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Title:DI Management Home Page
Description:DI Management Home Page
Keywords:Australia, database design, computer consultant, custom software, databases, cryptography code, free software, cryptographic, Blowfish, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, SHA-3, CRC-32, RSA, XML-DSIG, elliptic curve cryptography, Access, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, VB.NET, ANSI C, C++, C#, Microsoft Visual C++, MSVC++, Python, programming, software solutions, programmers, public key infrastructure, PKI, Wclock world clock display, systems design, david ireland, web site development, design
DI Management Home Page
| Sitemap
DI Management Home
Home Page
DI Management Services is a computer programming consultancy based in Australia
and run by David Ireland.
This is our home page. The Site Map lists things more concisely,
and more info on the site is here.
To contact us, please send us a message.
What we do
We do three things:
Cryptography programming
General computer programming
Publish various articles on interesting topics in
cryptography and mathematics.
What's new
Recommended reading
Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C
by Bruce Schneier.
Look Inside
Python Essential Reference
by David Beazley.
Look Inside
The C Programming Language, 2nd Edition
by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie.
Look Inside
Join Amazon Student FREE Two-Day Shipping for College Students
Affiliate disclosure:
we get a small commission for purchases made through the above links
21 November 2016. New version 7.4 of
FirmaSAT released
with support for the latest payroll plug-in (nomina v1.2).
See New in the Latest Version.
6 September 2016. Cryptography: How Mozilla signs Add-ons.
26 August 2016. Released a new
Python interface to
15 August 2016. New version 5.2 of
CryptoSys API released
with support for the SCRYPT key derivation function.
See changes in v5.2.
23 July 2016. Updated version 1.6.1 of Wclock released.
17 June 2016. New version
2.2 of bdcalc, a calculator for the large natural numbers as used in cryptography calculations.
12 June 2016. Introduced -
a Python implementation of a side-by-side html diff program designed to run in Windows -
and wdiff for Windows,
a port of the original GNU wdiff utility to Windows.
1 June 2016. C programming: Updated
An all-singing, all-dancing C function to create a temporary file.
25 May 2016. Released our new
Python interface to
CryptoSys PKI Pro.
21 May 2016. Updated version 11.1 of
CryptoSys PKI Pro released
with new features.
See Notes on Changes in v11.1.
1 April 2016. Elliptic curve cryptography:
Reproducing a raw Bitcoin transaction.
31 March 2016. New version 2.6 of our free ANSI C BigDigits library
to do arithmetic and number theoretical calculations with large integers. Now released under an MPLv2 license.
8 March 2016. New version 11.0 of
CryptoSys PKI Pro released
with elliptic curve cryptography.
27 January 2016. A complete re-write of our Delphi/FreePascal Interfaces.
23 December 2015. C programming: Updated our page
Getting rid of that MSVC++ warning C4996: 'may be unsafe/disable deprecation'
for VS2013.
This shows how to configure MSVC to default to an empty project with settings for real C programmers
in a new Win32 Console project.
16 October 2015. Added a SHA-256 variant to our
Freeware utilities to generate and check SHA-1, SHA-256, MD5 and CRC-32 checksums.
17 September 2015. Cryptography: Updated Test vectors for SHA-1, SHA-2 and SHA-3
to incorporate the new FIPS 202 SHA-3 Standard.
18 July 2015. New version 5.1 of
CryptoSys API released
with support for authenticated encryption with additional data (AEAD) using AES-GCM and AEAD-ChaCha20-Poly1305.
See Using the AEAD functions.
30 June 2015. How to convert VBA/VB6 Unicode strings to UTF-8
27 March 2015. New product CryptoSys PKI Pro 1.0 released
with new features.
28 January 2015. Cryptography: Verifying the test vectors for the Poly1305 Authenticator.
12 January 2015. New version 7.0 of
FirmaSAT released,
with support for `Contabilidad` and `Retenciones` documents.
21 December 2014. Upgraded Java Interface to
9 September 2014. Complete update of our page
Data Exchange in the German Health Service with CryptoSys PKI.
4 September 2014. Released supplementary
C/C++ Reference for CryptoSys PKI.
12 June 2014. Added a QR Code generator to the
FirmaSAT On-line Validator.
11 June 2014. Reinstated our old tutorials on Microsoft Access Classes.
31 May 2014. Made
available for free.
