533-30155I #039;m in Michigan. No reason for them to ca暮l. Michigan 6hours 12minutes (512) 813-72631Classic IRS Scam Call - recorded message stated the IRS was filing a suit against me and to call this number back. EPIC. FAIL. Florida 6hours 20minutes (339) 209-12102electricity rates scam! Massachusetts 6hours 29minutes (339) 209-12102Zula Galindo - Laudervale Rd, Weymouth, Massachusetts Massachusetts 6hours 30minutes (714) 646-78061Caller ID: Placentia CA Maryland 6hours 44minutes (817) 533-98431IRS Scam 7hours 0minute (650) 533-30155called, no message. blocked them - it is always scammers if they don #039;t leave a vm - I am in SC, and have no reason for a CA person to be calling. North Carolina 7hours 27minutes (512) 489-90121Mass telemarketer business loan scam.
Get pre-approved for a $250,000 business loan over the phone !!!!!!!! Florida 7hours 28minutes (832) 708-36981Called claiming to be a tax assistance group, to help settle an IRS debt. Hung up when challenged on facts. Texas 7hours 28minutes (509) 570-51181OMG! The IRS is going to sue me! I better call back before and send them an Amazon gift card number to pay my back taxes....NOT Washington 7hours 42minutes (312) 667-912329/26/26
I just had the same call, claiming they were calling from the yorktown law group with a caller ID # 312-667-9123 amp; that we need to call them back to settle law suite. This is a scam, I am glad that I searched the number, because we are certain that we are not involved in any law suites. Do not respond back to this. Florida 7hours 46minutes (650) 533-30155Called. No Message. Did not answer. Blocked Texas 7hours 48minutes (561) 441-64522robocall about cc debt relief, got forwarded to operator, asked to be removed and got hung up on Massachusetts 7hours 51minutes (720) 450-96411Car warranty scam, called on my office line so I needed to answer this area code. Bugger off, assholes! Texas 7hours 53minutes (561) 441-64522robocall offering help with cc debt Texas 7hours 55minutes (650) 533-30155This is a spam number. Texas 8hours 5minutes (843) 353-01411From Myrtle Beach, hangs up if you don #039;t talk when you answer. South Carolina 8hours 8minutes (314) 899-48633Caller ID Unknown Name, no message. Missouri 8hours 19minutes (702) 352-17951Fraud , scam California 8hours 22minutes (888) 724-09971came about after visiting site to watch a movie, tells me to call this number immediately as Microsoft has identified a virus on my computer. Seems like a scam, am seeking ways to remove spyware, trojan, whatever it is. Pop up takes over whole screen, have to use control panel to stop Edge from running in order to stop it. Entered thru Microsoft Explorer, but hasn #039;t gotten over to Firefox yet, so seems geared to Browser it enters thru North Carolina 8hours 35minutes (844) 594-74082Called me leaving message about tax fraud and a federal magistrate-assumed it was some kind of fraud and didn #039;t call back. Washington 8hours 52minutes (855) 969-463619Caller ID says coded alert but when I answered there was only a blank message. 9hours 5minutes (216) 352-17954Received call from this number, caller id says Legal Processing Center. I have received several over the last few weeks from Legal Processing Center,from different numbers, same threats. quot;I have been involved in a legal action involving the IRS, if I don #039;t call immediately I am waiving my rights to legal counsel, the action will be filed in the state in which quot;you reside quot;. Washington 9hours 11minutes (559) 318-20401Sales pitch to quot;lower your interest rates quot;.DoDi 9hours 13minutes (216) 352-17954Got a call from this number a scary sounding man said I was wanted in a legal matter Missouri 9hours 20minutes (844) 666-06611Windows Support Service. My Windows is expired and will be locked down. New Mexico 9hours 34minutes (253) 656-04301They say they are from the IRS and we are being investigated. California 9hours 45minutes (863) 904-61469I got a called from this number. I called back and say the where the irs. I needed information of why the irs would call me and im glad i came accross this website. Texas 9hours 59minutes (657) 218-06701Caller didn #039;t speak when phone answered.
Complaints on another site are saying the same, caller won #039;t speak when phone answered. Ohio 10hours 21minutes (817) 363-75641who is this? Texas 10hours 27minutes
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