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Who Called Us
The phone is ringing, and I don't recognize the number, All Caller ID says is, "NAME UNAVAILABLE".
Please help me figure out who is calling and what they want
Caller ID
(903) 488-5369 35 minutes agoGot a call from this number. Left a voice mail saying my loan application had been approved. I haven't filled out any loan applications so seems like a phishing scam. Hopefully nobody else has used no info to fill out a loan application.(734) 436-0160 1 hour agoCalled my cell asking for my wife's name. Pronounced way wrong.(877) 512-2511 1 hour agoThis number is from Sirris XM Radio.(631) 432-6874 1 hour agohung up(407) 374-6980 1 hour agoWeird guy with British accent claiming to be from IRS... Called like 5 consecutive times in less than a minute. I think is a scam.(609) 270-0113 2 hours agolatest spoofed voip number being used by recorded criminal phishing scam with the deceptive pitch of lowering credit card rates...blocked(563) 940-4735 2 hours agoThis guy by the name of David sold me a table when I went to go pick it up he said he sold it the company he works for is called flippin Jays off Polk st in Pineville bad business man(903) 488-5369 3 hours agoRobo scam call from Texas this is actually run by a 23 year old Asian kid in Austin texas. Harrrassing phone calls that never end. Loser scammer(903) 488-5369 4 hours agoRobocall offering a loan. Transcript of the voice mail left by this caller: "All funds are deposited into your account within one hour. To collect your funds press one now. Again press one now. To decline this loan and have your number removed from our list press nine now."(980) 239-1491 12 hours agoFlippin jays is the name of business and address is 413 D north Polk st in Pineville
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