18 December 2013. Established the FirmaSAT On-line Validator page,
an unofficial validator for Mexican "Comprobante" documents.
25 August 2013. Cryptography:
Public key cryptography using discrete logarithms
and the
multiplicative group modulo p.
25 April 2013. Statistics: An on-line calculator for the binomial distribution.
22 March 2013. Updated the Converting from lex amp; yacc to flex amp; bison page and added
Using flex and bison in MSVC++ .
4 March 2013. Number theory: Updated the Dirichlet character table generator
15 February 2013. Cryptography: Encrypting credit card numbers using Feistel Finite Set Encryption Mode (FFSEM)
15 January 2013. Statistics: An on-line calculator for the chi-square distribution.
19 November 2012. Set theory: De Morgan's laws explained in graphical form.
1 June 2012. Linear algebra: The theory behind Transforming a matrix to reduced row echelon form.
15 May 2012. Linear algebra: Added matrix calculator
Transform matrix to row canonical form
also called reduced row echelon form (RREF).
9 May 2012. Cryptography: Signing an XML document using XMLDSIG (Part 2).
18 November 2011. Coding Theory: Added matrix calculator
Transforming a generator matrix to standard form.
17 November 2011. Number theory: Updated the Euclidean Algorithm page
with code showing how to use the binary GCD algorithm.
11-11-11. New version 2.3 of our BigDigits free source code
and a new version of our Modular Arithmetic Freeware to do modular arithmetic calculations with large integers.
3 November 2011. Number theory: Complete re-write of RSA Theory page
and a new mathematics page on Elementary Number Theory.
August 2011. We have moved from Sydney to south-west Western Australia.
Cryptography programming
We maintain a detailed cryptography software page with useful free cryptographic software code
and various articles on cryptography.
The free code includes the Blowfish algorithm in VB6 and
the MySecret command-line freeware encryption utility.
The articles include
our page on the RSA Algorithm including the
Theory and proof of the RSA algorithm,
and various how-to pages such as
Using Keys in Cryptography,
Using Padding in Encryption,
Encryption with International Character Sets, and
Cross-Platform Encryption.
We also publish cryptography-related articles on Mathematics.
...more details rarr;
CryptoSys Products
We sell two commercial cryptographic products under the CryptoSysTM brand name:
CryptoSys API and
CryptoSys PKI Pro.
CryptoSys API is a library of symmetrical cryptography tools
and CryptoSys PKI Pro provides
public key encryption and digital signatures.
is a separate product to create and read digital receipts specifically
for the Tax Administration Service in Mexico (SAT).
There are interfaces for programmers in
VBA/VB6, VB.NET/VB2005/VB20xx, C/C++, C#, Java and Python.
...more details rarr;
We can provide consulting services on implementing cryptography in your programs.
In particular, we are happy to provide detailed programming help with implementing
CryptoSys API and the
CryptoSys PKI Toolkit.
...more details rarr;
General computer programming
Just need someone to cut some code?
Our founder David Ireland, GSSP-C, has many years experience in programming in a variety of languages,
including C, Visual Basic, Microsoft Access, C#, Perl and Python..
For more details of our experience, see
Profile and
We enjoy doing complex algorithms and arcane problems.
If we can't do it, we'll tell you up-front, so as not to waste your time.
We only start jobs we know we can finish.
...more details rarr;
See our page on the C Programming Language
where we've assembled links and copies of interesting or educational articles on C programming,
look at Windows Win32 programming, and consider why we still prefer ANSI C to C++.
Wclock is a free, customisable, always-on-top world time clock for Windows computers.
The source code is provided.
BigDigits is a free library of multiple-precision arithmetic routines written in ANSI C to carry out large natural number calculations.
bdcalc, our command-line calculator and mini-programming language for large natural numbers.
reads, analyses and manages email data files created by Microsoft Outlook Express 5 and 6.
It has a simple GUI interface and is used by hundreds of happy users worldwide to recover and manage their old Outlook Express emails.
2014-05-31: Now available for free.
Our Su Doku Solver was written in Excel VBA back in 2004 when the "fiendish" puzzles were
first introduced by the Times.
This solver will solve almost all Su Doku problems (and takes away all the fun!).
Web Site Design
We created the website for our client at Nannup Caravan Park.
To contact us, please send us a message.
This page last updated 18 December 2016
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Copyright copy; 2000-16 DI Management Services Pty Limited
ABN 78 083 210 584
All rights reserved.
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