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The Familiar of Zero (Zero no Tsukaima) BD 1080p
By Sakura Kinomoto | November 17, 2014 - 3:26 am | BD Rips, Dual Audio Anime, Dubbed Anime, New Releases
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Louise Valliere is a second-year student at the esteemed Magic Academy High School, but all of her classmates call her #8216;Zero Louise #8216;. While no one doubts her magic ability, it is just that all of the spells that she casts go wrong, usually with disastrous and explosive results. Rumour has it that none of the spells that she tried to cast have ever gone as expected, which is how she picked up her nickname 鈥 Zero.
One of the most import second-year student rituals is the summoning of a familiar. A familiar once summoned will stay with the magician for rest of their life. A mage #8217;s magical familiar can appear in the form of any creature 鈥 as small as a mouse, as a fearsome fire salamander, and perhaps even as a dragon for an exceptional mage. True to form, Louise #8217;s familiar summoning spell goes very wrong and pulls Hiraga Saito from his life as a high school student in Japan into the magic world. The ritual is sacred and once started, cannot be changed, so Louise accepts her fate and gives Saito a kiss (on the lips) to seal their bond. The other students take delight in teasing Zero Louise at having summoned an ordinary commoner as a familiar, but they have forgotten that familiars are magical creatures and by their nature 鈥 are never ordinary or common.
Source: R1 BD
Video: x264 CRF18
Audio: AC3 2.0 English/Japanese
Subtitles: PGS
Torrent will be made later
* Release is not to be re-muxed/re-encoded
New Releases as of November 14, 2014
By AquaFox | November 14, 2014 - 11:54 pm | Dubbed Anime, HDTV Rips, New Releases, TV Releases
Things have been rough, catching back up. Installment 3 of 4:
Pokemon the Series: XY #8211; 34-38
Tenkai Knights #8211; 40-44
Attack on Titan #8211; 17-23
Bleach #8211; 359-366
Gurren Lagann #8211; 04-09
One Piece #8211; 270-275
Space Dandy #8211; 24-26
Watamote: No Matter How I Look at It, It #8217;s You Guys #8217; Fault I #8217;m Not Popular! (2013) BD 1080p
By Sakura Kinomoto | November 2, 2014 - 9:46 pm | BD Rips, Dual Audio Anime
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At the tender age of 15, Kuroki Tomoko has already dated dozens and dozens of boys and she #8217;s easily the most popular girl around! The only problem is that absolutely none of that is real, and her perfect world exists only via dating games and romance shows. In fact, the sad truth is that she gets tongue tied just talking to people, and throughout middle school she #8217;s only had one actual friend. All of this makes Kuroki #8217;s entrance into the social pressure cooker of high school a new and special kind of hell.
While Kuroki desperately wants to be popular, she #8217;s actually worse off than she would be if she was completely clueless as to how to go about it. After all, the things that work in #8220;otome #8221; games rarely play out the same way in reality, especially when the self-appointed #8220;leading lady #8221; isn #8217;t the paragon she thinks she is. There #8217;s not much gain and plenty of pain ahead, but even if it happens again and again, there #8217;s always someone else to blame!
Source: Blu-Ray
Video: x/h.264 1920 #215;1080 crf:18 VFR
Audio: AC3 448kbps 2.0 English/Japanese
Subtitles: PGS
Batch Torrent
* Release is not to be re-muxed/re-encoded
New Releases as of October 11, 2014
By AquaFox | October 11, 2014 - 12:11 am | Dubbed Anime, HDTV Rips, New Releases, TV Releases
Things have been rough, catching back up. Installment 2 of 4:
Pokemon the Series: XY #8211; 29-33
Attack on Titan #8211; 14-16
Bleach #8211; 355-358
Blue Exorcist #8211; 25
Gurren Lagann #8211; 01-03
One Piece #8211; 266-269
Space Dandy #8211; 19-23
New Releases as of September 7, 2014
By AquaFox | September 7, 2014 - 12:00 am | Dubbed Anime, HDTV Rips, New Releases, TV Releases
Things have been rough, catching back up. Installment 1 of 4:
Pokemon the Series: XY #8211; 26-28
Tenkai Knights #8211; 39
Attack on Titan #8211; 08, 11-13
Bleach #8211; 352-354
Blue Exorcist #8211; 22-24
One Piece #8211; 263-265
Space Dandy #8211; 16-18
Cardcaptor Sakura Dual Audio BluRay Encodes Completely Uncut
By Sakura Kinomoto | August 19, 2014 - 9:32 pm | BD Rips, Dual Audio Anime, New Releases
Season 1
Ten-year-old Sakura lives a pretty normal life with her older brother Toya, and widowed father Fujitaka. Or she did #8230; until the day she returned home from school to discover a glowing book in her father #8217;s study. After opening the book and releasing the cards within, Sakura is tasked with collecting each of these magical cards, while trying to live the life of a normal fourth grader. In the monumental task of collecting all the cards, Sakura must rely on her friends and family, and decide what she finds most important in life.
Season 2
Sakura #8217;s journey to recapture the Clow Cards continues. With most of them captured, she finds that the remaining cards are going to put up a fight. Along the way, she must also navigate the struggles of moving on to the fifth grade and contend with the ever-evolving romances in her life. And before long, she discovers that there #8217;s a not so pleasant surprise waiting for her at the end of her card-capturing journey #8230;
Season 3
After a harrowing journey to collect the cards and prove her worth as their master, Sakura finds herself in a whole new world of trouble as mysterious events begin to threaten the small town of Tomoeda. To make matters worse, Yukito seems to be having some unexplained troubles of his own. With no cards left on the loose, Sakura must form a special bond with her cards to quell each new disturbance, and discover what could possibly be causing them before the lives of Tomoeda #8217;s residents are damaged beyond repair!
Source: BluRay
Audio: Dual Audio AAC, English 2.0 (mono)/Japanese 2.0
Video Res: 1440 #215;1080
Subtitles: PGS
Batch Torrent 72GB
* Release is not to be re-muxed/re-encoded
New Releases as of August 01, 2014
By AquaFox | August 1, 2014 - 11:59 pm | Dubbed Anime, HDTV Rips, New Releases, TV Releases
Dealing with family drama and Time Warner Cable being a dork and breaking my internets. Hopefully things remain stable from now on.
Pokemon the Series: XY #8211; 22-25
Attack on Titan #8211; 09-10
Bleach #8211; 349-351
Blue Exorcist #8211; 18-21
One Piece #8211; 259-262
Space Dandy #8211; 14-15
We got a new series, Gurren Lagann, premiering in 2 weeks, and Tenkai Knights resumes next month.
New Releases as of June 20, 2014
By AquaFox | June 20, 2014 - 1:58 pm | Dubbed Anime, HDTV Rips, New Releases, TV Releases
Got some more awesome stuff for ya.
Pokemon the Series: XY #8211; 21
Attack on Titan #8211; 07
Bleach #8211; 348
Blue Exorcist #8211; 17
One Piece #8211; 258
Getting anxious for the new Space Dandy, coming in July!
New Releases as of June 13, 2014
By AquaFox | June 13, 2014 - 12:00 am | Dubbed Anime, HDTV Rips, New Releases, TV Releases
Today is Friday the 13th and its a Full Moon! Pardon the delay been taking care of Mom who recently had surgery and is recovering.
Pokemon the Series: XY #8211; 20
Attack on Titan #8211; 06
Bleach #8211; 347
Blue Exorcist #8211; 16
One Piece #8211; 257
Tenkai Knights is on hiatus until July.
New Releases as of June 02, 2014
By AquaFox | June 2, 2014 - 12:00 pm | Dubbed Anime, HDTV Rips, New Releases, TV Releases
Fun Fun Fun in the Sun Sun Sun! Nah just some more of the usual:
Pokemon #8211; Mewtwo: Prologue to Awakening
Pokemon the Series: XY #8211; Mega Evolution Special 1
Tenkai Knights #8211; 38
Attack on Titan #8211; 01, 02, 03, 04, 05
Bleach #8211; 346
Blue Exorcist #8211; 15
One Piece #8211; 256
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